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Plane crash option


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15 minutes ago, Black Hat said:

I would like to see such POI

There already was such a POI in .... A16? I haven't seen it in more recent versions again, so i guess it was removed.


There are also some POIs in the Compo Pack included that include planes or other vehicels. But imho these "block-built" planes all look absolutely ugly.

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There is a “planes” mod somewhere in here for a18 or 19 that has a plane crash mechanic in it, and I think an airport poi. It has biplanes though, Not the supply plane. And it crashes fast (it doesn’t fall from the sky all slowly, etc)  (I think it’s a modified zed with a plane skin?) . There’s also a helicopter crash I think ..but...

I believe for a quest you can specify stages (go do this, then spawn zeds, or then, do this... so in theory you could put this in a quest where after you get the loot or something specify one of the plane crash zeds to be the plane crash, and spawn a lot of other zeds with it?  

alternatively, using the same plane crash idea above, just add a special spawning wandering horde  group with 1 of the plane crash zeds in it?


the only bad part is all of this does not contain any special POI, not plane that stays on the ground :(.  I’ve tried spawning in the supply plane and it doesn’t seem to work well (it is huge though) so in theory someone may be able to spawn it in.... maybe over some blocks so its not hollow?


Anyway, if anyone figures out a way to do this, I am also very interested and would love to try it out!

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