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  1. This is probably the best joke I have ever heard. The game is severely unoptimized, eats RAM like Chrome, has clunky progression (the new "fixed" one), has lots of promised but never delivered content. My game keeps crashing right after loading (which takes damn too long) finishes since b176. This game is not even suitable for a beta. OTOH, I have played ~600 hours and I do not think I was scammed. I just think devs are a little bit lost about what they promised earlier 🙂
  2. Are you aware that mods for inventory ("locked" slots) do not care about actual items but item count? So I have six locked slots and carry full backpack, I am encumbered at 6. Now if I drop any item (anywhere from backpack), I drop to encumbered 5.
  3. Well, I've been experimenting a bit as well and have these bits to add: 1. It's not certain. Sometimes I can play all evening and never see it, sometimes I have to restart twice during 3-hour session 2. It has happened to me while I was still in "gee, I finally have a bicycle" phase, so nothing extremely fast. I can't handle gyro so I never fly it 🙂 3. I've never seen problem fix itself - when a POI was "blocked", it was blocked even if I returned later. I do my missions solo even in multiplayer and am quite sure the chunk had time to unload. 4. There is an angle from which the textures disappear. It is very small angle but it exists, at least for some POIs. My PC has a bit over the recommended specs and same stuff happens on a brand new and rightfully expensive pc a friend has bought several months ago. Hope it helps.
  4. I went through the pains of reading this. My two bullet casings: Good idea. Eventually, they should have a library with thousands of prefabs and choose from them. Right now they have a few a use all of them. All of the apartment buildings are the same. I was out in rain and snow and didn't catch anything. It depends but going through deep snow is indeed slow and hard to perform. There can be chance to catch a disease when wet and I guess the character dries up too fast. Just try it once, jump into some water with clothes on. Your underwear will be wet hours after you leave water. And all the discomfort... I went through burned forest and didn't grow a second head nor died from overdose. There's hot in there (implemented) and you can catch on fire there (used to, I'm not sure about now) In most plays I went through, I was swimming in brass. Once you learn "more brass in loot" and "get handles from broken doors" and "radiators melt to brass", you are golden. Btw, you might have some troubles getting brass from copper and tin (that would be bronze). You need copper and zinc (and then we can start talking about poisonous fumes of zinc oxides...) As people already told you, in America, everyone and their grandmother have a gun. A big-@%$*#! gun. I have no idea where the books are from but let's not start a war here 🙂 Completely agree, zombies should not punch you, they should grab and bite, maybe scratch you. (All four times apply) I honestly think we have enough zombie models now. Don't take it wrong, though. There should be plenty more but just not now. They should be polishing the engine, AI and pathing, structural integrity and start to optimize stuff. More and better models are what is supposed to happen in beta, not alpha. The rest of the ideas are nice except clubs for fortitude. It already has knuckle wraps/brass knuckles. It doesn't need any more. You use shield when someone is actively trying to hurt you. But I would love to see some push-back / shove-away mechanic. Something "give me more space now". Horses might never be done - the engine might have fatal troubles with them but I would love to see some animal husbandry, too.
  5. Well, I think this might be the most overpowered addition to a19. I made my shelter on a roof of a fire station (bright red building) and a ladder to access my new home. I found this hammer turret on my second day and said to myself "what the hell, I'll put this at the ladder entrance to my base, it's free after all" ... and lived through 4 blood moons without seeing more than 5 zombies during each of them. In the morning I just climb down, kill the dogs and gather all the yellow backpacks.
  6. I went full-on brawler in my last world (latest unstable) and besides a few random moments where I needed several bullets to save my @%$*#!, I managed to clear apartment complex with just fists (I had 4 Brawlers, 3-4 Pain Tolerance and Healing Factor). It's really bad Fortitude lost Heavy Armor perk but even then I branched into Strength (for SexRex 1 and Armor 1) and did not have much problems. In fact, in my most recent multiplayer world, I go this way as well and I clear POIs alone, the other group is three people who often die during the loot.
  7. There is another topic with the same error (we posted hours apart - what a coincidence!) and one user cleverly pointed out that what we are seeing is crude model of far-distance version of the building. It has nothing to do with either RAM or graphic card brand (at least it seems to at this point) but for some reason the far-model is not removed when the real model is loaded when you come closer. I suspected seeing other person's far-model but I have seen this in single player AND in multi, I usually play lone-wolf type, far away from others even further than far-models are rendered. It has to be a bug in the renderer of the game, I suppose.
  8. Interesting. After at least a year of experiencing this problem (since a18 at the very least), I decided to write a forum post about it and I missed OP's by several hours 🙂 Anyway, linking it here so we can share knowledge. I, for one, do not believe it has anything to do with actual hardware but suspect far-distance models instead. It would be helpful if any developer could actually look into this since from a19 relogging into the game no longer 100% solves the issue (sometimes it solves, sometimes nothing happens).
  9. Y'all, when you get this error, if you exit the game (into menu) and reenter (via join or continue), does it ever persist? In A18 I pretty much always entered our multi game, immediately left and entered again and this was fixed. In A19 I have this problem less often but it sometimes comes back. Insteresting thing is, it never happens in woods or plains or even mountains. It is always around "man-made" structrures. But I have yet to see it on a house built from scratch. I suspect distant terrain more and more. What if - I am at a place someone is seeing from afar and those blocks are dummies that player sees as a far-model? It does not solve the mystery of this happening in single-player game, though.
