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  1. @faatal i think i found a bug with pressure plates:
  2. Hi, first sorry for the late reply. I have updated the Docker and fixed some errors introduced by steam changes, now should be working perfectly, because I'm using myself the image right now, and I will add some new features and improvements when I have enough time because I'm working and studying, for the guide, just follow the read me, I think that everything it's explained there, if you need further help just post it here and I will try to help, but please be more detailed about where you want help. Have a nice day Update: Added auto-install for Alloc Fixes.
  3. Hi, i have a fresh server and im getting this errors, and zombies randomly doesnt move, i have attach the log. sdtdserver-console.log
  4. Forgot to update the post. Fixed space check Fixed duplicate PUID at Readme
  5. Is this mod working with Alpha 19?
  6. Added check space Installation file has been split In next update i am gonna add mod auto-install, and the docker image will auto install the mod you want it
  7. Fixed container installation, now the container works again properly. The container it is compatible with mods
  8. Added new START_MODE "0" where server is only installed Added monitorization of server to start up again if server goes down
  9. Removed documentation from main post, because of pain to update everytime. Improved updated method Remove useless START_MODES because of new update method Added alerts when server is down
  10. Can i add this mods to Darkness Falls? or there will be any problems? NPCs DMT Mod Server Side Zombies CreaturePacks SMXHud SMXHudTHB
  11. Hi, Added TimeZone Because of the recent changes logs were not showing "correct" timezone thats why i have added the possibility to change it.
  12. Thanks for the info and sorry to bother.
  13. If i am understanding well, if i would like to use your mod i would need to use a "fresh" server? Because i have never use DMT mods i just used modlets and didnt edit any server file.
  14. vinanrra

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Is not working at 18.4 Linux 7 Days To Die Server, im getting errors with 0-SphereIICore. Im able to use at 18.4 CLIENT 7 Days To Die. Here is the error log: https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...07#post1722907
  15. I am having this error with 0-SphereIICore at 7 Days To Die Server in Ubuntu Server 18.04. Using this mods. Edit: I have tried with only 0-SphereIICore and SMXHud and still not working. Error.txt
  16. Update below. Thx for help and sorry to bother. @sphereii
  17. vinanrra

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    How can i see that health bar in my server? PD: I know that i need to install in client and server, but i only see a gray bar without any info. Im not able to make my Linux 7 days to die server run, any idea of how to patch with DMT?
  18. I haved updated some scripts and added backup options, if someone can test it could be awesome it is tagged as: vinanrra/7dtd-server:unstable
  19. Updated image, working again. I have made some change to improve the install method, now with the use of case will be able to check all START_MODE Thx for the 10K downloads
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