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  1. I don't mind the sounds but there's room for improvement. Timing and variety are important. They're annoying when they are too frequent and too repetitive. There are interesting possibilities with the sounds themselves. I recall a game, I think Balder's Gate, when the soundtrack included the sound of a trap being sprung. Every 40 minutes, or so, hearing the trap noise could make you stop and look around. So I think if they had more sounds, spread them out a bit more, and sometimes invoked some game sounds (like gunfire in the distance, distant vehicle noises, etc.) that
  2. I'm not sure I entirely understand the suggestion, but I do agree that building your own weapon is often pointless as we've probably found an excellent one in loot. I'm aware there are variations between weapon attributes when they are generated. I think it would be nice if you could use the various "parts" drops, and your skills, to do things like increase damage, magazine size, range... any/all of the weapon/tool attributes... in addition to mods.
  3. I like to make, or improve, roads around the map. When it comes to changing elevation the variations on the "Wedge" blocks seem to be the most gentle slope. But what I'm finding is that the grade of the slope is still not gentle enough to keep 4x4's and motorcycles from colliding with the blocks, doing damage, and sometimes launching the vehicle into the air. I'm wondering, is there a more appropriate block? Is there a series of blocks with a more gentle slope?
  4. It would be nice if generated maps would/could place bridges over rivers instead of raising the terrain to make a land bridge. It would also be cool if we could make bridge POIs for the generator to select for placement. Off hand, the complications I see all have to do with making sure the POI is an appropriate size and the generator being able to detect where to align the POI with the roads it is generating. There are probably other issues too.
  5. I do like variety and perhaps if that suggestion were combined with other map generation factors, it might be handy. For instance, I'd like enough variety in POIs such that all four of those combinations don't appear on the same map for the same POI. I think it would also be nice if the computer could take care of those variations itself. For instance, the computer could possible remove blocks it considered to be furniture if it decided it wanted version 1 instead of version 2. Coming up with an algorithm for the other variations is much harder.
  6. I, for one, welcome our new Zombie overlords.
  7. I'm seeing the same issues -- disappearing inventories that reappear later and duplicated vehicles -- on 19.4 (b3) via the experimental branch. I'm playing on the Not-A-Gamer Gaming long term server. Sometimes I can just wander a ways away and come back and get a different inventory, such as the current one or one that was current a day ago. Sometimes I come back to an empty inventory, or maybe a super-quick glimpse of items in the inventory and then it looks empty. I had one misadventure when I died and when I arrived at my bedroll (at my base) the vehicle I had driven
  8. It would be nice if the Wooden Table were an option in the shapes for a Wooden Frame. Or, am I blind and that the Wooden Table can be crafted in some other way?
  9. In game, I flatten terrain using either a frame or a haybale. (They flatten whatever they sit on.) A devtool could be handier when creating.
  10. Maybe this has been suggested before, but I was recently stepping through a room that contained a great many body bags and I thought to myself, "it's a good thing they're dead." Then it occurred to me, a new Zombie that appeared as a body bag, stayed motionless for a while after it awoke, and was rather quiet when it became active and emerged from the bag, might be good at sneaking up behind me and kind of creepy.
  11. The only time I find food to be scarce is at the beginning. Once I can spend a game day or two hunting mountain lions in a snow biome and have a decent farm going I'm usually overflowing with Steak and Potatoes (or better) to the point where I'm hunting maybe once every 14-20 days. But that's probably just me and I like to spend points on hunting and farming. That said, in terms of value I would agree that relative to other things to spend you skill points on Iron Gut could stand to offer more. And maybe it is more a matter of perspective. If you invest in overcoming fo
  12. So maybe some trees and a sign that says "For Sale. Will Build to Suit."
  13. I would be okay with the time investment for POIs like the tall buildings if the quest would let me leave the area and come back. Do I really have to eat the 14-story office building in one bite? It was fine with a group of friends, but for solo play I'm probably going to need to logout because Real Life will get in the way. Unless it is a private game, I won't want to logout in the POI.
