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  1. As I understand it, if you place multiple Parts and give them the same GroupName, it will only use one of those Parts. I'm not sure how it decides which, if any to use. I assume it is just running through each part in order created, rolling the dice on its chance to appear, and if it doesn't appear, moving on to the next one. Assuming all of the above is correct and I'm not overlooking something: You cannot arrange to put your custom Part into a list of Parts on a vanilla Tile as you would have to change that Tile in the editor and there would be no good way to distribute that. You could copy the vanilla Tile and distribute your copy. If you want a large list of Parts that you want to share a GroupName then you're stuck using the PrefabEditor's Shift-Enter feature to add each of them, which can take a long time if you have a lot of Parts. For instance, I have around 18 Custom Field Parts and I'd like to pre-define that list so I could use them in a number of different Farm POIs. There's no way to do that. It would be kind of cool if you could define Part Groups in XML somewhere and optionally choose one of those when placing a Part. Currently, placed Parts are all found in the XML for each POI. I'm not sure you can change this using XPath because they're not in the Config directory. (I've not tried.) Has anyone had any luck using a Part located in a Parts folder in a modlet?
  2. Maybe in a handbook at a military survivor school? Admittedly, probably not a recipe for bacon, but I remember being shown how to make sun dried rabbit jerky during a day of survival training for cadets.
  3. Ooops, I replied (above) but didn't quote, so you might not have gotten a notification. This should give you a notification.
  4. Hunter's Trap is a decoration. You could disable my decorations as they are pretty rare: Option 1 -- To Disable the modlet's Decorations: Delete the biomes.xml file from the Config folder. Option 2 -- If you want the decorations, then we have to figure out why they're not being found. The modlet must both have Config/biomes.xml and the appropriate files in the Prefab/Decorations directory. -- That was working for me during testing, but I have not yet tested on a server. It is possible the client knows how to find that directory but that the server does not. If so, Option 1 or Option 3 will be your only choices. Option 3 -- Copy the files from the modlet's Prefabs/Decoration folder to the modlet's Prefabs/POIs folder on the server. This might allow the server to find the files. Sorry I cannot try this further. My development machine is dead and I'm not expecting to be back to normal until the end of next week at the earliest. To reiterate, it is still a modlet. In A19 everything went into a Prefab folder. A20 added support for subfolders below the Prefab folder, but support for that feature does not appear to be consistent throughout all features. We're fighting similar problems with a "Parts" folder, for instance. I don't have an answer for the disappearing building. At long distance you're probably seeing the Imposter. Once you get close it is as if RWG placed the Parts but not the POI, except in one picture you had one Part (billboard) and in another picture you had another Part (water tower). If those are appearing and disappearing, then the problem is deeper than the modlet as those Parts are from the vanilla game. I suspect Stallionsden is on the right track. I can't login to your server as I don't currently have a working game computer. (Sigh.)
  5. I haven't tried it, but it occurred to me today we already have this feature. Parts can have a name and it seems if multiple parts share a name then only one of them will be used. If so, this should work with Parts designed to only contain loot objects. It has worked with other Parts that I wanted to place as alternatives in the same location. I don't see why it wouldn't work with Parts in different locations. The only trip up I can see is that you'd want the last Part in the list to have a 100% chance of placement in case none of the other Parts were selected. We don't control the order of the list so we don't know which one to make 100%. If we don't make an entry with a 100% chance, might there not be any loot placed?
  6. Can you tell us more about this map with the blank spots in it? Are there any custom tiles or settings, like trying to make the city bigger than what TFP defined? I ask because so far the only way I've found to get blank spots (using RWG) is too have to many POI markers in close proximity to each other without a large enough supply of POIs to fit them. There's also a density configuration that I don't know much about. I suspect it has to do with trying to keep the Tris/Polys counts reasonable among POIs in close proximity, else game performance degrades.
