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  1. My wife got into a year or so ago. I have 2 wool hats now and all the dogs have their own scarves, new small blankets here and there. She wants a spindle now. Thankfully she lets me pick all the shows now while she just sits there and knits. I have to make a yarn run to the store on occasion because she frequently buys way less than she needed. Hoping to get a new sweater soon before the next blizzard knocks out the power grid again.
  2. Finally, a worthy reason to spec INT build.
  3. But they did not mention the flying drone. Or is it just missing the words flying?
  4. Ahhh the streamers get it first to generate the hype of course. Awww, they didnt include the flying drone I was actually looking forward to that one. I'm guessing it kept getting stuck on things.
  5. In every game we played with A19 we (more to the point I) would find 2 or 3 crucibles in loot long before our builder was able to make one, and he was racing for that skill. Not sure if has been changed for A20 but looting trumps building items in every conceivable way. At least it has in the past. Which was sad as it was making our "maker" players really crazy.
  6. It must be hardcoded in there or they would have fixed it by now. Still find it funny.
  7. Tracker, I learned to do without it back when it was a really buggy mess and usually you are tripping over enough animals to not ever need it. If the critters ever bother spawning that is. All of the late tier Intelligence recipes, pointless with traders and loot. Iron gut
  8. Obviously there is only one answer to such an absurd prediction......
  9. Sadly it's in China, so the chances of ever shutting down servers like these is fairly non-existent no matter what they do. The land where copyright goes to die.
  10. SooooOooo......any Kraken sightings? My bro's and I are burned out on SB and DU with Zomboid starting to get stale. Figured we are about due for another build test soon here.
  11. I wonder if a future update could include a "PG" rating checkbox in the initial setup of the game world. If unchecked (or a mature rating chosen in the drop down, whatever) it would enable all the raunchy POI's and bring back all the old models for the stripper zeds and maybe add some more. Not sure if the programming gang wants to add yet another setting into the game though.
  12. A male strip club would be hilariously awesome. Just overloaded with lumberjack zombies, even in the desert biom. We got construction workers, and cops....got a biker dude wearing leather but needs to change the hat...they have talked about adding the native american casino right Roland?..........so The Chief is not far off maybe. I say they do this, probably public domain by now anyways. I wanna see the infected do YMCA on Horde night.
  13. Bring back the old stripper zombie. Add tiny propellers as a random attachment that can be a rare loot drop. Also add ChippenDale dudes to the wasteland wearing only a banna-hammock. Also a rare drop. I wish to do horde night wearing only a used thong. That is my request Mr. MadMole.
  14. "you gotta use the wrench on the mines, its the only safe way"
  15. Why the hell would you go to facebook? Are you not suffering enough already?
  16. lol maybe we need a perch to stick our drones on when we are driving around that they can fire from, pointed back maybe for those pesky vultures. That would be awesome.
  17. It needs to be play dixie for that Dukes of Hazard vibe.
  18. A drone placement that automatically shoots at the buzzards that are chasing us. Or a turret mount for the M-60 so we can partner up and kill zeds/bandits in style:
  19. ................Mother of God..............
  20. Neat and tidy answers with no lingering questions! .....when can we craft jet packs?
  21. I remember reading a blip of it a few years ago in some version discussion thread, pre-A16. I think madmole or one of the other devs mentioned that this is a world that had its virus event in the late 90's or something, not post 2000's though. Hey if i'm wrong or they changed it since then no biggie. But ask them about it.
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