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  1. Correct. Only the built-in RWG uses the rwgmixer.xml file. Correct. The build-in RWG is willing and able to read POI XML files and binary files to collect information about each POI related to placement such as zoning, size, rotation, offset, and more. Generators like KingGen and NitroGen prefer to have all of that pre-processed into one data file. You use a tool to build that file, assemble that file manually, or edit a file produced by their tool. Not that I'm aware of, but POI lists only appear to be about 1/3 of that file. I suppose it is possible some part of a running game needed info about biomes, stamper nodes, and whatever else is down there.
  2. Version 19.6-ZZ005 has been released. There are now 60 POIs and 9 Decorations (minor content, like POIs). New in this release: Cave_01, KZTV_01, Skyscraper_01, Skyscraper_01_destroyed, Store_09, Store_10, Warehouse_01. The contents of this modlet will also be in the next CompoPack expected to be released with A20. I do plan to support and expand on this modlet in A20. (I'd start now if I could.) I don't envision any new content for A19 after this.
  3. Okay, yeh, you're right. Shame on us pesky humans and our ego. But, until bandits and zombies start buying their own copies of the game, I'm also okay with a double-standard.
  4. You can generate a world on your desktop and copy it's directory/folder to the server. Does that help? That's current functionality. I doubt A20 changes it. Or, do I misunderstand?
  5. I'm curious what design conventions/rules TFP have regarding POI design, especially any related to integrating with the new Tile approach. For instance, since POIs can abut each other on the new Tiles, do you develop POIs with structures that go right to the edge of the POI's area? If so, then two POI structures walls could touch each other. That can be desirable (common in big cities) but also undesirable (a tall building next to fortress walls). Another "for instance", do you always assume the Tile provides parking spaces and thus leave parking spaces out of your POIs? I'm curious about the development of Parts and the interface with Tiles. Do you have a way to signal what "type" of part it is that might affect placement on a Tile? For instance, if the Tile is looking to place a Part where the marker is 6x14 and the Tile designer is thinking "any billboard", do you as a POI designer have some way of indicating the type of Part you built is a billboard? (Perhaps via the filename, XML, or some other mechanism?) Are Parts developed like POIs in the Prefab Editor? If so, can Parts have Zombie Volumes and Quests? Example: A billboard with a quest satchel and a vulture.
  6. Release 19.6-ZZ004 fixes a problem with zztong_TFP_Cemetary_01.
  7. I'm speculating here as I have no direct knowledge of how textures work, how their runtime environment works, etc. ... I suspect it is desirable to load up all textures into memory (perhaps a "texture cache") on the video card. There would be a finite amount of space for that which depends on the video card in question. If that cache were exhausted I'm not sure what would happen, perhaps the runtime environment would have to juggle textures in/out of the cache. and perhaps affect performance. Paint textures would be some of the game's textures. Mods adding more paint textures would compete for space at some point. ... And again, that's speculation. Certainly we would all enjoy more paintable textures.
  8. I see a Prefab called aaa_theater_plays in A19.x that doesn't look complete and isn't part of world generation. It has a really good start. I'd love to see how TFP finish it.
  9. Version 19.6-ZZ003 has been released. There are 9 new original POIs. There are 4 classic TFP POIs that have been recovered from A17 and brought up to date. This modlet now contains a total of 57 POIs. The contents of this modlet will also be in the next CompoPack expected to be released with A20.
  10. Related to Tiles and POIs... If we create a non-square POI Marker on a Tile, say with a width of 24 blocks and a depth (heading away from the front) of 50 blocks, will the RWG be able to correctly select POIs of the appropriate dimension _and_ orientation? Are there various TFP POI design considerations that you can share? For instance, is it common practice not to fill the outer ring of blocks on a standard size POI for fear of some Tile becoming a long solid wall? Or, are you leaving that entirely up to the Tile designer?
