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  1. "you gotta use the wrench on the mines, its the only safe way"
  2. Why the hell would you go to facebook? Are you not suffering enough already?
  3. lol maybe we need a perch to stick our drones on when we are driving around that they can fire from, pointed back maybe for those pesky vultures. That would be awesome.
  4. It needs to be play dixie for that Dukes of Hazard vibe.
  5. A drone placement that automatically shoots at the buzzards that are chasing us. Or a turret mount for the M-60 so we can partner up and kill zeds/bandits in style:
  6. ................Mother of God..............
  7. Neat and tidy answers with no lingering questions! .....when can we craft jet packs?
  8. I remember reading a blip of it a few years ago in some version discussion thread, pre-A16. I think madmole or one of the other devs mentioned that this is a world that had its virus event in the late 90's or something, not post 2000's though. Hey if i'm wrong or they changed it since then no biggie. But ask them about it.
  9. I kind of wish they would go with Zomboids approach and have some kind of phone in nearly every house and every so often....one of them rings. Rarely. But it would draw/spawn some zeds in the area that would then head to that location to see what was making noise. Maybe temporarily raise the heat level up real high for a bit. Would probably make players want to destroy ever phone they find in any house they raid. Also this is supposed to be the late 80's/90's, a few business zeds walking around with a 1st gen giant brick cell phone would not be uncalled for.
  10. Honestly I would have 0 problem with the game having a chip-N-dale (ahem) stripper zombie wandering around in a thong, looking like like a bronze chiseled undead beefcake and bumping his way through the zone going "huh?" at everything he comes across in a confused fashion. Looking for his dead zombie infected stripper girlfriend so they can nom brains together. I always thought of 7d2d as a B movie in video game form, a bit of PG-13 raunchiness included. But this game is going in the other direction and TFP seems to be trying to make this game a bit more family friendly, which is depressing. But its their baby to do what they want with. Modders will have to pick up the slack I suppose.
  11. Honestly getting rid of the old stripper model is one of the worst decisions this game company has ever made. And I have been here since before 16.0. So you can take that to the bank.
  12. It really makes it hard to kill the strippers honestly. I have let them chase me around buildings for a while before just because I didnt have the heart to do it. Everything, EVERYTHING is better with boobies. Everything.
  13. At the current game development you can sink all your points into Lucky Looter and get out of stone tools in an hour or two with standard settings. Hard part is squeezing off a few dozen kills with the beginner weapons. But if you can brave through the initial fights, even on normal settings (not easy), you can have a iron stage melee weapon and a iron tool or two within an hour. Before it gets dark. Thats ok for me honestly. Fighting zeds with level 1 stone age weapons or whacking on items for minutes at a time gets old. Real old real fast.
  14. Yea the loot type being tied to level kinda took the fun out of it, the rank of the loot I can understand but even the type? Got old this last run. Spent several hours and got up a few levels and I was still pulling nothing but stone tools (level 6 no less!) out of all the boxes from high level poi's. Not an iron tool to be found even, all stone. Apparently during the Apocalypse our country reverted to a stone age society or maybe its a representative of harbor freight level gear, who knows.
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