  7. Not entirely. The roads to wilderness POIs are a big improvement too. The RWG knows what size of road to connect to the POI based on a "Driveway" Part that you add to the Wilderness POI. Without that Part, you still get a road but it doesn't know where to connect so it sort of runs past the POI. Wilderness roads were a weakness of KingGen. Understandable since the focus had been on cities. Roads in rough terrain often awkwardly cut into hills, created cliffs, exposed hidden underground portions of POIs, and so forth. No doubt a difficult issue to address.
  8. I've toyed with this approach and I think it works great in single player. In multiplayer, at the launch of a new map when a bunch of unteamed players are active, you can be find POIs are picked over pretty heavy and need the Trader quests to refresh them. Once the map has aged and players have become less active this approach seems to become more viable again.
  9. How does it work for teams? If they each get one quest from the nearby trader and share it, can they do multiple quests and avoid the 1-2k trip to another trader? Or, is this a limit on turning in finished quests?
  10. I was doing fine stealthing through Tier 2 quests with 2 points spent on From the Shadows, padded armor, bow kills, difficulty nomad, feral sense: all. I'm not sure how it would be with stealth melee kills where you must get close. At Tier 3, with 3 points in From the Shadows, padded armor, night vision, bow kills, around game stage 100, difficulty nomad, feral sense: all, stealth is working around 50% of the time, mostly failing at close range. I've not acquired any armor mods to enhance stealth yet. At this point they may have assumed only Agility specialists were stealthing, but I tend to spread my points around all the areas, so I'm not as far along as somebody who focuses on agility would be. This I guess is the ultimate question. Is stealth broken or are we making choices that are putting us behind the curve? I assume in my case, I'm just a bit behind the curve or maybe with the curve but with feral sense all making it extra challenging.
  11. You'll also find that not all Districts (downtown, commercial, industrial, residential, countrytown, countryresidential, rural, oldwest) have equal support for all of the standard sizes. Rural does appear to be the exception as sometimes RWG appears to not place a tile, but place a non-standard sized POI (upto 150x150) instead. I made the following chart after counting the number of POI markers on all the vanilla Tiles. Don't get hung up on the red/green as that was my own analysis about opportunities for POI placement and potential areas of need for custom tiles. So, for example, if you were to target the "downtown" district, which only appears in cities, then there is an abundance of potential landing spots for extra small 25x25 POIs (49), a modest amount of small 42x42 POIs (14), only 4 POI markers of medium size 60x60, and no large POIs 100x100. Not shown is that some POI markers are tagged for specific POIs, further reducing the number of spots for some POIs. Of course, you don't know in advance which Tiles will be used by the RWG for any specific map, so you don't ultimately know the competition for any particular size of POI, but you can still conclude that 60x60 POIs are pretty rare in downtown districts and 100x100 POIs can never show up unless you make a custom Tile. What this doesn't show you is the amount of competition for each size in each district in terms of numbers of vanilla POIs. I should probably run some stats there and be better informed, but anecdotally I'm finding there's a lack of competition in 60x60 rural POIs. I've got a few of those on the workbench and test worlds are placing 6-10 copies of each. Of course, the picture changes once you're able to add in the CompoPack and other mods.
  12. Between TFP and my pack, you should have around 15 trailers, maybe a few more. They have some trailers that are singles and some that are with Traders. I've got one or two outside of my trailer park POI. The Urban Survivor Site, for instance, has a variation on a TFP trailer that is part of a defensive wall. I've explored the notion of supporting a custom District for Towns that would be a trailer park and at around 48-54 trailers are needed per Tile if I dense pack the trailers. I'm unlikely to embark on an effort to make 150+ Trailers as that would get boring, but another Trailer Park POI would be cool in the near term.
  13. Trailers are fun to make and I like to use them as bases. I'm curious how large of a trailer park you're after?
  14. ... and ring when you shoot it. I don't know that it is "vitally important to the immersion factor" but it would be kind of fun.
  15. Agreed. I like all three (KG, NG, and RWG-A20) as they each had good features as well as their quirks. I'd love to mix them all together.
