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  1. Honestly I would have 0 problem with the game having a chip-N-dale (ahem) stripper zombie wandering around in a thong, looking like like a bronze chiseled undead beefcake and bumping his way through the zone going "huh?" at everything he comes across in a confused fashion. Looking for his dead zombie infected stripper girlfriend so they can nom brains together. I always thought of 7d2d as a B movie in video game form, a bit of PG-13 raunchiness included. But this game is going in the other direction and TFP seems to be trying to make this game a bit more family friendly,
  2. Honestly getting rid of the old stripper model is one of the worst decisions this game company has ever made. And I have been here since before 16.0. So you can take that to the bank.
  3. It really makes it hard to kill the strippers honestly. I have let them chase me around buildings for a while before just because I didnt have the heart to do it. Everything, EVERYTHING is better with boobies. Everything.
  4. At the current game development you can sink all your points into Lucky Looter and get out of stone tools in an hour or two with standard settings. Hard part is squeezing off a few dozen kills with the beginner weapons. But if you can brave through the initial fights, even on normal settings (not easy), you can have a iron stage melee weapon and a iron tool or two within an hour. Before it gets dark. Thats ok for me honestly. Fighting zeds with level 1 stone age weapons or whacking on items for minutes at a time gets old. Real old real fast.
  5. Yea the loot type being tied to level kinda took the fun out of it, the rank of the loot I can understand but even the type? Got old this last run. Spent several hours and got up a few levels and I was still pulling nothing but stone tools (level 6 no less!) out of all the boxes from high level poi's. Not an iron tool to be found even, all stone. Apparently during the Apocalypse our country reverted to a stone age society or maybe its a representative of harbor freight level gear, who knows.
  6. I went through a few hours of playing last night. Horde night, just a few scratches. I killed hundreds of zeds and demos and everything on the large multiplayer server with my fellow survivors. Dozens of POI's, I was whispering death incarnate. Bears and wolves, gunned down with wild abandon. Not surprising since my toon is high level, skilled out, extremely armored and armed to the teeth. Then I went to the desert to mine up some oil, got a lot, rode home. At the edge of the desert I rode up a small hill and got stuck near the top going over. A vulture had been following me
  7. A beefed up Screamer that shows up occasionally instead of the Sodaku dark haired girl. Karen comes shambling over to the heat source, blond karen haircut, swinging a purse as she stumbles toward you grumbling "Mmmmmgrrrr, Mmmmmgggerrr" until she spots a player and then it's all "MAAAAAAANNNNGGGGERRRR!" over and over as zeds come sprinting in from all directions until you pop her in her no facemask wearing head. Madmole, Bro, come on man make it happen. Can't be that hard since we got so much source material to work from.
  8. Oh hell yea support. She should have her own babble zombie speech, incoherent like all the zeds. But almost like she's complaining about something while she's attacking. The Karen haircut of course would be mandatory for such a zed. Hate for a mod to have to include Karen.
  9. We have desert plants and we don't have tequila in the game. Honestly, I am just absolutely disgusted by this and demand it be fixed. At this rate we will have meth making in the pharmacy bench before we have frickin hard liquor. This is unacceptable. Not that I am against meth being in the game, I mean we have trailer parks and it is set in Arizona.
  10. This is the first I am hearing of this. Oh my god i'm amazed the devs did that, I thought they would just make them immune to headshots or have them start teleporting next. Are you sure this is true? I might actually get a couple players back, enough to start a server again if its true. Yer pulling my leg. We had to do file editing on the server setting itself. No easy menu way to do it At one point we set their explosive damage down a bit so it took more than 2 of them to wipe out a base but people were still rage quitting. So we removed them entirely. But that
  11. Yea we turned Demo's off on our server back at the start of A18 and our players still gave up after dealing with them for a week. Some players love the challenge but it wrecked the game for others. If we ever make another server then Demos will be nerfed or turned off. I would rather have more players to interact with than a slightly bigger challenge on horde night.
  12. Out of all that I think the idea Horde Night Quest is probably the best to implement to make the horde night a bit more interesting to tackle instead of just avoiding as some do. Let the traders post bounties on those bloody demolishers or even bribe the player to guard a location and set up a quick horde base outside their trading post or some random POI to defend it (without destroying the poi blocks or letting the poi get destroyed too much). Now that would be a challenge. Could even flavor horde night depending on the quest. Have a night with nothing but Dire Wolves attacking you or it
  13. YEaaaaa OP that is something you need to realize. Millitary equipment, heavy weapons, even vehicles can be found in a lot of American homes. ESPECIALLY in Arizona where this game setting is based. @Messorow Your grammar is fine, don't worry about it. But your font/background color combo makes reading on some phones a bit difficult.
  14. If the game was based in Apocolyptic 90's (project zomboid) then drones/turrets would be way WAAAY off (gyrocopters been around forever) but for a modern setting i do not see a problem with it. We have that tech in place for the home enthusiast with a few bucks and few more'n average braincells to put together. I just wish they would add toilet paper to the game and have occasional POI's that have mountains of TP stocked up everywhere. Now THAT would be realistic.
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