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  1. yep. same problem, that's why i'm so pessemistic about that 😕 well i have experience in some games when random guy could kill you using smg from 500M but you coudn't hit him with rifle
  2. that's why i think the simple idea is the best idea : just put them into bandit camps - few of them will be fighting melee some of them will be shooting and that's all. nothing complicated just speaking zombies with guns
  3. Yeah, another problem is : sometimes enemies are too much accurate and you don't have any chance to fight with them 😕
  4. Honestly i have bad opinion about human enemies in zombies games and i will try explain why spend a lot of resources and time for them is pointless. Okay : 1. Often human AI in games just do stupid things- i think everyone who play a lot of fps saw some stupid human enemies behaviour. In 7dtd it will be even harder - Because there is bandits VS zombie VS player - so there will be a lot of stupid sitations. One of the best example can be hospital in hl2 or days gone. In this games "human" ai just wait to be killed by zombie AI. @faatal don't blame me but Bend studio had a bigger budget , more employers and they coudn't do this good in indestructible world so it just can't work good in 7dtd. Honestly that's why we don't have human enemy in cod zombie ( Atlas Strike Team is exception but they are "invisible" for zombies so they just fight with player). Honestly i wish it could works good and the closed to achieve this is Dying light but is still far from being good (sometimes bandits ignore zombies and are focusing on player and zombie deal rly small dmg to them). 2. Balance problem - okay - in days gone most have guns. You have guns. Melee weapons are only "last stand" weapon not main for 80% of game. In dying light most people use melee weapons and you use melee weapons most of time. So everyone have similiar way of fight. In 7dtd you have more styles of fight - you can focus on few melee weapons, spears, few types of guns. In diffrent games ofc you have this same sitation but simpler- in dead island you have few melee characters , 1 throwing character and guns characters. They have diffrent "special" skills but finaly they are almost this same in playing. 7dtd is more complicated so this can be impossible to balance. in Dying light guys with guns can kill you very fast but when are this guys there is almost any zombies ( prison island). So there is a chance to be bandit too easy or too hard. So it would need a lot of time to balance this - maybe 1 or 2 rly big fixes @faatal i know you guys promise them in kickstarter so my advice is : just make it in bordelands style- melee bandits just behave like bordelands psycho, guns bandits just stay somewhere or just walk few steps and shoot. And make them respawning in bandit camps - let them just sitting there similiar to bordelands 1 and that's all. I know you guys are ambitiouse and i appreciate it but a lot studios tried and failed so better not to waste time. In zombie game zombies works best- they can do stupid thing and people will forgive this because they are zombies. But reviewiers and players critize stupid human AI behaviour
  5. we both know you like traps like Fred XD
  6. Honestly i mean "developing" build, not INT build - i mean you put everything to get top chef at least on 3 lvl, max in miner and mother lode, advance engineering and living of the land - diffrent categories but everything connected with production
  7. honestly i can't agree - focusing on mining and upgrading change you in dwarve - top stuff , a lot of food but lack of skill in fight because you invest everything in development. Scavenger should be like orc- a lot of perks in fight but using just junk. so i would ever nerf looting- if you want good stuff you need to make it on. Like- you risk a lot but the most probably people lot this place long long ago. Now if you want to have something you must do this. Like - 1 yo of zombie outbreake you have civilisation level similiar to L4D2 , 2-10 year - food is almost done most of cities is destroyed. 10-50 yo - most of the world is devasted and full of long forgotten ruins when bandits fight each other and zombies but first settlemenst are creating(7dtd period), 50-100 - people still use things before outbreak but are rare. bandits are almost wiped out. 100-?? people forget a lot of knowledge - something similiar to horizon zero dawn
  8. i know about that but by upgrading stuff you get exp + a defence - tons of walls spikes etc
  9. unfortunatly not - adding steel parts for tools was a step into forcing players to focus on scavenging. before that you could get steel items rly fast
  10. No. upgrading allow you to get good weapons more screamers and spiders zombie and more interesting blood moon in shorter time without spending time on scavenging
  12. Well do you know something about changes in exp ? Because well upgrading was so good exp grinder. Well simplifying we be good for quick base builiding but if we will get less exp from doing this it will be so sad
  13. Well my opinion about what we saw in new stream : 1. <JOKE> What the hell ? Lespank - I didn't know TFP hired @SnowDog1942. This sound like shop with BDSM toys. Or zombie kids are still consider ( you know : some parents spank their kids so maybe zombie parents spank zombie kids too XXD) Okay but now more serious: What is good : new props - posters, instructions on walls, gym stuff, posters of missing people, new brands of shops, new pictures on wall, new machines , menu, spiral staircase , new cars etc Pois- this destroyed church and shops are rly good, this one Poi with "last stand" ( 2 bodies shoes, clothes sandbags wooden door a lot of spike) is just amazing and could be perfect for lore, book store and primal is just perfect XD honestly rly cool idea and good implementation +- props - new chair looks too "bright" like if it was ported from source engine, benches in church looks like new - add few destroyed benches would be good change in this POI but rest of this poi is good, in next shop it could be added some dvd and toys props on metal shefs because it's looks too empty 😕 POI - well some of them especially first one looks too much like buildings from Painkiller - if you want to understand what i mean watch screens of maps : Prison, docks , asylum, Lab , military base ( honestly military truck from 7dtd looks so similiar to painkiller military truck). This is not nothing bad but it looks so similiar with style. What is bad : Well there any new corpse models. I think 5-6 more should be added because in some POI you can find this same corpse. honestly - there is a lot of types of toilet but i think most people don't look to much on them. So more corpes allowed to create more immersive POI AND LAST THING! WHY THEY DIDN'T SHOW US NEWSSTANDS 😭
