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  1. Am I doing something wrong, or is the Farming Tips book bugged? I use it from the hotbar, and it just goes back into my inventory. Over and over, and it doesn't seem to unlock any of the seed recipes that are still locked.
  2. I noticed recently that at least some items take multiple repair kits to repair. For instance, our lvl 41 auger is taking 4 repair kits for a full repair. Is that a new-ish thing? It's probably been a thing for a while, but we only just started DF again recently, and before this I haven't played DF in probably 6 months at least.
  3. You can set the game to lose everything on death, so IMO it probably doesn't hurt to leave it in. Maybe just make an addition to the item text saying that it's the same backpack you get when starting the game? I mean, it's cheap as hell, so making a 2nd one accidentally isn't a bad thing, it just may prevent some confusion. But regardless, thanks for confirming!
  4. Is it? OK, odd that it's able to be crafted then...I guess it's maybe there in case if you die before using it or something. Thanks for the info.
  5. Is it my imagination, or does the small backpack not do anything? I have all 5 levels of Pack Mule unlocked, and I just crafted and used the small backpack. Prior to using it, I verified exactly how many encumbered slots there were. Then after I used the small backpack, I closed and re-opened my inventory, and the same number of encumbered slots are there. Did I do something wrong? Does the small backpack need to be used from the toolbar, even though it doesn't mention that in the item text, or does it not do anything when a certain number of points are already put into Pack Mule?
  6. So, there seems to be some major issues with the updated client and server, but it's always possible it's just us. Client side, after updating with the latest DF A19.6b8 files, it just goes to the blank trees loading background (before loading to the initial menu screen), and sits there. On the server side, my buddy is seeing TONS of "Err Loading prefabs xml" and other errors, and this is even after uninstalling the server, reinstalling, and recopying the the DF server zip contents into the appropriate location. Is anyone else having issues like this? Here's a pastebin with at least most of the log file showing the errors. https://pastebin.com/4bvHpKJ9
  7. @Beelzybub Got it, thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks Beelzy. Since what you recommended is a temp fix, any suggestions on what to do for a permanent fix? Or is it just that the electric items get corrupted over time, and you just need to replace them periodically to "reset" the issue?
  9. So, a couple friends and I started a private server maybe 2 weeks ago, and we've had basically zero issues. Then a couple nights ago we started experiencing HORRIBLE server lag, which usually results in us being unable to interact with anything. Generators, storage, crafting stations, anything. Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone have any recommendations on stuff to try? My buddy who's running the server isn't seeing any errors, and and we're getting frustrated. Server resource usage also seems normal. And then once we disconnect from the server, he THEN starts seeing "received packets from unknown client", but those only start after we disconnect when the server hangs. We do have a large number of turrets at our new base (probably around 50-60 SMG turrets), maybe 6-8 blade traps, and nothing else as far as electrical traps. But we had maybe 15-20 SMG turrets, a few lengths of electric fences, and probably 50-60 blade traps at our old base, and we had no issues until 2 days ago. SOMETHING must have changed, but we don't know what it could be. My buddy had allowed multiple land claim blocks per player and he increased the LCB range shortly before the issues started. But he's since set those back to normal, with no change in the issue. Any ideas?
  10. So, I was outside of a trader when night fell, and since it was night 1 and I spent most of my time getting TO the trader, I don't have a base setup yet, I tried running into it. There was a couple zombies outside, plus one of the Darkness Falls creatures (I can't remember the name. Anyway, I got into the trader base, closed the door, turned around, and saw one of the creatures coming straight at me. In other words, it went right through a wall without making any apparent noise. But also, and more importantly, the numerous guards on the walls did almost literally nothing. I was watching the trader base at night for a couple minutes before I decided to chance just making a run for it, and even though there were several creatures outside the walls the whole time, the guards did nothing. Is this new? In A18 they would shoot at any enemies even sort of near the walls...now, nothing.
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