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  1. @madmoleAre The Fun Pimps or the Unity developers looking into getting 7DTD to actually take advantage of high core count CPU's? On my CPU, the game runs best when forced to run on 4 threads from 4 separate cores. When more then 4 CPU cores are allocated to 7DTD it runs worse. There are huge performance improvements to be had by getting the game to properly use more CPU threads.
  2. What I've been doing, especially with new saves, is clearing out many POI's, and then looting the loot rooms later. That way the path is cleared and I get better loot.
  3. Perhaps there could be an argument that shotgun messiah was shipping out antique blunderbusses, but no way that's the only thing they were distributing to gun stores. I don't see how it makes any more sense for them to be shipping out makeshift pipe weapons... At least in many RPG's the loot you find in crates and other locations actually makes plenty of sense while also being balanced. I think the loot in Alpah 17 and 18 was a little bit too good, but in 19 it doesn't even make sense.
  4. Another idea I had, was if "rusted" guns were added. They could only be good for parts, after a couple of magazines fired. But at least shotgun messiah crates would have guns in them. There are many ways to keep things making a little more sense, while also being "balanced".
  5. The current loot progression puts progression over common sense. I would prefer it if all items could be found at any point. But at the start, be mostly low quality and have lower stats, those stats being fire rate, damage, stamina usage, hit speed, etc. Along with bringing back quality levels 1-600 instead of 1-6. Or perhaps a blend of the current system and my suggested system would be even better. That being, still able to find higher tier but lower level items from the start, yet low tier items being more common. Reducing the quantity of loot crates, and increasing loot quality in loot crates could support being able to find all tiers of items. Honestly, I still find it nonsensical to be finding blunderbusses and stone tools in sealed shipping crates and locked gun safes. It's also nonsensical that most quality leveled items just don't even exist in loot until 14 hours of game-play more or less. I can see some people just giving up on the game thinking it didn't have any guns or different items, after playing for 5 hours. If of course they didn't just buy guns and tools at the trader. Which brings me to my next point. Why even lock down higher tier items when we can just go to a trader and buy them. So many loot crates all filled with items worse then what we can just buy at the traders. I'd like it, if looting was as rewarding as trading, from the start. A negative of the current system is that players may not even be able to collect the lower tier level 6 items after progressing far enough. Then we have those instances when for example, I have level 6 primitive items and I start finding the next tier, iron tools and weapons, but the iron items are useless because the primitive items have better stats. Honestly I don't expect anything to change. After playing a lot of alpha 19 and previous alpha's, I still prefer it when I was finding all items with quality and stats increasing over time. I will always kind of resent the direction TFP took with the loot balance. And, I don't expect my opinion to change once pipe guns are added.
  6. @faatalDetails, I've recently noticed that crafted topsoil blocks have 200 durability, but world generated topsoil blocks have 250 durability. Will Alpha 20 have topsoil durability parity? And now the ideas are rolling... Will there be a system for topsoil and dirt, that's anything close to how grass and dirt work in Minecraft? It's always annoyed me slightly, that no matter how long topsoil blocks are buried for, they will never turn into dirt blocks. I'd say the glass needs to be more glossy and reflective...
  7. If only I could thank you and give you a cookie.
  8. It depends on your computer. If your GPU usage is not at or near 100% usage, you can most likely increase performance by forcing 7DTD to run on 4 cores. Doing this, I'll see about a 20% increase in GPU usage and FPS. First I tried running it on my 4 fastest cores. But I got the best results by running it on 4 cores from only one XCC, the XCC with my fastest core. You can find out which cores are fastest and how many XCC's you have with Ryzen Master.
  9. What exactly are you saying/asking?
  10. Super sampling is the highest quality anti-aliasing.
  11. Yes please, for now I wish they'd at least get exclusive fullscreen working because without that I can't even use any down sampling resolutions without first setting my desktop resolution the desired DSR resolution. Even with TAA, a little bit of down sampling helps reduce blurring.