  14. I could see where they might want "Quest Only" loot objects that are only available once a quest has been started. Otherwise, I don't mind double looting, specially if we're talking mostly about mundane things like salvaging doorknobs and looking through cabinets.
  15. Regarding: The Subway I had been thinking that if the coordinates of highways were always the same at the map edge then the highways could provide a nice in-game mechanism for changing maps. One trouble with having a mechanism other than a map edge is it makes for something to camp/ambush in PvP. I've experimented with this manual approach as my group has talked about changing maps every month. When you copy over the character, you land at the X/Y location you were in the previous map. (The game seems to take care of height differences.) If you want every
  16. Crates, Storage Chests, and Furniture are what I tend to use, plus the 1 block Drink Fridge. I have found myself wanting to fix up the tall Freezers too, but I don't think that's an option. Hmm, this has me wondering if the various safes can be crafted and used.
  17. Yep, its a recipe with no prerequisites and no workstation needed. It takes 2 seconds to convert a jar of mirky water into an empty jar. You could do that in your inventory, a workbench, or whatever. You could apply it to many jars in one order. That code is both the XPath stuff to inserts the recipe and the recipe itself.
  18. I did experiment with moving characters between maps. If you copy the .../Saves/<Map>/<Game>/Player/999999999999.ttp files from the old map to the new map (similar path), your character arrives complete with their inventory. Their location is where they were on the previous map (N-S, E-W) and you seem to start on the ground (elevation) even if it was different from before. I've no idea what would happen if your N-S, E-W position happened to be in a POI. That didn't happen in any of my tests. One side effect was that you had all of your map waypoi
  19. Hey, thanks. I tried it and it does work as advertised. That's pretty cool. I've also been toying with modlets and playing with this recipe... <!-- A way to empty jars of mirky water. Nice for inventory and nice for cooking, plus just makes sense. Anyone can empty a jar of water. --> <append xpath="/recipes"> <recipe count="1" name="drinkJarEmpty" craft_time="2"> <ingredient count="1" name="drinkJarRiverWater"/> </recipe> </append> ... which is also handy if you have 125 jars of mirky w
  20. Deer and boar seem to be rarer in the MP game I play, but they are present -- a pleasant surprise when we stumble across one. Oddly enough, the easiest game to find (other than chickens and rabbits) appears to be mountain lions. They appear to be really common in the cold biome. We have a town in the cold biome on our map and I can run down there and haul in 4-6 mountain lions in a day of hunting. Wolves, dire wolves, and coyotes are also semi-common.
  21. I've been using the bicycle, motorcycle, and the 4x4 -- it just depends on what I want to do. I peddle the bike over to the farm and store a shovel and seeds in it. I use the motorcycle for solo missions and exploration. I use the 4x4 for larger missions and multiplayer missions. I will point out that a motorcycle can fit through a doorway, and if you're willing to do some construction/destruction you can take it with you way up into the tall office building POI, into the high school, and more. 😀
  22. Not necessarily. There are a number of characters each of which could have a lot of different stuff in their inventory. Setting experience is easy, but then spending it would take time.
  23. IIRC, I read a suggestion (Dream) somebody had to make moving from map to map a game feature. I've not been able to find that suggestion again. It doesn't seem to show up on a search for "map." I can see the merit to that suggestion, and assuming that all players are willing to move I find myself wondering how much work it might take and if there was interest from anyone else. Perhaps such a feature might allow for a series of missions that leads to changing maps over a longer campaign to... I dunno... maybe meet up with the people who keep sending flights to drop supplies.
  24. Oh yeh, that makes sense. Hmm, I wonder what happens if you end up being under ground. If we all wandered over to the border, which is water, perhaps it would be water on the new map too, though that probably assumes we use the same method of map generation.
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