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My thoughts on the loot progression system still haven't changed...


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19 minutes ago, Maharin said:


Not making fun of you but it sure would change basketball as a sport if they introduced bats to the game...

Omg XD geez i was tiredXD  but honestly i remember a strange game - it was console game ( bootleg of bootleg of bootleg of 16 bit console) - when players could fights and throwing balls XD 

I  fix this btw XD BUT THX

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Creating a sense of progression is very important. I don`t think that I completely support the current order of things.  


Overall damage of guns is progressively buffed by weapon quality between 1-6th LvL. In addition, mods rise automatically additional damage output. I`m completely not a fan of this solution when it comes to weapon progression. Instead, I would rather see more specific sets of armor that grant better protection throughout modifications/upgrades, not necessarily quality LvL, etc.


The weapon quality can be only determined by the number of possible mods and attachments. So for example LvL1 gun can`t be upgraded with any attachment. LvL2 gun could only be upgradeable with scope. LvL3 with other mods to players desire up to LvL 6 with 5 mods etc. But no further rise in damage output expressed in almost all mods like it is now!


The only mods that grant better damage properties are a heavy barrel and ammo type - that`s all. I`m simplifying. To me, it`s an easy and neat, incredibly clear system. Armour might be progressive in a sense of current weapon properties in my humble view.


Also, I would rather take 1 step back and look at the weapon damage - call it as setting a baseline. Devs have to ask themselves whether the game becomes realistic to the eradication of unarmed zeds and ballistics itself. I'm pretty damn sure that no matter what difficulty level the player plays on, 2 shots with 7.62 from AK to the chest is enough to end anything on the way. Tougher enemies should take like 4-5 shots to a chest etc. I would rather experience a baseline so the economics and firefights may look the same no matter what difficulty level is set in motion. Right now by changing the difficulty, the requirements for the number of bullets in your backpack go up, if I`m not mistaken. Setting one "damage baseline" would help with balancing the PvP, and make the game more predictable (in this case predictability is a blessing) for all no matter what, at least when it comes to firefights. 


Again, I would take a step back when it comes to ammo type, and instead of 3, leave for now only 2. In this case, less would mean more - this is what I feel would be good for 7DTD. For example, standard one could be found only in easier biomes. Better, more expensive ammo, that requires more resources could have only 50% more damage, but deal 200% more damage to armored enemies. Less would be more with such an approach and help with some sort of a baseline/balance again.

Again, more weapons, more attachments, refine some of them, this will keep the players busy with looting, chasing one another, this seems like a true value. Think about PvP aspects because there is where millions sleep and wait for the kiss.


Such changes are the right step at least towards PvP aspects. Armor protection might be progressive in the sense as it is now. Weapons 0-600 quality level expressed mostly in damage - nada, no, zero...





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12 hours ago, Fanatical_Meat said:

Gotta agree. While not game breaking I find it strange to put off looting a gun create or hardware store until a few days pass.

I did like the old system better overall.

What I've been doing, especially with new saves, is clearing out many POI's, and then looting the loot rooms later. That way the path is cleared and I get better loot.

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On 9/25/2021 at 11:52 AM, Matt115 said:


Well in some RPG you can sometimes rly good items early and you can do crazy things in this games-  in dark souls , pokemons or even bordlelands-  Like in bordelands you can kill a WARRIOR using specific type of shotgun rly fast - so you can drop this shotgun on 20 lvl and it will this boss faster that 30 lvl boss in fallout new vegas first bolt action rifle can be op in specifc build. In dead island and dying light you can find guns rly fast. So i think things should be connected with POI - Military guns in military base, shotguns smg, pistol- police station or  gun shops , doublebarell shotgun and hunting rifle - hunting cabins ,shops some houses. junk guns - devasted survivors camps

Yep!  I remember when Ultima Online came out, and I still miss the loot system that it had at that time - you could find anything at any time and it made it exciting not knowing if that low level mob was going to be carrying something really good.

I agree with the OP, yes we can mod it, but by default it would be nice if there was a real chance, however small, of finding good loot.  As a loot fiend, that was the best thing I liked about the game - never knowing if that box or safe was going to have something that would be really cool or a game changer.

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