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  1. @madmole@faatalTo anyone that will hear me out. Frankly, me and my friends do agree that many of the gun's iron sights are just bad. The iron sight's front posts are too tall, and/or not centered, and/or the rear sights are missing or unused when aiming down sights. Though I can understand if there are no rear sights on pipe weapons, as they are primitive weapons, but modern firearms should use and/or have rear sights. That, or at least there should be some consistency... For example either we should be using rear sights on all the guns or not using them on any guns. No matter the case, front sights should always be in line with the center of the screen. But they aren't, in the case of weapons like the pipe pistol. Please, at least revert the M9 Beretta Pistol to what is was in Alpha 19. I used to love that gun. Another critique I have is the way pistols displayed. The pistol's appear to close to the camera. It looks like we are holding the pistols up in our face. Please do try and hold a pistol and make it look the way it does in-game. You will understand what I'm talking about. But I think, that's a topic for another day. With all the other visual improvements, I do think the game could stand to benefit from a little more attention to weapon sights. But it's you game do what you want with it, I get that. Though I do think some weapons iron sights in Alpha 20 are a regression.
  2. Great now a zombie fell through the floor and got stuck there and I couldn't finish the quest. It seems zombies have a tendency to glitch through blocks...
  3. Often when I'm collecting cement, cobblestone, and stone from POI's there will be things like cardboard boxes left hovering after removing the resources... Obviously, I don't mean actually floating, but because there is something near by, supporting it. There's two things I can think of that would need to happen to solve this problem. A system that allowed for some things to only take support from below. And a system that allowed for some things not disappear or turn into rubble after falling. This behavior would work well for furniture and other similar items like cardboard boxes, and loot/storage boxes. It's something I didn't question too much until now but if some objects feel straight down, if unsupported by something below them, without breaking, that would really improve the block physics system. Of course, at a certain height differing objects would actually have to break.
  4. Or use mega crush. 7DTD's the movement speed feels slow...
  5. Yeah, I couldn't find the Alpha 20 bug report section...
  6. It seems to be related to temporal anti-aliasing. I've noticed sometimes it flickers even without moving the camera.
  7. Another minor graphical bug... There are strange bumps on distant terrain.
  8. This is kind of a nitpick, but if these shadows could line up better it would improve immersion. Another bug, the bus windows cut through the fog.
  9. I just knocked down a nurse zombie and looked away real quick, and it looks like she fell through the floor. All the config files were wiped and the game is a fresh install. I even went and manually deleted any left over files and also deleted the registry configs before installing Alpha 20. And the game files are verified.
  10. This worker zombie walked trough my cobblestone wall. I had just loaded the save within five minutes. I shot at the zombie from the top of my wall a couple of times. Then went into my forge and storage. I heard he was close to my wall. So, I turned around to get up the ladder and go kill him. I just barely got to see him glitching through the wall.
  11. With the quality improvements to rest of the game, the iron sights and rendering of held firearms looks outdated. In general all the guns should look a little further away from the camera. It would look much more natural if held weapons would play a different animation when sprinting. Like lowering the gun or pointing the barrel up. All the pistol's appear too close to the camera in and out of iron sights. Just imagine how you'd have to be holding the pistols for the way they look on screen. In iron sights it looks like we are holding the pistol 3-6 inches away from our face. I shouldn't have to say, that's not how we operate pistols. Pipe Pistol - Other then the main problems with all pistols... The tip of the front post iron sight doesn't align with the center of the screen. Pistol - In iron sights the front post is too tall, it should be about this same height as the rear sights for aesthetics alone. This gun's iron sights look clownish. .44 Magnum - The big font post and not using the rear iron sights is a problem. .44 Desert Vulture - This gun has the same problem as the .44 magnum... Also, please, this gun needs rear sights. Pipe Shotgun - All it needs is for that front post to be in the center of the screen and it's perfect. Double Barrel Shotgun - The front post is a little low and should be in the center of the screen. It's a stylish depiction but the gun should be level. SMG-5 - Front post is too tall. This gun needs rears sights, which should look like a small cut out in that cylinder in the back of the gun. Ak-47 Machine Gun - This gun follows the trend of not using it's rear iron sights, which is a problem. Tactical Assault Rifle - No rear sights, please give it some and incorporate them. M60 Machine Gun - Well, the sights aren't good enough in comparison to the power of the gun. Hunting Rifle - Front post is clownishly tall, and there are no rear sights. The old hunting rifle had great iron sights. Lever Action Rifle - Front sights look believable but no rear sights... Sniper Rifle - This is the top tier precision rifle in the game, and we are looking through a circle. It needs a thin piece of metal to come up and meet the center of the circle. I'd give the other guns a free pass for one reason or another. The biggest problems with iron sights are... Missing rear sights... Not incorporating the already existing rear sights when aiming down sights.... The end of front sights not aligning with the center of the screen.... And front post sights being too tall, especially on pistols. I really like the aesthetics of guns with no optics. The Pistol (M9 Beretta) was really nice before, and I preferred it with no optics. If I'm being honest I think the Pistol's iron sights are ruined. It's the same story with the M60's and Hunting Rifle's iron sights. I liked using those guns with no optics, but now the iron sights are honestly terrible. Please excuse my rude honestly.
  12. @madmoleAre The Fun Pimps or the Unity developers looking into getting 7DTD to actually take advantage of high core count CPU's? On my CPU, the game runs best when forced to run on 4 threads from 4 separate cores. When more then 4 CPU cores are allocated to 7DTD it runs worse. There are huge performance improvements to be had by getting the game to properly use more CPU threads.
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