  12. @faatal or whoever wants to and/or can answer these questions and ideas, I'd love to know... Thanks to all TFP's for taking the time to share some info. 1) After the game finishes loading it'd be nice if it gave us a prompt to press a button to continue instead of just being thrown into the game, will that happen? 2) Will the anti-aliasing options be renamed to what they actually are, instead of low, medium, high, and ultra? 3) With TAA being added to Alpha 20, will we still have the option to use what ever AA Alpha 19 is using? There are plenty of people who despise TAA. 4) Assuming that the old setting, tree quality, was merged with object quality. Will those two options be separated again? 5) Shadows... A) I've noticed that at dusk and dawn the far shadows have a very big impact on performance. Will something be done about that? B) Can we get more shadow options? Such as being able to adjust shadow distance, shadow resolution. separately. C) Could we please get a little check box to enable grass shadows? There many people with good GPU's who could probably run it. 6) Could be please get an option to have snow covered blocks in the snow biome? That used to be a thing and it was so immersive.
  13. At least if the FOV console command allowed people to change it past 85, that would be amazing. Given the choice I'd prefer to play at 100 degrees FOV. I can't stress it enough. It's so important to move your monitor further away from your point of view as you lower your FOV. The other option is to get a smaller monitor.
  14. At that point it also wouldn't hurt to add in an actual stone axe too. And what about a stone hammer instead of somehow building stuff by whacking it with a hatchet. With the way we can't skip past the early game stone age, why not add more primitive tools and weapons. Such as a stone pickaxe, we already have the shovel.
  15. The stone axe is more of a hatchet. I suggest it should be renamed to "Stone Hatchet". A iron hatchet and steel hatchet could be added into the game too. Personally, I put a stone axe on my first tool bar slot and one always remains there.
  16. @KinyajuuWill we be able to generate a map with a destroyed city and wasteland biome in the center of the map with the other biomes and towns surrounding it? In other words I'd love to play a map with classic 7DTD hub city wasteland.
  17. Yeah, I forgot about that. I just started playing again. There's no excuses now, the new system will make life harder. But, yeah, yeah, yeah, more shapes are good...
  18. Now that I think of it. Considering when we want reinforced concrete. We have to craft the rebar frames, then upgrade them, then wait for it to dry, then upgrade it, wait for it to dry again, and finally get reinforced concrete. Ultimately we are eliminating, the spent waiting for concrete to dry, gathering iron, and forging rebar frames, at the cost of only two extra clicks with a hammer. That's a good deal, but it will still save us time if we would get rebar frames. Maybe that's the point, rebar frames could make it too quick to build up concrete stuff. But if the people are to complain a good compromise would be to add the rebar frames at the cost of having to wait for concrete to dry, I like this idea. As silly as it may sound it's immersive to wait for concrete dry.
  19. @RolandIs the wood frame the only one left partially because it already took a lot of time to model all 1200 shapes for it? Because all wood frames now have 3D models? I'm not complaining about so many new shapes to work with, but I'd be nice to have frames for each upgrade tier. Just ideas, but if people really want it, perhaps we could get frames for cobblestone and concrete that are exactly the same model as the wood frames. I can see people biting the bullet and using wood frames, then grinding their teeth while they whack each block 6 times with a hammer, who knows...
  20. Sorry I didn't post this on the bug report forum, I wasn't trying to report it. I figured people knew about it already. I was just trying to open a dialog on the subject. I discovered this exploit by accident and didn't wish to exploit it, but it was too late. I had looted a whole bunch of concrete and cobblestone, then I had to quit. When I started it back up, I didn't expect I would be forced to reset the POI/Quest. Also, I already knew about looting the POI, then starting the quest to reset it exploit. I hope that gets fixed too.
  21. Who put something in my drink? What does all this have to do with the cobblestone frame? WHY ARE YOU QUOTING ME!?
  22. The new system doesn't seem so streamlined, if it can't offer the option frame stuff out at any upgrade stage with many advanced shapes, and then easily upgrade it. The cobblestone frame was nice to have for this reason.
  23. So the tier list of pistols goes -> Pipe Pistol -> M9 -> SMG? And the explosive weapon list goes -> Pipe Bomb? -> HE grenade? -> Rocker launcher? Maybe it's just me, but it's a bit strange for throw-able grenades to be in the same tier list as a rocket launcher. More crazy and some reasonable ideas. Depleted uranium ammo, more mass equals more recoil and higher kinetic energy. What about some anti-tank rocket launcher ammo, possibly depleted uranium... How about incendiary grenade launcher ammo, and HE incendiary grenades, yeah right... Oh and don't forget to add a Fallout style mini nuke launcher.
  24. It sounds like he was talking about the FOV of hand held items. Some games have separate sliders for that. Or hand held item FOV will change with the FOV slider.
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