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  1. I appreciate the occasional surprise also. I am a stealth player but if I was so good I could do whatever I wanted it would get boring. Besides, if you keep your eyes open you can tell in advance which rooms have surprises waiting for you.
  2. As a 5yr Ark server admin the save system is far from perfect. The way it works is this. The current save is saved once every 15min. Then, once every 2hrs 10min it renames the save and starts a new one five min later. This means that, should your save get corrupted, you can lose two hours of work. Better than everything, but still not the best. Currently there is no way to change this setup. Due to this I wrote a small C++ app which monitors the Ark save directory and when a file is modified (player profile, tribe profile, or the save itself) the modified file is instantly backed up. This allows me to roll back, at MOST, 15min at a time. Far better than the built-in setup. I run my 7 Days server from a batch file which backs up at server startup. I have not monitored the save while playing. Is it saved every X minutes also? If so I can very likely make my Ark backup app run with 7 Days.
  3. I use it on the SMG, pistol, and the older sniper rifle. Need to find a new one. I use it on the SMG so it looks like my MP5, whether it works or not. Oh, and from real-world use, you do not run standard ammo in a suppressed weapon. You can, but you are supposed to run ammo designed for being quiet. This is known as subsonic ammo. Using regular (supersonic) ammo will ruin a suppressor. Now let's add a whole bunch of new subsonic ammo into the game! Kidding, seriously.
  4. Note that in 7 Days on a dedicated server time will "freeze" when no players are connected, unlike most games. I want this feature in Ark!
  5. I literally meant real suppressors in that first line. An MP5/A5 without a suppressor is blasphemy! In the game though I have found the silencer blueprint in the bookstores.
  6. Silencer? What's that? I have a ton of suppressors for my weapons, but no silencers. Sorry, just some humour. If you were a firearms owner you'd get it. On the subject of suppressors, they do exist. I have found multiple blueprints for them and built them. Keep checking those bookstores, especially the ones in the actual cities if you are on Navezgane.
  7. At least through A18 the infected survivor ALWAYS appeared as a big black dude to me.
  8. I custom-build my main rigs. CPU: Core i7-6950X (3.0GHz ~ 3.5GHz) RAM: 128GB DDR4 PC-3200 (25,600) Motherboard: ASRock X99 Extreme 4 Video: RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Audio: Creative Ae5 OS HDD: SATA 6Gbps WD Blue 1TB multi-platter RAID: 4 x 1TB Black single-platter disks in RAID10 via BTRFS filesystem Newest Games Disk: M.2 NVME 2280 1TB SSD (tests around 3,400~3,500 MB/s) Monitor: Dell S2417DG 24" 2K (2560x1440@144Hz) G-Sync monitor (I play all games in 2560x1440) OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit I have everything maxed except motion blur since that makes me nauseous if turned up too high. I peg the game out at 60fps everywhere. I have vertical sync on. Unity will not set the refresh rate to anything above 60Hz as some stuff is hard-coded. In games like Ark: Survival Evolved or Ground Branch, I get 120-144fps. I could probably peg 7 Days out at 144 if the Unity engine allowed it. There is a great discussion on why Unity locks you at 60fps (turning off v-sync and claiming you get 900fps is horse-crap, there are no 900Hz monitors) due to some internal mechanics out there and why, if you force Unity above a 60Hz refresh rate odd things can happen. I will locate the info if anybody is interested. Either way I have no issues. 7 Days and Ark are on my SSD so loading chunks is cake. Oh, and terrain quality makes a very visible difference on my end. I keep mine maxed.
  9. I do not have a screenshot of the MP5 right now but look at the scope on the M4. Very reflective all over and the sight-glass is either reflecting the world behind me OR showing me what it is looking at through the other end. *EDIT* Looks like the forum scaled my image down. It was 2560x1440, but it is nowhere near that now. May need to use imgur or something.
  10. I have not had this happen before. How do I reproduce it? I have played for about four hours at once max. Is it tied to a graphics setting?
  11. Anybody? Is it not possible to import a prefab even with cheats, debug mode, and creative mode to test it?
  12. They changed something. I'd swaer they enabled ray-tracing on the guns. The MP5 reflects the world around it on the stock now.
  13. CPU matters in this game. The world is voxel-based. Each block must be calculated as connected or not connected to one next to it, how it is connected, it's shape, etc and then all of that data goes to the GPU for rendering. You can easily choke on a weak CPU even if you have a massive video card. You may also have other apps accessing your disk while you play, which can KILL framerate because chunks are taking longer to load in, process, and render. Each system is unique and presents its own issues and advantages. 7 Days requires a lot of CPU and GPU, unlike most games, which only require a good video card. RAM helps too, and disk can be important here. When posting your specs, post your specs completely. Example: Windows 7 Pro 64bit OEM Core i7-6950X (3.0-3.5GHz) 128GB DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600) RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Creative Ae5 1 x WD Blue SATA 6Gbps 1TB (OS only) 4 x WD Black SATA 6Gbps 1TB single-platter disks in BTRFS RAID10 (Most games) 1 x M.2 NVME 3,500Gbps SSD (Ark, 7 Days, etc) That explains how you are actually set up. Tackling just the massive difference a disk can have, if you have a single-platter disk it only has to read and write one platter and is WAY faster than the more common three or four-platter disks, which have to load and save data across many more platters. The type of SSD is important also. a SATA SSD is capped around 6Gbps, but an M.2 NVME SSD can go up to around 4,000Gbps with the right model.
  14. They changed the rendering (or entire?) engine in A19. It looks FAR better but I imagine that it takes a hit on older hardware. I probably could not use the old GTX 550 Ti any more.