  10. So it seems I'm not alone and everyone sees the same marble texture. I wonder what can we make of it. It almost seems to me as if it had something to do with the far-distance models. It appears in places that used to be a building but were long ago eaten by zombies or dynamite.
  11. Well, I have this problem, since I don't remember at least alpha 18. It is the same even in a19. As you can see in the images below, some blocks I see are not there. Typically windows, holes I create with axe in the wall. Small objects (vases and pillars) appear with small boxes embedded in them. All of these blocks have the same texture, are completely clip-less and once I go through them, they are not visible from the other side. Relogging worked 100% in a18 and works sometimes in a19. I guess it works in large chunks of the world (not the chunks in the normal sense of the word). Example of small boxes: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158757893 This window is actually empty: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158757963 There is a hole where you see the blocks in the middle. These do not have the usual marble-like texture, which is quite rare: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158758020 There is a regular hole in this door: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158758232 Sometimes you can see two textures clipping over each other. When you change angle of view, the textures change as well: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158758078 This is happening outside. As it usually occurs inside, it's again quite rare: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158758275 Clipping texture plus the window between the two red supports is broken and you can go through: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158758399 Standing inside this glitch looks like this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158758525 Has anyone seen anything like this? Can I do anything to prevent it? I've had this happen to me in single and in multiplayer game and some of my friends rarely encounter this as well (like once in 10 hours of play, my rate is much higher).
  12. It would make some sense to change this behaviour - we already learned the hard way that "quick, toss me a molotov, I have some zombies here" is not working. The only item you can't safely drop. But I can also live with "well, the glass botles are brittle and do break" 🙂
  13. Well, it's not as surprising since when you have a full inventory, any rewards the trader gives you fall on the ground. Too bad that molotovs do not follow the same behaviour as the rest of the items (fall on the ground and stay there waiting to be picked up) but trigger themselves and burn me to a crisp. It went like this: "Hey, thanks for doing this for me, I'll burn you alive as a reward!"
  14. I have an idea in my head but found no description of quests.xml file anywhere save what is inside the file itself. Say I have a quest where you need to place some items into the courier's satchel rather than retrieve them out of it. I can make objective of coming to a certain spot and probably interacting with certain block (maybe placing the chest instead of reusing the satchel?) but can I force the chest contents check AND test at what floor this happened? Like "Go to fifth floor of the hospital, place a chest around the elevator shaft (say some diamater ~10-20 metres) and place this list of items into that chest. Then return to me." Is it possible in current system?
  15. Easy if you are willing to tackle xml dark magic. Let's see about stone: <block name="terrStone"> <property name="Material" value="Mstone"/><property name="NoScrapping" value="true"/> <property name="Shape" value="Terrain"/> <property name="Mesh" value="terrain"/> <property name="Texture" value="1"/> <property name="ImposterExclude" value="true"/> <property name="LPHardnessScale" value="2"/> <property name="Weight" value="125"/> <property name="Map.Color" value="100,100,100"/> <property class="RepairItems"> <property name="resourceCobblestones" value="6"/> </property> <!-- <property name="HarvestOverdamage" value="true"/> default=false; that was a super terrible idea. If a tool does 500 damage to a 100 HP block you get 5x the assigned harvest amount. --> <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceRockSmall" count="55" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> <!-- <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceScrapIron" count="10" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> --> <drop event="Destroy" count="0"/> <!--drop event="Fall" name="resourceRockSmall" count="44" prob="0.23" stick_chance="0"/--> <drop event="Fall" name="resourceRockSmall" count="44" prob="1" stick_chance="0"/> <!-- HERE --> <!-- <drop event="Fall" name="resourceScrapIron" count="20" prob="0.23" stick_chance="0"/> --> <drop event="Fall" name="terrDestroyedStone" count="1" prob="0.4" stick_chance="0.5"/> <!-- AND HERE --> <!-- Better to have fewer stacks with higher numbers for performance reasons. --> <!-- With a stick chance fallen resources just get buried and fall off the earth. --> <!-- Could maybe do "0.1" stick but it would quickly make the whole endeavor unfun. --> <property name="CanMobsSpawnOn" value="true"/> <!-- BM and horde AI can ONLY spawn on these blocks, the minimum distance to any player is 30m --> <property name="EconomicValue" value="5"/> <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="1"/> <property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/> <property name="FilterTags" value="fterrain"/> <property name="SortOrder1" value="d0j0"/> <property name="SortOrder2" value="0050"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="blockTerrain"/> </block> Look at the lines that say HERE and AND HERE. I have already modded this for myself so you see prob="1" (that is 100 %, prob="0.2" is 20 % and so on). Stick_chance is the probability of falling terrain forming new blocks. This is responsible for creating the destroyed stone blocks everyone loves to clear. Bad part is you have to modify every terrain block you want to behave this way and be quick when picking the items up. They despawn really fast (~10 seconds or so) and I found no way to change that.
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