  11. Update: Nevermind. I can clearly see a 42x42 next to a 25x25 filling from Tile edge to City Road. 150 - 2 x ( 42 + 25 ) = 16, so each half of the road/sidewalk is 8. Cars are 2, which by comparison seems to fit. Thus, allow 8 blocks in the center of each side for a road, or allow 16 for a road and sidewalk on each side.
  12. Q: If we use A19.6's Prefab Editor to make a 150x150 POI, would we be able to bring that into a future A20-Experimental and convert it into a Tile? (Assuming we also pay attention to the blocks that will be available in A20.) Q: If so, could you tell us the width of roads/sidewalks and their relative placement along the sides on the Tile? (I can try to spot/count it via the video, I guess, but I'd probably run afoul of "tricks of the eye." Is a city street 27 blocks ... 7 sidewalk/6 lane/1 divider/6 lane/7 sidewalk? Hmm, smaller sidewalks in the later Tiles. Maybe a street is 15 blocks? An odd number when the Tile is 150x150? Maybe 16 or 14 blocks? Hehe.)
  13. Yes, hehe. My ignorance knows no limits. Thanks again for the responses.
  14. Regarding Custom Sizes... oh, so it sounds like you draw the Marker onto the Tile. By convention the TFP uses standard sizes, but you could draw any size that fits onto the Tile. Regarding the file names of Tiles, you mentioned "simply add a number to the end and you can have any number of variants." Can it be more than a number so that modders can keep from colliding with each other and with future TFP Tiles? rwg_tile_residential_cap.ins rwg_tile_residential_cap_08.ins zztong_rwg_tile_residential_cap_08.ins ?
  15. Related to the discussion of Tiles, I'm thinking of Mods like the CompoPack where there are lots of contributed POIs of many wild sizes... Is there still a place where very large, non-standard sized POIs can be placed? The wilderness, perhaps? The edge of cities and towns? Can we define additional "standard sizes" via XML/XSLT in mods that include custom Tiles? Or, is that just a matter of how big the dimensions are drawn onto a Tile for POI Spawn Markers? (And the, by convention, TFP have just always drawn those standard sizes.) Interesting... as I look at the video at 0:57 the POI Markers don't appear to be square. The standard sizes were all square. It must be a work in progress. Not to quibble, but I think he was asking about the colors being shown for the POI Spawn Markers, not the sizes. Or maybe I read it wrong. Huh, for some reason it is appending this to my other comment. Neat forum feature. Not what I intended.
  16. Awesome! Thank you for the reply and the details about Tiles, Kinyajuu.
  17. Sure. While I hope for answers, I completely understand if there are none.
  18. Thanks for sharing the video regarding City Tile Tech. This looks really cool. Lots of questions come to mind, fueled by some undeniable excitement for making POIs, Tiles, etc in the future: I assume Custom Tiles will be possible. What are the possible dimensions (width, height, depth)? Is it required that a Custom Tile provide for road connectivity on each side of a Tile and that the connections should be in the middle of those sides? Other than the road connectivity at the edge of Tiles, designers should be free to make the roads go anywhere on the Tile, correct? What do we call a place on a Tile where a POI can land? (A Parcel, perhaps? A Lot? A Plot?) When the World Generator is selecting a POI to put on a Parcel, does it select from POIs that have the exact same dimensions as the Tile's Parcel, is there some wiggle room, or can any POI that isn't larger than the Parcel be chosen? (I assume it is undesirable for a tiny bus stop to be selected to fill a Parcel where a large factory was envisioned.) Are there standard Parcel sizes for TFP-created Tiles? If so, could we know those dimensions? How close can Parcels be to each other on a Tile? Can they touch each other? I assume Tiles have a "Ground Level." Must Parcels on a Tile share the same Ground Level, or can a Parcel be elevated, or lower, then the Tile's Ground Level? (None of the examples seemed to have a POI at a different level.) I assume Parcel definitions are two-dimensional, allowing for POIs to be any height, yes? (That is, we cannot define a Parcel to be above another Parcel.) When designing a POI to be viable for those Tiles, it looks like we should not be providing our own sidewalks and curb-cuts (driveway connections), or is there more to the story there? For instance, if a Tile were to run a storm sewer system under the street, how would we know where to connect to it if we wanted a POI to be storm sewer accessible? Is Zoning associated with a Tile? That is, do we declare a Tile to be of a specific Zone type, like "Industrial"? Or, is zoning associated with each Parcel? Will settlements other than Cities use Tiles, such as the Western Town, Towns, perhaps a Farm Tile (ala Nitrogen's farm feature)? Will there be Tile-level Quest stuff? For instance, maybe a "Patrol" quest where you have to spend 8 (game) hours keeping Z's under some total number on the Tile, perhaps combined with some random events like a mini-horde? Find a hidden stash on the Tile? Or, maybe a Tier 6 "Clear all POIs on this Tile" quest?