  16. In the realm of modlets that include what would have been simple before A20 is potentially complicated by Parts and Tiles. Before A20, a modlet would include POI files that stood alone. The only complication would be if you included two modlets that had same same POI in both. If the files had the same name in both POIs, then the game probably would just use the first one it found (but I never tested that). If the files had different names (quite possible with the CompoPack since it renames files) then you could get double placement because the RWG would think they were different POIs. With A20 using Parts and Tiles, you have what is described above AND more: Parts - POIs can refer to Parts. Those Parts could be external to the modlet that includes the POI. It will be common for modlets to have POIs that refer to vanilla parts. It will be possible for modlet A's POI to refer to modlet B's parts. This will create a dependency. Tiles (1) - Tiles can refer to Parts, as just described. Tiles can also reserve a POI Marker for POIs with a specific Tag. So, if modlet A features a custom Tile with a specific tag, modlet B can have a POI with a matching tag. This will create a dependency. Tiles (2) - Tiles can define custom (non-standard) POI Marker sizes. For instance, Modlet A could make a Tile with a 130x130 POI Marker. Then, Modlet B could make a 130x130 sized POI, counting on the Tile from the other modlet. This will create a dependency. Could you have mutual (circular) dependencies? I assume so.
  17. Version A20.EXP-ZZ006 has been released to go along with the Experimental version of A20. It has been assembled under b233. There are 59 POIs and 9 Decorations. All POIs have been updated to new A20 blocks. Some POIs were expanded with some new content. One A19 POI (the small Storm Shelter) will reappear later as a Part of future POIs. All of the POIs in this version will also appear in an upcoming version of the CompoPack. If you use this modlet AND the CompoPack, then you will want to read my documentation to avoid duplication.
  18. Since there are Parts with tiered loot in them, it becomes possible to have multiple loot locations in a POI. What would be handy is if we could place multiple "end loot" parts and link them such that only one of the parts would spawn. In this way, the location of the final loot could be different from quest to quest. Right now, for instance, I could have 5 x Tier5 loot parts with a 20% chance each of appearing, but they are not linked, so a quest might end up with 2-3 of them, or even none.
  19. Maybe find the file, right click on it and choose "Properties." Then you can see if the read-only flag is set. After that, I'm out of ideas.
  20. Sounds like KingGen cannot access a file named king_gen_config.txt because of some permissions issue. Perhaps KingGen needs read-write access and it only has read-only access? Perhaps you're running KingGen as a different user and there's some ownership issue for the file?
  21. I'm not sure. I'm having trouble envisioning the flow. I suspect it depends on how I'm searching for the desired item(s) and how many items of that type there are. If I'm expecting a lot of results I might change subjects rather than go up to the global level. Maybe? I'm not sure.
  22. When making POIs in the Prefab Editor, I'm finding it kind of handy that it doesn't delete the search text. If I search for something like "box" and don't find it, then I turn off my group selections and find the objects on the full list. I wouldn't be messed up if the change were made as you suggest, but I have found the current behavior to be useful.
  23. Thanks for the video. My takeaway was that Tiles and Parts won't work, but otherwise KG maps appear playable. You talked about the effects of missing Tiles. Without support for Parts, I suspect some POIs will miss some content. For instance, you might see farm POIs without fields, would be my guess. Interesting. Thanks again.
  24. How about a variation for a bit more realism? The car has a number of battery slots, say 12. Fill the slots with charged batteries and that's the fuel. To refuel, you either swap out the car-batteries or you connect the car to a generator/solar circuit with the wiring tool. It wouldn't be perfectly silent, but it could be pretty quiet. My RL electric car still has a little whine to the motor. You also still get road noise from the tires on pavement, hitting bumps, etc. I don't know how a wasteland kit-bashed version would sound, but my guess is it would be a bit more noisy than a modern production vehicle. I agree gasoline seems improbable, electric more approachable, but alcohol fueled vehicles make a lot of sense too.
  25. It's a guess. Stallionsden, and others, have done more with lighting than I.
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