  15. I am trying some POIs and other things in the prefab editor. Now I want to import them into my game world. The problem is, nothing I do makes the dynamic menu show up. Cheat mode enabled, debug mode, and creative mode all at once and K never brings up the menu. How the heck do I get all of my work into my game world to test it?
  16. I am guessing people needing this extreme have very low-end systems? I run an i7-6950X coupled with an RTX 2080 Ti and I get a constant 50-60fps with everything maxed out in 2K (2560x1440) with vertical sync. I initially played on a GTX 550 Ti and a Core i5-2500 with 16GB of DDR4 and even then I could do medium to high at 1080p.
  17. I own five motorcycles. One happens to be a 1991 Ultra-Classic Electra-Glide (Harley). This is a BIG bike with a trunk, CB radio, AM/FM/Cassette stereo, and all kinds of chrome and lights. I believe it is around 750lbs with proper fluid levels. Not a rally-bike, to say the least. Some idiot had a dog on the loose and it darted out and in front of me. I told the wife to hold on. Pulled clutch, revved it slightly and stood up. When the front wheel hit I popped the clutch and wheelied until the back wheel hit, at which point I went airborn. Landed it almost perfectly level, but had some slight fender damage. Went back and the dog was DEAD. Owner and kids could not believe what they saw. I grew up on dirt-bikes, old 2-stroke beasts. For 99.99% of riders though, Ezed is exactly right. Avoid ANYTHING that isn't asphalt. Even gravel can kill. I still own the HD and it is my favorite cruiser.
  18. Looks like the front of a Suzuki Sidekick or something. The BRAND Jeep is trademarked, the physical vehicle type is NOT trademarked. It would be like Ford suing Chevy and Dodge because they have a half-ton pickup. Or Chevy and Dodge suing because they both use 1500/2500/3500/etc. I did not mean to insinuate that the 4x4 looked like a specific brand, just that it is clearly a jeep. Suzuki made a jeep also, years back. I believe it was called a Samurai, but it has been a while! Oh, and if that isn't enough, think about WWII! Remember a company named Willys (pronounced "Willis")? They made the jeep used in the war! I would love to own one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willys_MB#:~:text=The 1945 Willys Jeep was,of military light utility vehicles.
  19. I have tried it both ways. I have also tried positive numbers. Nothing seems to work. With that said I did notice one thing. If I use the model used for the motion-sensor in a custom block of any type, the wire ALWAYS connects to the bottom of the camera. This leads me to believe that for the wire OFFSET to work it needs some default connection spot. I did some digging and found people talking about editing the 3D models and having some kind of tag on something which tells the game engine where to connect wires by default. Is this the case? I am not going to go re-learn 3D modelling (I last used 3DS Max 3 ages ago) and view this as a bit of a bug. Not everybody has 3D modelling software.
  20. I have been attacked constantly while on full health. If they are not supposed to, that is broken. They also catch up to my jeep and motorcycle all the time. I'll be on the way from my compound to a city or POI and suddenly there is a vulture over the passenger seat hitting my jeep, trying to attack my buddy. I can outrun them with any vehicle if I sprint (floor it) but that burns fuel fast, so our method is that the second we see a vulture, we stop and get out to kill it. Also, we are playing in the desert. I know they are not in every biome but they are constantly on us (every few minutes) in the desert. I had forgotten about Daggerfall-style stats. I loved those in that I could increase a skill by using said skill. I LOVE that style of mechanic in any game. As for exploiting as you said (running in circles?) I did not know that was a thing, but I prefer bashing heads with a sledgehammer anyway.
  21. I do miss having to find various parts for weapons to assemble them. I miss being able to improve quality on items. There's a lot I enjoyed from the past, but I still like A19. Give it time. The game is still being developed. We may get some of our old features back in the future. Currently my only gripe with A19 is the damn vultures. They are everywhere and if you are in a vehicle suddenly they move as fast as jet airplanes. They also bug out and circle for HOURS and then suddenly they realize they are supposed to attack. Normally when you are fighting a horde. They are SO annoying!
  22. I do agree with this. The impact driver is far easier to use than a wrench. Example? Glad you asked! I just had to bust the lugs loose on one of my trailers to remove the rim and a tire which broke the seal and was off the rim. Even with a cheater-bar I wore myself out in a few short minutes trying to break the lugs. I only had a 3/8" drive impact wrench with me, and did not believe it was enough to break the lugs (Craftsman, 20v). I put a socket on and tried and it slowly broke each one loose, while I recovered from using the wrench. With that said, this is a game, not a simulator. I expect the driver to use some stamina based on the game mechanics, but it should not be harder to use than a wrench.
  23. I do NOT abide by any conventions of war. My enemies won't so neither will I. If The Pimps give me a Redeemer from UT99 I will abuse the ever-loving heck out of it. I will eradicate my enemy! Now, I currently use a deep pit filled with vertical and horizontal blade traps to make zombie-soup. Around the edge of said pit is electrical fence, then a spike wall (they get shocked AND spiked), then another fence (zombies still being shocked can die when falling five or six stories). I do NOT block the path or lure them to a wall. I just drink red tea and watch them crawl towards me while being murdered in an excessive manner. Fair?
  24. Have you ever used a good impact driver? Air-powered, perhaps for lug-nuts? They are heavy tools and while they do not twist you around like a drill will, the vibrations when busting a stuck or rusted nut loose can be numbing or tiring. I own and use a few for maintenance on antique tractors, equipment trailers, zero-turn mowers, and other things. It isn't in the same ballpark as using an auger, but it isn't a cake-walk either.
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