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Airport Terminal


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I've made quite a large airport terminal and would love your feedback on it :)

It's large enough that one day is not enough to clear it, but it also has some good loot to make it worth your while. There are also some hidden secrets, so don't just go barging into the prefab editor to make it easier to explore :D




Create a modlet or edit the rwgmixer.xml to install it, I guess.


Actually, I have an even bigger version that also includes a runway, but unfortunately it is too large to appear in an RWG world.











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4 hours ago, Gouki said:

It is similar to this prefab:   xcostum_airport_rundown(by_gt),which is already added in compopack 44, this is also great, thanks Muriel.

That would be because @Magoli has added this prefab to his combopack under a slightly different name, so if  the two of them are similar it is because they are identical :)

8 hours ago, Laz Man said:

I like your design. Did a specific airport inspire you?

Thanks :)

No particular inspirations. I just sort of dynamically grew, starting with the airplane "docking ports".

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This has become my new favorite POI!  The first time I accepted a quest for this POI I couldn't find the all the zeds to complete it.  Second time it took a while, but I eventually found them all.  So much loot, I have to bring it outside to some storage boxes and make several trips back to my base just to bring it all back :)

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Thanks for the kind words. I did put a lot of loot in it (*), but I feel like you also have to work for it, which makes it worth it (until you start finding the hidden secrets, that is, which does makes it easier in the long run ;) )


* I don't know if the guys that tweaked the prefab for the combopack modified the loot amount, though

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Probably lol. I cant say bout the loot i didnt touch loot but the ducts were changed to actually duct blocks. Poi was shortened because it kept giving the lod bug everytime and logging in and out didn't fix it. Shortening the areas outside of the runway either side and bringing the runway closer to the terminal fixed this(still looks the same) .  Blocks with base textures used instead of the base block that already has that texture were replaced. Gullies were fixed (the gap between block and terrain) these are a must to be in the cp. 


With over 350 pois we need to make sure we squash any fps issues or bugs with running the pois in the pack. 


If we can get prefabbers to do this above stuff it be alot easier lol but many are not aware of it 


I am looking at doing a how to build a prefab series from scratch to completion (pics included) omce i have time so as to share this knowledge. I am also using what I have learnt from working on the cp and from wolfbain5 in my own pois to. 




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Everything apart from that blocky runway is spot on, decent size too.  My pack in the project slaanhatten thread has some pretty simple runway sections you could use to good effect in minutes to give it an easy facelift.


This could defo be the starting point for a reasonably sized airport with a couple of hangars and decorations, might have to yoink it 🙄

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