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  1. YEaaaaa OP that is something you need to realize. Millitary equipment, heavy weapons, even vehicles can be found in a lot of American homes. ESPECIALLY in Arizona where this game setting is based. @Messorow Your grammar is fine, don't worry about it. But your font/background color combo makes reading on some phones a bit difficult.
  2. If the game was based in Apocolyptic 90's (project zomboid) then drones/turrets would be way WAAAY off (gyrocopters been around forever) but for a modern setting i do not see a problem with it. We have that tech in place for the home enthusiast with a few bucks and few more'n average braincells to put together. I just wish they would add toilet paper to the game and have occasional POI's that have mountains of TP stocked up everywhere. Now THAT would be realistic.
  3. We use BlackBox servers but their interface leaves a LOT to be desired. Half the time Tech Support has to make the changes or fix what we tried to change as their "easy" GUI will ignore any changes to the server you make.
  4. Future patches with the Bandits are bringing in the Navajo's finally but yea we could use a bit more color in the zed line up. Right now I believe it is all anglo's and a Japanese businessman? Or did he get dropped?
  5. They killed our server when we were playing. Which is a sad statement. At first just 1 showed up on horde night, we could handle one once we learned the ropes. But within a few days of playing we had 4+ showing up at a time and inevitably one would destroy a huge portion of base/kill-base. We started going offsite and using POI's, but they had to be completely rebuilt. Eventually our players just got sick of constantly having to rebuild or being forced to build/play only one way to deal with 1 threat. So we nerfed and then removed demolishers from the server. It was too late, what few regulars we had were done with this version of the game. It was just me and sometimes 1 other player on the server logging in daily so we scrapped it and will probably skip A19 and wait for A20 when bandits will hopefully replace demolishers. Maybe within a year or two. I think Demo's were a design choice of desperation to keep the game challenging for the truly hardcore and the devs. They didnt mind having the bases built only certain ways and they needed SOMETHING to keep end game from being boring. Some of us could handle the change but we found it irritating, and others.....well....that was their limit. Builder/gatherer types were not into the extreme challenge that comes with head shooting constantly and no room for mistakes. That is 0 ROOM for any mistakes on dealing with these guys or kiss your base goodbye. So they just went to other games. Just wait a ~ couple years, 7D2D will prob be completely different again. I'll personally play a bit after every patch but I get pretty bored playing alone and the game will probably have to change a lot to bring back our regulars again.
  6. I am hoping long term that we end up with a "domestication" patch for keeping "some" critters as food producers at our bases. Nothing too high maintenance like ARK *EYE-TWITCH/SHUDDER*. But a minor weekly feed and sweep to get eggs/feathers from chickens in cages/barns in our bases (maybe meat if left along long enough), Things like that. Like I said I hope we have that some day in some future patch, but I swear I read from some developer here long ago that it was never going to happen. But keeping livestock is part of any long term survival plan.
  7. Well its alright. Not quite the stripper with pasties that twirl around and distract you when she's wailing the crap out of your head. I like to think of 7D2D as a B horror movie from the 80's, A bit of surprise skin here and there is just some icing on the cupcake.
  8. We lost stripper zombies?!? That was like half the reason I kept playing every new release.... I hope somebody mods them back in
  9. MOTHER OF GOD. We need Zombie Rickshaws STAT. Nononono Hear me out. It would be the perfect step up from bicycle to motorized vehicles in the game. You could build it with much the same parts, maybe some sort of human part or live animal on a stick to get it moving. If you don't put the brake on then it kinda wanders around a bit when your not in it. Come on FunPimps, you can do this. Knock out a working version with a laptop while your on the toilet next time. Zombie Rickshaws.
  10. I hope some day long in the future we have a "Domestication Update" that includes penning up livestock like pigs, chickens and cows for different resources. Then the fight becomes keeping your farm safe instead of hunting.
  11. In every restart we have had for about a year the crucible is one of the early stumbling blocks. Sometimes we knock it out early and sometimes it takes up to a week. However every single time we have chased after it the same way. I would run around as the looter and pumping up looting related skills. My bud would work as a builder and work on INT almost exclusively. Every single time we got a crucible, it was because I found it. Period. Sometimes I would find it during the first real day of playing, even the first hour or two. Other times it might take a week. But it was always found in some random crate in the right building type, just a matter of when. It actually got irritating for my partner because it would take him weeks to get his skill up enough to build some of the essential tools and parts that we needed, but I always found it before he could build it. Like always. If you are working alone then it would better serve your time if you spent almost an equal time looting (and looting the right locations) as you do building in order to get the tools you need.
  12. Used to settle in desert long ago before the food poisoning patch made cactus juice no bueno. But just the desert or forest. The big problem for us was the snow, wasteland and burning biomes were just too noisy, not too dangerous. The constant noise or wind howling would give you a headache after a while if you were constantly working around it day after day. If there was a way to turn off just that background noise or if they would patch it back enough, I could see settling in those areas.
  13. Iron tools of any sort, resource gathering is annoying for me. Some honey or antibiotics, makes the first few fights less irritating when the infection pops up.
  14. Sadly that fix came to late for my gaming crew, they all up and left during the initial demo release when they would blow up no matter what you did and take half your base with them. Honestly I don't think we are getting those guys back in the game, demo's broke their will to play.
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