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  1. Well i hope so cities will like in l4d1 ( small but some bulding connected with walls small shops and small yards etc)
  2. yeah it is look to much like something from skryrim or dragon age
  3. Well fat looks good but burnt looks more like skyrim so it not suit xd
  4. Well i approve most of changes lik RWG , new zombie cop , lumberjack , but burning zombie looks bad- i mean cool model and it could feet perfect to dragon age , skyrim or cod ( well cod have magic stuff now like spell books magic staffs etc) but it not suits to 7dtd - 7dtd was in previouse alpha more similar to horror games like dead space , white school etc now it is changing into rage 2 and funny post apo i rly i hate this. new guns model looks like b movie from 80-90 or junk drons . this is going in bad way. i fell 3-4 updates and it will looks like fortnitexd Well i hope it
  5. Yeah i support this idea, it will work rly good, well guys who made the forest is small studio too but they have it rly good even good hl 2 had bullet holes
  6. well if he had less teeth and black he would looking better xd but still he looks good Well in cod cold war and outbreake there are burned zombies and looks rly more better xd i have feeling that they after 19 feeling decide to throw away reality and make it as comedy xd junk guns and normal guns looks like post apo movies from 80-90 , junk drones this zombie model, geez , fat coop looks like "modern" model of boomer from l4d2 but this zombie looks like some undead from oblivion or skyrim xd
  7. Well some stuff can be rescalled with time right?
  8. I mean something that works similiar to boomer bile from l4d
  9. There is any planes of something like alarm to lure zombie hordes? Because it could be rly fun if Speaker could respawn zombie hordes nearby
  10. If they choose to be PVE that's mean on coop/single balance will be good but PVP will be unbalance
  11. Well is PVP still right? that's way for example conan or rust have rebalance sometimes . Well we don't have statitic but for sure more people using sledhammer that machete . So yeah it could be but it pvp too . So i see two solutions : balance as PVP with elements of E ( conan ) or PVE with elements of PVP ( the forest )
  12. Well in cod were situation like : most players was using m16 , ak74 aug , gallo 12 and tundra. So people wanted to rebalance it to change meta - why using type 63 when m16 have better ttk? . Well now 7dtd is constructed more into "rambo" that "sneaky " way . In my opinion 7dtd should support more sneaky way at least it was until A20 because it changing into rage 2 and i hate it xd . Well machete was a example - you loves knifes right? but better ttk will be for slendhammer so it need rebalance or it will be like cod when - most players used this same bulid because it was the best
  13. I remember good old return of the dead when zombie could be only killed by electricity or burned them XD Well someone can have opinion about something and don't doing this - i think machete is useless so i don't use (logical) , someone thing stealth is bad so he is not using it because it his opinion is bad. Well it was quiet stupid to use or do something what is not working . I think 7dtd have some "core" problems with stealth that cannot be fixed - well it needed to change zombie AI , Poi , armor system , weapons balance but it can be done in 7dtd 2
  14. Well zombie chicken not suit to 7dtd but to spin off - funny 7 hour to die yep XD
  15. This is impossible because well : 1. too much of work . 2. M rated so this quiet pointless
  16. Well fishining is now even in cod bo XD
  17. Well thats way i thing to create " points" like : crouch when going barefoot 1 shoting with bow 1 , going barefoot 4 etc and if you get for example 10 point zombie will know you are here. But as zombie is farer it need more point to be alarmed like 10 block away 11 point to be alarmed
  19. well it can be easy fixed by making clear rules like : 1. you want to stealth you need clothes and go barefoot or with five fingers shoes or indian moccasines. 2. What can triggered zombies in this same POI ? : broken glass - if you step on it in shoes it make noice and trigger zombie in this same POI . barefoot this but you get bleeding rubbish this same thing but without bleeding Fake floors ( it will make noice when you step on it) this same So to avoid detected you must destroy it first ( well it will be easier that implementing puting it ). Door are off
  20. I'm trying to be positive . this very unsual state of my mind XD Yep but mixed with collapsed skyscraper , tunnel etc . Point of this bulding is to clean your path to room with stuff
  21. Well you have good point and you gave me idea : collapsed road tunnel with loot inside but first you need you to destroy rubble to get inside
  22. Well in countries like this army put everything looks "modern" even if it don't have rly sense XD . So yeah drons can works but like flying bombs ( in east people using drons as flying bombs puting on them c4 , or just molotov. So more logical idea is add exoskeleton working like in stalker . Even mingun turrets have more sense because well we have it and it is pretty usefull. Microgun ok . but damn it woudn't work XD fun thing - even old guns like blackpowder have more sense because guerrila and terrorist still use them
  23. we don't know , probably in next 2 month
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