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  1. Yesterday I was going to suggest adding icons as well. For those in the know, accessibility standards in web development require an icon or some other indicator in addition to color. Glad you included that!
  2. If you're coming from playing an older version, there haven't been functioning workstations of any type in the wilderness or at the traders for the last couple alphas at least. I'm tempted to say A19 was the last time we saw that. EDIT: This is true for Navezgane and RWG.
  3. They were testing dynamic door destruction a couple years back that did exactly what you're describing. I remember seeing test videos of pieces even breaking off and falling to the ground. At the time, doors broke in stages kind of like they do now, but you couldn't shoot or melee through them. I'm not sure whatever happened to that feature, but I'm assuming it was scrapped since it was likely too intensive on the system. Other games do this just fine, of course, but people keep forgetting that this is a fully destructible world. I agree it would be really nice, but I don't see them adding it now. Hopefully in 7DTD2?
  4. I've been wanting to make (or find) a mod that basically makes every vending machine in the wilderness to accept only old cash. These machines would never restock. The machines within the trader compounds, however, will still take dukes and do respawn. Modding the vending machine to take cash and not restock is easy. The problem is I don't think this is possible without modifying the trader compounds to have a *different* vending machine that still takes dukes. They are all the same block currently.
  5. I think the more "touchy" responses are a result of the following: As others have stated, it's odd and frankly bewildering to complain about a feature by saying the devs are dictating the way to play, when they are literally giving you an option to play the way you want. It's a default setting. All games have them. This is nothing unique to 7 days. You are free to change it. Even when there is an aspect of the game you can't control via game/server settings, TFP made this game moddable for a reason. The devs, again, are giving you the freedom to play the way you want provided you take to the time to install or build the mods of your choice. The whole "TFP are forcing me to play a certain way" is such an old and tired argument at this point. It's cliche. Given point number 2, this argument holds no weight. And before anyone comes at me with "I prefer to play vanilla", that's your choice. I have no idea why some players have this weird stigma with using mods. If it makes the game more enjoyable to you, do it.
  6. I heard it suggested that to really make Q6 weapons and tools worth it is that they should get a random buff that gives them their "legendary" status. Some random ideas: immunity to infection while using it health gain on attack increased damage to certain zombie types automatic rad removal (something maybe every Q6 item should have) chance of fire damage (but really increase the amount of said damage) increased AOE increased penetration higher chance of 1-shot kills decreased (or eliminate) stamina usage
  7. Is your question relating to the topic of whether they can make the climb in the video? Or rather what to do to protect against cops using the base he built? To the former, cops will have no issue making the climb. You can see as much late in the video. As to whether this is a good base design in general to protect against cops? Well, clearly he gets sprayed several times. However the point of the video wasn't the base itself, but rather test the ladder/jump mechanic JaWoodle discovered in-game. I don't think he'd recommend going with a floating, exposed cage as an actual base.
  8. I've had this same issue, but much more pronounced. The shadow radius is quite a bit smaller, but much darker.
  9. So yesterday I saw this youtube video by JaWoodle. In his test, zombie bears and zombie dogs could not climb ladders. Now, that's not to discount what others here have said, because clearly, others have witnessed it. I wonder if it depends on how the entity gets off the ladder? In the video, JaWoodle sets up a system where the entity must essentially jump from the ladder to a block behind them. Which zombies will attempt without issue (though due to the nature of the block and it's placement, it is impossible for the zombies to stand on it). I wonder if the AI for zombie animals is different in such a way to make that path completely unviable.
  10. Post a insult-laden rant instead of submitting a bug. That'll fix it!
  11. Yeah, this is weird. In my nearly 1,000 hours of gameplay, I've never seen animals climb ladders. Though, to be fair, I haven't set up an environment to test that specifically to say one way or the other. Clearly other people have seen it, though. Regarding whether they should be able to is really just down to personal preference. Yes, some dogs are know to climb ladders IRL, but in those instances the ladder is not completely vertical like in-game. They're are a slight angle so it would be easier for the dog to climb. I highly doubt most dogs could climb a ladder that is straight up 90deg to the ground.
  12. Well, my post was in response to someone else's topic, but someone went and merged a bunch of topics and now I can't see the original one. I'm not even sure it made it into this thread. Disregard.
  13. It really doesn't matter where you look. This was a common complaint in A21. You just need to be looking at the water for a couple seconds. Don't move, just look. If you keep moving your mouse around trying to find some magical "Press E to drink" trigger, it will likely never appear.
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