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Horrible server lag


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So, a couple friends and I started a private server maybe 2 weeks ago, and we've had basically zero issues. Then a couple nights ago we started experiencing HORRIBLE server lag, which usually results in us being unable to interact with anything. Generators, storage, crafting stations, anything.

Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone have any recommendations on stuff to try? My buddy who's running the server isn't seeing any errors, and and we're getting frustrated. Server resource usage also seems normal. And then once we disconnect from the server, he THEN starts seeing "received packets from unknown client", but those only start after we disconnect when the server hangs.

We do have a large number of turrets at our new base (probably around 50-60 SMG turrets), maybe 6-8 blade traps, and nothing else as far as electrical traps. But we had maybe 15-20 SMG turrets, a few lengths of electric fences, and probably 50-60 blade traps at our old base, and we had no issues until 2 days ago.

SOMETHING must have changed, but we don't know what it could be. My buddy had allowed multiple land claim blocks per player and he increased the LCB range shortly before the issues started. But he's since set those back to normal, with no change in the issue.

Any ideas?

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It sounds electricity related. There's a file called "power.dat" in the server's save folder that you can delete

which may fix it temporarily and help you to find the problem.

Before you delete the file though, you have to remove all batteries, ammo, darts, engines, etc. from your

electric devices because they well vanish when you delete the power.dat file. Another option would

be to skip that step, as it's a pain to do, and just replace the missing stuff from the creative menu.


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Thanks Beelzy. Since what you recommended is a temp fix, any suggestions on what to do for a permanent fix? Or is it just that the electric items get corrupted over time, and you just need to replace them periodically to "reset" the issue?

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@Steve78I say temporary  because it's a troubleshooting step to find the problem. Once you delete the power.dat file,

all your wiring is gone and you have to rewire everything. So to find where the problem is, I would delete the

file, then wire up like 10 things, see if you have the problem, then 10 more, etc. until you find which electrical

item is causing the problem. I would start with the turrets, then if they were ok, move on to elec. fences, etc.

If you delete the power.dat file, and still have the problem before rewiring, then that wasn't the issue and you need to look elsewhere.

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Also you should always post the logfile (through pastebin or similar) even if you don't see anything special in it. The error message "disconnect from server..." is harmless.


Since the problems began when he changed LCB stuff this also can't be completely ruled out as trigger of the bug btw. But I have no idea how to test that at the moment and electricity is the best lead with your fully electrified setup.


Checking which part of the PC is causing the slow down might be usefull as well, so observing cpu and memory usage mainly might yield usable information.


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7 hours ago, The_Great_Sephiroth said:

I thought it was hard-coded to only allow one LCB per player a few versions back?

It's not hard coded, you can change it in the serverconfig.xml but there is an issue or two with it. Nothing that would cause lag tho.

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