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  1. What type of zombies does everyone like? Or what type of zombie would everyone like to see in the game just curious. I wanted to think that anything living can be a zombie from plants to animals to bugs and humans and anything in between.
  2. I would like to see more plants in the game. Maybe even some weird mutated plants. It would make sense in this world because humans can't take care and tame nature like they used to that there would be a lot of plant life and overgrowth in this world. Ivy flowers more types of trees poison plants that you can add to your weapons. Poison traps for PvP. Acid plants that can eat flash of zombies. Maybe even a mutated zombie plant human.
  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly on that I would love to just have one that functions. But I do like the idea of having a little bit of dangerous to it when you're going into different houses. Kind of like the vending machine some of them work and don't work. And frankly I just like blowing things up in 7 Days to die I think it would be hilarious to blow up some zombies with the oven lol. But I think the campfire would be good for like level one or two in cooking but if you want to do more in-depth cooking you make yourself an oven. And I think the that makes more sense and in a lot of builds anyways. But just my opinion I feel it would fit. 😊
  4. That would be awesome. Seems like lately spare time is like gold πŸ˜‚
  5. I'd love for later in the game to have a working oven so you can make many different recipes with. It also looks nicer than putting a campfire on a stove. Maybe a electric and gas the gas you can blow up just for fun ☺️
  6. Only on PVE I understand PVP is different I think there should be a way to claim more area. Maybe only be able to buy them at the trailer. So you have to work for them just for maybe a single player playing the game.
  7. Sorry the title has a typo it's supposed to be craftable it put comfortable!
  8. Love to make fresh clean looking furniture and appliances and paint. I would love to see many more options as well for these. Love to see like a modern house a medieval house a log cabin house Mediterranean house maybe a Ocean House a dark Gothic house some more plant vegetation you can put around. Like trees and stuff. Gardens. Some more different flowers. I think because there's so much going on in the game the vegetation would go crazy because there's less humans taking care of it you may even get zombie plants. Love to be able to make a robotic door when you get to a higher part of the game. Also love to see more crazy traps that you can use on zombies maybe be able to make an acid pool or something. I think this one's coming if I read it right but customizable vehicles from the bike to the helicopter maybe be able to put your own symbols on it. Loved to be able to put weapons on vehicles even the bike and go out and kill hordes. For PVE only not for PVP a sitting where you can actually make something so zombies will not spawn in certain areas make it very expensive to craft so you can't just craft it and put it anywhere. A new building that can spawn a mall where you can fight a lot of zombies and find a good loot. And a garden and a zoo Some bosses kind of like Minecraft so you can make special weapons and armor. Maybe a non playable character that are looking for these special weapons and will pay you money for them . Collectible items that you can put in your base would be fun too that is something I know a lot of people like that kind of thing. Like if you defeat a boss you can keep a trophy if they drop it. Also items so that you can the armor and weapons on the walls and make a trophy room and a showcase room. I would love to see more zombie animals at animals in the game as well that's why I think would be cool to have a zoo zombie monkeys lions etc but also like to see your zombie like animals that are already in the game like a crazy mutated deer bears wolves. Even crazy mutated chickens would be cool to I know you have plans but maybe be able to tame certain animals. Maybe you can put genetics into the game and you can use the mutations to your advantage kind of like the super corn maybe you can make super chickens cows etc.. Maybe be cool for PVP too cuz then you can train animals to attack people and zombies. This is just my crazy imagination gone wild some of this may have already been said but I just want to give some ideas. I'm newer to the website here so if they've been said sorry. But this is my favorite type of game is these building crafting RPGs I love the freedom an the creativity you can have with them. And as someone who has played many of these games these are a lot of things I love about them and I know a lot of people like them I have a big group of people to play these kind of games. I love the game and thank you 😊 have a good day
  9. I would love to see this in the game. Putting some non-playable characters in the game would make it a little more realistic too maybe some bandits a few hunters that just kind of roam and destroy zombies. Maybe even your special Hunter it's actually a zombie but still has human intentions. Sorry my mind goes way out sometimes with this game I love it 😍
  10. I love to have either like bosses or an end boss kind of like the ender dragon in Minecraft where you can still play the game after you beat it maybe even add that you can beat it several times I know I've said this already but would be nice to be able to have like mythical weapons that you can only find by looting maybe like traitor weapons or something . Also maybe the bosses can drop random special parts to some craftable mythical weapons as well. I'm just using the word mythical as a very high tier weapon. That would give me a lot of assistive to go on loot higher scarier biomes. I always love this kind of stuff and other games like Skyrim and stuff where there's just special weapons that you can find. Maybe these weapons can grant you some special perks as well like you can run faster if you find a special pair of shoes or you can cut trees faster with a certain ax you find. Maybe you can even find something that adds points to all your stats. Just some ideas
  11. I love the sheer amount of things you can do in this game I like to think that since the world just went up and smoke basically in this universe you're free to do what you want when you want to take over someone's house and make it yours I just love the freedom you've given everyone. A lot of games out there but they don't give you this much freedom. I love the new weapons . This to me is one of the better if not the best updates you've done. Long story short it's awesome have a good day.
  12. I would love to see something like the a end game area added kind of like the ender dragon in Minecraft where you can still play the game after you beat it you just get special rewards. But it would be an entire new biome I would call it the mutated zombie zone and literally everything from like deer and rabbits and chickens or crazily mutated in this area. There'd be crazy fog and scary lightning and just the scariest place you can think of make it into this biome. And have some very unique weapons armor and different things that you can only find in this biome. Maybe some very unique ore that's been mutated a little bit because of the radiation and weird stuff going on. I feel because the Moon is a deep red every 7 days the blood moon. There could be also a curse element mixed with radiation there's so many possibilities with that idea. Just some crazy ideas and theories of someone who loves the game.
  13. I have played this game for over 200 hours. I don't get to play much because I work a lot. I know many of you have more than I do. But as someone that plays a very big variety of video games I always come back to this one it's very unique I love balance you guys have I know it's not perfect of the RPG and the PVP I've played many PVP games and I just don't like them there's a lot of toxicity or I can't create an awesome base because I'm too worried to lose it. I like that you've made a game where you can play it PVP hardcore and enjoy it if you want or PVE And just enjoy a good game with your friends. I love the crafting in this game though compared to most other games the crafting and this is awesome I hope never mind you can build your own cities that would be cool. I can't wait to to see what you have in store for this game. And I thank you for your hard work on this game. I'm glad that you guys are making your own game and not trying to make something like Rust or fortnite ok game but there's so many games like it! I love that you have your own game and you're having fun with it. And there's many people that support you keep doing what you're doing cuz you're doing awesome in my opinion. Have a wonderful day.
  14. Love the game have played it for 200hr one of my favorite games. I would love to be able to make clean bathtubs sinks and toilets also love to make some clean furniture like a clean metal chair not just an old one or a wooden one and clean couches I think if you're able to make your own couches or furniture it should be cleaner and not dirty. If you wanted to also would like to see cleaner textures or smoother not sure how to put that. I would like to be able to make a home like it's just freshly painted and built. Absolutely love the game though thank you very much for all you guys hard work have a good day πŸ™‚
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