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  1. My FPS plummets in some outdoor areas even when I'm not moving into new areas of the map, or indeed doing anything but turning on the spot. It won't properly recover from this even when moving into a 'simple' scene. Going into the display settings and changing literally anything at all makes it go back to a steady 60fps again, like my GTX 1080 has remembered what it's supposed to be doing. It either has Alzheimers or b169 is borked.
  2. *Taps barrel with hammer* Organs land in different time zones Well played, internet stranger
  3. Building bases in single player is futile, mining and building is all you'll ever be doing. If you're alone it's more fun and more practical to stagger out of the remains of a POI in the morning, stick your shades on and ride off on your motorcycle. Stuff making concrete for 6 days.
  4. Excellent idea, how remiss of me. Be sure to scrunch it up small enough that a large shard doesn't slice straight through your oesophagus and kill you in seconds. The tiny pieces of razor death should lacerate your innards on their way down and, if you're lucky, cause a catastrophic hemorrhage in your stomach. It's a toss up then of either dying of exanguination, or drowning as your lungs fill up with torrents of your own blood. Quicker than starving yourself to death, and an absolutely horrifying way to end your miserable existence as the light leaves your eyes and your soul is dr
  5. I've found a client-side workaround for this AI problem that could save the development team a huge amount of time that could be spent elsewhere; Start a game as normal - any difficulty setting will do. Build a base as you normally would. The materials you use don't matter. Now, and I stress that you need to follow this next part EXACTLY, otherwise the AI fix won't work; Don't build exploits in your base If you follow these steps, you should find that the AI pathing issues resolve themselves and you get the survival experience you're looking for.
  6. Have you tried other, less frustrating, ways to kill yourself? Based on what you're saying, I think falling from a great height and perforating your organs with your shattered femurs may be a bit too quick, but you might find the agony of drowning slowly more in line with what you're looking for?
  7. I don't have anything new to bring to the table, indeed I'll be echoing some other posts, this just my 2c. The early game progression being slower is a good idea, it's good for the low tier weapons to be useful for longer, but I find it just way TOO slow. As an experienced player I'm cranking up the xp multiplier to increase the gamestage, as the 'stone age' seems to take a ridiculously long time. However, if there was a slim chance of finding something good in safes I'd be happier. As it is, all early endeavours seem pointless (to me) bar hunting zombies for XP. I'd ev
  8. Excellent, gonna get me loads of those sweet sweet books. *Laughs in Cartography*
  9. "loot should be where it should be. Military loot in the bases. Civilian loot in the homes." My spidersense tells me you've never been to the United States.
  10. That is absolutely amazing, it's super rare to see a breakdown of POIs. Thanks you, mysterious benefactor. Can I ask, what are your top 15/7 prefabs?
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