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A working oven for cooking

Raina Gamingmagex

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I agree with you wholeheartedly on that I would love to just have one that functions. But I do like the idea of having a little bit of dangerous to it when you're going into different houses. Kind of like the vending machine some of them work and don't work. And frankly I just like blowing things up in 7 Days to die I think it would be hilarious to blow up some zombies with the oven lol. But I think the campfire would be good for like level one or two in cooking but if you want to do more in-depth cooking you make yourself an oven. And I think the that makes more sense and in a lot of builds anyways. But just my opinion I feel it would fit. 😊

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I agree it would be nice to have “cooking“ workstation upgrades. I’ve seen some mods that do it, but I think having “electric” would be nice for the large oven and the microwave. Make them heavy electric users. Electricity needs more uses to burn resources (burn? I meant “choose usage wisely”) and having recipes “gated” by workstation type would be nice for the higher foods. And it makes your base feel more “like a base” vs “here’s my day 200 base! yeah I can build working auto turrets and dart traps and automation to open the drawbridge so I can drive my hand built gyrocopter into a covered garage… but ya know what? I still  like to cook over the campfire on the floor over in the corner. Like the good ol days”


I’ve  played some mods with “workstation upgrade/gating and it helps spread out the game stages, gives you more goals to accomplish and is fun IMHO.

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I agree, an oven would be great. If not for anything else, just for eliminating the risk of setting oneself on fire with the campfire. There could be different tiers: lower tier would be one which burns wood/coal, requires forged iron. Higher tier would require steel and electrical components, and operation would require power.


Apart from higher tier foods, the steel oven could enable crafting ceramic items (what these would be is an entirely different subject).

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