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  1. Just about every system in the game has been reworked many times. Sometimes the new system is worse then the previous, melee is a fine example of this cycle. When melee in A18 works I think its pretty fun, but not being able hit what I'm clearly aiming at, is broken.
  2. I hope A19 will have better melee combat. From what I've seen I'm the only person who thinks melee is half broken in A18. I recently noticed how I slowly quit playing after A18 came out and I have over 1100 hours played. Melee in A18 seems to be one of the biggest culprits. More often then not I feel like I should have hit a target but didn't. What I think is wrong with melee: -The weapons have terrible hit detection, and stop mid swing once they reach the center of the screen. -The area effect on melee weapons is completely inaccurate and often hurts your friends, it happens often to me and my friend. -With some melee weapons, the center of the screen gets obstructed by the weapon itself during the swing, making it harder adjust aim mid animation to hit the target. What I think could make it better: -It shouldn't be so easy to hit friends with area effect damage. -Melee weapons should always hit in the center of the screen and even better match the surface area of the weapon being used. -Without proper procedural animations, I think it was better when the weapons swing arch just continued on, for me the melee animations felt more natural in A17. -If possible the center of the screen should rarely be obstructed by the melee weapon during the swing animation, or never completely obstruct it, until the target is hit. -It would be a nice feature if there was procedural animation hit detection. If you hit a target the weapon stops, if you miss it doesn't, etc.
  3. Some of the poi's have never been updated since they were added, such as some of the destroyed buildings. It sure would be nice to see all the poi's updated with the new level design, intended paths, and new blocks. Those destroyed buildings could use a make over with the newer destroyed blocks. I love the new level design/poi's, they really make looting so much better!
  4. Alpha 19, YEAH! I'm excited to see whats coming! A19 could be called: The animation update. The tool and weapon model update. The quality of life update. GUNS, GUNS, GUNS UPDATE! I think 7DTD could benefit from: -New pump shotgun model, and reloading the correct amount of shells instead of just 2 shells every time. -Same for the double barrel, loading the correct about of shells would be a nice detail. -Improve the semi auto snipers iron sights. -Option to the disable crosshairs, and remove crossharis when aiming. -The option to unload a gun. -Guns can have one bullet in the chamber. -Auto lean and auto peak cover system. -GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, MORE GUNS AND AMMO. BARRET .50 CAL AND browing machine gun!!! -M249 SAW AND RPG-7!!! -Explosive/incendiary ammo. -Ammo types: .22 rimfire and centerfire, and .50 BMG!!! Real time ray tracing/path traced lighting...? More zombie models/variants...? Ideas, ideas, ideas...
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