  19. Which version of KingGen and what errors or issues did you see? You are copying/pasting the contents of the file I give you into whatever larger file you're making, right? The file I give you won't stand alone because it doesn't include vanilla POIs, Traders, etc.
  20. An updated version of this modlet is now available: A19.5-ZZ002 POIs Included: zztong_Apartment_Bldg_01 zztong_Apartment_Bldg_01_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Apartment_Bldg_02 zztong_Apartment_Bldg_02_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Bar_Pool_Hall_01 zztong_Brownstones_01 zztong_Cabin_Fort_01 (Updated in ZZ002) zztong_Drive_In_Movie_01 zztong_Drive_Thru_01 zztong_EMS_01 zztong_Farmers_Market_01 (Updated in ZZ002) zztong_House_01 zztong_House_02 zztong_House_03 (New in ZZ002) zztong_KZMB_Radio_01 zztong_KZMB_Radio_01_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Law_Offices_01 zztong_Lumber_Yard_01 zztong_Masonry_01 zztong_Motocross_01 zztong_Office_Bldg_01 zztong_Office_Bldg_01_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Office_Bldg_02 zztong_Office_Bldg_03 zztong_Office_Bldg_03_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Pharmacy_01 zztong_Pharmacy_01_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Propane_01 zztong_Remnant_House_01 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Restaurant_01 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Shelter_01 zztong_Shelter_01_destroyed (New in ZZ002) zztong_Solar_Farm_01 zztong_Stone_Quarry_01 zztong_Storm_Cellar_01 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Strip_Mall_01 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Strip_Mall_02 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Survivor_Site_Urban_01 zztong_Trailer_Park_01 zztong_Wind_Turbine_01 Decorations Inlcuded: zztong_Hunters_Trap_01 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Hunters_Trap_02 (New in ZZ002) zztong_Mass_Grave_01 (Updated in ZZ002) zztong_Mass_Grave_02 (Updated in ZZ002)
  21. There is a known issue with zztong_Cabin_Fort_01. (Thanks to baronlandau on NexusMods for reporting it. There is a layer of incorrectly filled land below the POI that makes the entire POI collapse into an empty lot. This will be fixed by the ZZ002 update, coming soon. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  22. I'd be okay for it just to function, but if you want to give it a purpose, perhaps let it just cook food a bit more quickly. Or really, just cooking based on electricity instead or fuel is pretty good by itself.
  23. I don't mind the idea of a climbing zombie, but I worry using the normal zombies will make that attribute too common. Would it mean that a player in their lower levels would deal exclusively with climbing zombies, or would this attribute emerge after a certain game stage? Or, would this attribute be applied to only a certain percentage of normal zombies? Thankfully, military Z's aren't parachuting from planes or rappelling from helicopters.
  24. I do like the idea of an Eclipse making for an unpredictable horde, though they seem to happen in real life something like every 2.5 years at any given location. Maybe if they happened in game approximately every (7*7*7) 343 days, or even just randomly with a low chance. Perhaps unusually think storm clouds (perhaps as a result of the nuclear detonations) that black out out the sun could happen approximately every (7*7) 49 days, or even just randomly with a modest chance. Perhaps just normal thunderstorms make for some semi-night activity among some Zombies?
  25. Oh, the little yellow dot when there's only one (or a few) Z's left?
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