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Lootable Static Zombie Corpses and Dead Zombies [MODLET] A20 + A19


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This mod will add loot to static zombie corpses and dead zombies.
In the loot there will come across the same thing as in heaps of garbage, as well as clothes and sometimes pistols.




Update v2.0

  • Adaptation for 7 Days To Die ALPHA 20


Update v1.3

  • Added unique loot lists for each zombie! (nevertheless, you still cannot swim in loot)
  • Removed yellow bags falling from zombies.
  • Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 180 seconds.
  • Zombie corpse durability reduced to 100.


Update v1.2

  • Reduced the chance to find a pistol.
  • Added the ability to search normal zombies after being killed.
  • Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 240 seconds.
  • Zombie corpse durability reduced to 300.


Update v1.1

Added lootable all bodyBag.


You can support me with a dollar here 🙂:

















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If you'r adding lootable zombie corpses, you need to add lootcontainers for the hazmat, soldier, farmer and etc.


Like in this modlet


Also, you can write

    <append xpath="//block[@name='goreBlockHumanCorpse' or @name='bodyBagBlack']">
        <property name="Class" value="Loot"/>
        <property name="LootList" value="200"/>

instead of two, because you're adding the same things

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I love this game and have been playing it since Alpha 4 or 5.  It has come  a long way!  I like a lot of the growth, but not all the changes.  One thing I can't stand is the fact that you can't loot the zombies, so thank you for this mod.  My issue is, I am not this super knowledgeable gamer.  I play and don't understand things like install on the server vs. client.


When you say server vs. client, does that mean that just the host needs the mod and not all players?  Or do all players need the mod? 


Does this mod need to be installed before starting a new game or can it be introduced midgame?  I play with my husband on a dedicated server. 


Also, I am having a hard time installing this one.  My other mods have a folder that contains a Config folder and the modinfo.xml file.  This doesn't have a config folder.  SOOOO, could I get a more thorough install guide on how to install this.  I have already created a mods folder inside my game, just not sure where to put this one.



Thanks in advance for any assistance!



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The modification, as far as I know, can only be installed on the server.
To install the modification, you need to copy the folder with the modification (the folder where the ModInfo.xml file is located) to the Mods folder in the root folder with the game.
Most likely, you will have to start a new game, as the static corpses of zombies in the locations that you have already visited will cause an error.

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3 hours ago, hotpoon said:

Is this mod working in A20? I had it running in A19 and loved it.

No, I just had a look at it. With A20 they changed the loot system, removed/added a few zombies, and removed/added/renamed some items... It definitely needs some updating in order to make it functional.

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  • Survager changed the title to Lootable Static Zombie Corpses and Dead Zombies [MODLET] A20 + A19

Hi! Finally I was able to choose the time and adapted the modlet for 7 Days To Die ALPHA 20! )


You can support the author with a dollar here:


💰 StreamLabs






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Надо начинать новую игру ? Поставил мод, и при попытке продолжить старую игру появляется множество ошибок (появляется консоль), и загрузка останавливается. Версия A20(b238)
Need to start a new game ? I installed the mod, and when I try to continue the old game, a lot of errors appear (the console appears), and the download stops. Version A20(B238) (Google translate)

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