  14. Do we will get new "oldwest" props too? ^^
  15. okay - this mean people want to know about story and lore of the game or series. Ofc nobody want to buy minecraft to get info about lore of this world. But it have a lore and this allowed them to make books or spinoff. The forest is my opinion just medicore sandbox - not bad not good just 6/10. But it have sooo good lore^^ and a lot of people was searching places to find clues what is going on. YT creatores were making a lot of videos about this and it was popular. I even think some people bought l4d2 because they was sure there will be some connection to diffrent Valve games and it will give them some clues - you know portal and hf are in this same universe. So if 7dtd gave us some "clues" about lore some people will be making videos with theories. More people watch them = more people will know about 7DTD - i think group of people bought 7dtd after video created by THE GAME THEORISTS. So - good lore ( not story this is something diffrent ) is important for zombie game. RE have good games with sometimes good stories (re 7,8 ) sometimes bad ( re 5, 6 ) but lore is good enough to bought if you want to know a lore of this universe. And honestly i'm kinda afraid - TFP promise us to add story - but this doesn't mean that lore will be good. i will give you short examples 1. - you get info that Slim Pick - a bandit leader want to kill Big Lefty- okay you kill him but after that Slim Pick is going to kill you . You kill him and now you are a bandit leader of this mob. THE END. 2. You meet a ex soldier and tell you that in some secret lab is antivirus - you get there but this place looks "generic" ( i mean it doesn't looks good but it just doesn't give you any lore info). You get a antivirus , you came back to this soldier but he tells you it is too late because virus is too much mutated. THE END. L4D2 will be perfect example what i mean - ofc you can just shoot and run. There is a story- few people want to run away from zombies. But it have good lore - from writing on wall you can learn what happenes, from maps where are zombies and when you will probably go in future. You can learn a lot about characters past, zombie outbreak, what CEDA done wrong etc. So this could be perfect for 7dtd. And if TFP want to make another game in this universe this would give them solid "base". BTW TFP if you want a good universe to yours game i can create it for free! 😂
  16. For you. But MrDalekJD , Blackops amazing, Mat Patt , Wow Such Gaming are popular
  17. what ever : why i'm ever trying to write solution or idea how something can work. We will get new RWG so caves could be addes in A21 for example- so @Khalagar idea is not bad and quiet realistic. But what with "technical" stuff. okay it can be done in few ways - 1. sleep screamer in every "part" of cave system. 2. a lot of hard zombies so it will long to finish. Simple advises. I don't want to be rude but you comment add nothing to this. Ofc TFP can do this in 12421 ways - but you what that charger from l4d2 was create by some guy on forum and devs use this idea? i would give a lot of examples but whatever. i honestly loose a point to write out because i will only get 2 dislike and 1 comment. i'm just feel too much tired
  18. it can work but it need to use screamers and fat cop to be hard
  19. My point was : people care about lore in games. @Khalagar wrote people doesn't care and that is not true. we don't know what we will get but know we will get something. He wrote that zombies fanatics will hate nest and i wrote why nest can work giving example from diffrent games. Honestly cod WaW on zombie is poor of gameplay but have so good lore. Cod cw have intresting and expended gameplay but lore just go wrong and this with every updated give my vibe of asian game when they added everything because why not
  20. Btw zombie nest can be logical and have lore : in Days gone - zombie are sleeping in nest because well they are living creatures and more similiar to mutants but no spoilers here. In Dying light + the following you have zombie nest too. Zombies are evolving there and they hate sun. This is even expanded in dying light 2. "who cares"? Well a lot of people? there is a lot of channels on yt about theories and lore in days gone, l4d2 , call of duty zombies etc. Well even a lot of players buy cod only to learn what will happens in zombie story. So yeah lore means a lot - in l4d2 you can find a lot of hints and clues what is going on if you want to find. Well about crying babes you probably making refrence to my post : okay - in the past you have screams, random crying as ambient. And 7dtd looks more like f.e.a.r, silent hill, painkiller or no more room in hell mixed with minecraft ( it was 2013 - 2015). So i expect it will be lower horror sandbox with similiar setting to this game - rotting corpses everywhere, heavy destroyed places with some hint about lore. And i think a lot of people want to be added lore to this game
  21. It's looks like shell - honestly if make few changes this could be avatar of vampire pirate lord from warhammer total war
  22. honestly this 1 option is safer : well console port is quiet risky - you know diffrent types of bugs for example
  23. I hope for 7dtd in medival setting
  24. We have exploder now. Grabber probably coudn't work because technical stuff Cannibal and necromancer : bodies disappering quiet fast because optimalisation - so they can't work good. Creeper- honestly sound quiet good. "anitfia" - well you can turn off feral so this is quiet pointless . Acid is quiet hard to create- it can do dmg to player but to block could be too much problematic
  25. Yep. but maybe in the future they will add this. honestly it could have HE , armor piercing and fire ammo. it could be quiet fun. but... problem is - it would need to make narrow space - because zombie just are going to far from each other
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