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  1. Yeah, I'll post a link here. I'm going to try to have it finished and released before the end of the weekend. It works right now, I just want to add a few more things and test every single thing to make sure there's nothing I missed or messed up, and also take some new screenshots and stuff before releasing it to the public.
  2. Altorian has given me permission to take over the mod. I will release it sometime soon after I do a little more testing and maybe add a few more containers.
  3. I've updated and modified the mod a bit to work with A20, but won't be releasing it unless the original creator approves. I sent him a message, but he hasn't logged on to Nexusmods since December 24th, 2021. I've never released a mod, so don't know how people would feel about me releasing a modified copy of somebody elses work, even though it's just xmls...
  4. At some point I was planning to edit the xmls to allow dead bodies to be looted. Is this not advised?
  5. Thanks a ton for this. Was hoping someone would get to doing this with some of the weapons at some point. ALL of the new weapons are annoying to look at, IMO... I can't stand the front sights on any of them!!! Again, thanks for this.
  6. "Don't turn trader protection off in A20. It breaks the trader quest list. You need a C# patch for traders to be able to die." - KhaineGB, 1 Page Ago
  7. No, I just had a look at it. With A20 they changed the loot system, removed/added a few zombies, and removed/added/renamed some items... It definitely needs some updating in order to make it functional.
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