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QoL skill books & Gyrocopter controls


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I suggest we can differentiate books we already learned from books we didn't in inventories (different shades or colors), it's quite tedious to check every time whether I completed the book already, there are too many to remember by heart.


As for the gyrocopter, I was hoping fly model would be closer to one in Rust (which has challenging controls and need a bit of training, but is absolute blast to fly while respecting physics the best it can).  Is there any reason why I cannot use mouse move up/down as pitch out/in?  Space/C feels especially cumbersome and banking doesn't feel it has much impact (again, compared to Rust gyro).  Also vertical landings and especially takeoffs would be much more helpful in difficult terain.


Other than that, game is absolute blast and got me hooked, it's amazing how the game is evolving adding new layers and systems.  Some of new POIs are absolutely stunning dive, systems such as electricity add so much to base building and defense.  Turrets are also great addition, sort of 'companion' for people playing solo, they can now have something to cover their back while digging or looting.

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PIMPs might constantly work on the icons and menus by adding some color outline (gray theme if unread) to distinguish already read books. Some of the menu solutions are not that apparent for players even with several hundreds of hours in the game, I`m talking about myself too 😆.



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On 8/30/2021 at 12:22 PM, katarynna said:

For your request regarding books, there is already a way to tell if you have read one or not.


If there is an open book in the upper left corner of the icon, you have read it before. If the book is closed, you have not yet read it.

Ooooh, amazing, thanks for tip, maybe make it more visible then, I totally missed it.

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57 minutes ago, ixxxo said:

I am a bit hesitant to delve into mods, as I play on Linux (thanks for fantastic native game by the way!) and mods are usually more trouble than it's worth it (many mod managers are windows only).


That modlet is extraordinarily simple, and server-friendly (meaning, no custom assets or code, so it's automatically pushed to clients). You don't need any kind of mod manager, just drop the modlet's folder into the Mods directory. (If that directory doesn't exist, create it in the game's root directory, it should be a sibling of the Data directory.)


It's literally a couple lines of XML, so if you want to just mod it yourself, feel free to use my code as a guide (if you can understand XPath):


That's not true of all my modlets, of course, and for those I understand your reluctance. Were it not for the Mod Launcher, I probably wouldn't have started with mods either. The new version of the Mod Launcher, written in Unity, should be Linux compatible, if you want to give it a shot: http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/30.html

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6 hours ago, ixxxo said:

I am a bit hesitant to delve into mods, as I play on Linux (thanks for fantastic native game by the way!) and mods are usually more trouble than it's worth it (many mod managers are windows only).

Adding to what @khzmusik said above…

I play on Linux and have played with lots of mods.  Like hundreds over the years. I always manually copy them all into the Mods folder as I do not/cannot use a mod manager (well, there was a Linux one that says it works, but I’m used to not using one). Here are a few issues I have run into over the years: 


- when manually copying mods, some mods don’t download “properly” (have extra directories when unzipped). You just have to open each mod you download to make sure there are no extra directories from the download/extract.


- some mods that have 3D models are not compiled with Linux shaders.  This is because the mod author didn’t build it that way, probably an oversight. If this happens, you might have some “grey” models (like a hammer with no texture/skin) or a super bright pink graphic.  You can detect of these are gong to occur by hitting “F1” when the game is loading to bring up the game console and watch for red “shader” errors. I usually ignore them

Unless it’s really obnoxious. An example was the Tactical Action mod, which put a few new plants on the ground that were missing shaders. So it was pink fields all over the place. I have been messaging the mod authors when this happens to me with the fix (using a newer Unity script) but since Linux is a small user base and rebuilding models may be time consuming understand that the author may take awhile to fix it (or won’t at all). 


- rarely a mod author will not get the case of the mod files incorrect, and Linux will not load the mod as it is case sensitive. Usually this is because they will name the required mod file “ModInfo.xml” something like “modinfo.xml”.  You will also see the errors in the console as “ModInfo.xml not found…”


- I have not found a way to load DMT mods. The mod launcher on Windows compiles them for you.  If anyone knows, I would be interested in knowing how this could be done. 

- some big overhaul mods will have you copy more than mod files to the Mods directory. They will have you overwrite files in the core game folder(s). I have run into some issues trying to load some of these mods. one issue was a mod (I think it was Darkness Falls, a long time ago) included it’s own version of “mono”, and when the game launched it failed to load mono because it was finding the one that came with the mod (a Windows one) instead of the one I installed into Linux. The “solution” was to rename/delete the one in the mod. Anyway: with mods like this, that need compiling or special things, it seems modders don’t think much about Linux people and may include parts that are not compatible. It’s mostly trial and error on Linux with these.  Worst case of you mess up your game files you can delete the game and have Steam load a fresh copy. If the game fails to load or loads up to the start screen and hangs. It may be something like this where a Windows component (like a dll or exe or something) was part of the overhaul mod. Looking in the games log file might give you the file it had issues with. 


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