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[A19] A short list of ideas


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I do not know English very well. There may be errors in the text. Thank you for your understanding.



The first time I saw the trailer for this game, I immediately realized that this is a great game that combines what I really love. Survival, crafting, zombies, destructible, and well-implemented Horde. I don’t know whether you agree with me or not whether the developers of the game will read it or not. But I believe that at the moment there are a lot of unworked things in the game. I want to write a list of things that could be changed and improved.



1.I really like the buildings in this game. They turn out to be very interesting and very realistic. But after a certain point in the game, you realize that there are not so many large and interesting places on the map and this is a little frustrating. The developers said that the creation of new buildings takes a lot of time. As for me - it is quite possible to make a competition for the best buildings of various sizes and gradually add them to the game. This will facilitate the work of developers and enable the community to prove themselves.

2.Temperature and Weather. The character essentially ignores snow, rain or thunder. It is not right. If the character gets wet, then he must get sick. It is quite hard to move in the snow. And in a thunderstorm it is better not to go into open spaces at all. Thanks to the good interval between the weather - I think it will fit perfectly into the world.

3.Biomes. Perfectly implemented in the game. But I would like to see the expansion of the scorched forest and as a complement the radiation wasteland. This would add the need for a radiation suit. As an option - the coastal zone.

4.Brass. I understand that this is an alloy, but I think that if a player can get steel, then he should not have problems with the melting of brass. In theory, you can add copper and tin as ore. This will expand the gameplay and give the Strength class more meaning. Also, in theory, it will be possible to add bronze tools and the ability to create electrics and mechanical parts. Slowly, costly, in stages.

5.Loot With this, the most interesting. Of course, I can understand everything, but how I find the AK-47 and camouflage clothing in the houses is not very clear. On an ideological level, loot should be where it should be. Military loot at the bases. Civil loot in homes. Loot from stores to stores. This does not apply to special loot chests. Just what's the point of going somewhere far if you can farm cool weapons from ordinary houses or am I wrong?


6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time.


6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time.


6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time.


6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time.


7. The appearance of a zombie. Should we expect updates from some other dead friends? The cop, soldier and feral think I have not abandoned the quality model, either.

The Character


At the time of Alpha 19, in my opinion, all skills are fairly well balanced and useful. Except one. The leader’s perk from the intelligence branch is simply useless. Yes, it gives bonuses. But only to players nearby. I think it can be fixed very simply. Make it a bonus that works for all the people in YOUR team. And yes, it really will mean that it is YOU Leader.


Options for quick folding and important slots are sorely lacking.


Possibility of dodging / jumping. This will allow the player to dodge strikes or break into him in an unexpected encounter with a zombie or in battle.


IDLE, interaction animation, gestures for the character


With some settings, the character’s nose and beard begin to peek through clothing or armor. It's a bit strange.

Drop Damage Bonus? Or the opportunity to glance at the dead man - to overturn him and soften the fall.

Book for heavy weapons. (I like the hammer)



A new weapon for the Fortitude class is the Shield. Tier 1 - Wooden club and hammered shield. Tier 2 - Scrap metal short sword and shield. Tier 3 - Steel sword and shield. LMB - short cut RMB - block. reduces damage taken by the player. Spends stamina to absorb shock.


Automatic crossbow with a clip like a Tier 3.


Tier 3 for robotic guns. Double barrel and better.


Drone Scout for the intellectual. It is controlled by the player who launched it. Armed with weak weapons, but small and convenient to inspect the building \ terrain.



The ability to tame animals for keeping and breeding? One could safely breed pigs, cows, hens and sheep.


Horses. Horses, like animals that a player can tame, saddle and shoot \ beat with them. It would be useful for the initial stage of the game, when the player cannot even create a bicycle.


That's all for today. Gather my thoughts and supplement later. Thank you for your attention.













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1 hour ago, gaffers said:

"loot should be where it should be. Military loot in the bases. Civilian loot in the homes."


My spidersense tells me you've never been to the United States.

YEaaaaa OP that is something you need to realize.  Millitary equipment, heavy weapons, even vehicles can be found in a lot of American homes.  ESPECIALLY in Arizona where this game setting is based.


@Messorow Your grammar is fine, don't worry about it.  But your font/background color combo makes reading on some phones a bit difficult.

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I went through the pains of reading this. My two bullet casings:

  1. Good idea. Eventually, they should have a library with thousands of prefabs and choose from them. Right now they have a few a use all of them. All of the apartment buildings are the same.
  2. I was out in rain and snow and didn't catch anything. It depends but going through deep snow is indeed slow and hard to perform. There can be chance to catch a disease when wet and I guess the character dries up too fast. Just try it once, jump into some water with clothes on. Your underwear will be wet hours after you leave water. And all the discomfort...
  3. I went through burned forest and didn't grow a second head nor died from overdose. There's hot in there (implemented) and you can catch on fire there (used to, I'm not sure about now)
  4. In most plays I went through, I was swimming in brass. Once you learn "more brass in loot" and "get handles from broken doors" and "radiators melt to brass", you are golden. Btw, you might have some troubles getting brass from copper and tin (that would be bronze). You need copper and zinc (and then we can start talking about poisonous fumes of zinc oxides...)
  5. As people already told you, in America, everyone and their grandmother have a gun. A big-@%$*#! gun. I have no idea where the books are from but let's not start a war here 🙂
  6. Completely agree, zombies should not punch you, they should grab and bite, maybe scratch you. (All four times apply)
  7. I honestly think we have enough zombie models now. Don't take it wrong, though. There should be plenty more but just not now. They should be polishing the engine, AI and pathing, structural integrity and start to optimize stuff. More and better models are what is supposed to happen in beta, not alpha.

The rest of the ideas are nice except clubs for fortitude. It already has knuckle wraps/brass knuckles. It doesn't need any more. You use shield when someone is actively trying to hurt you. But I would love to see some push-back / shove-away mechanic. Something "give me more space now".

Horses might never be done - the engine might have fatal troubles with them but I would love to see some animal husbandry, too.

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I grew up in somewhat rural area and I essentially ignore weather in real life. I’ve been completely soaked for hours on end and been completely fine. It’s not really that hard to move in the snow until it’s about knee high, but snow shoes/ice cleats would be great add on. I even shovel my driveway by hand when it’s still snowing without a jacket, muahahaha. And I’m always outside during a thunder storm. How else to you see a tornado or watch trees fall down? But then again I grew up the sticks.


Also who doesn’t keep an M60 under their bed, just in case? Honestly though in America guns and camo are everywhere, I could get several shotguns, rifles, and handguns with less than a ten minute drive from my house and that doesn’t include the gun store that is five minutes from my house or the walmart. Hell, my niece just bought her first gun a few months ago because she was planning on moving to Chicago for college this fall. I even know a few people with a machine gun license. And I don't even live in a super gun friendly state. 

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