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  1. I think this is a great idea making the POIs underground it would probably be the best bet to avoid complications above ground.
  2. OK so this is a work bench (but twice as fast) that requires electricity, it functions like the forge allowing you put materials into it and setting up a Que to produce. This would require a Computer which would be a new remote access object you would be able to access and adjust all electrical items like turrets and cameras (Which also would be a new object - it would use the same code the turrets use for adjustments). What else do you see could be added into this concept?
  3. The point was to have an event that works like the air drop that gives your more loot but you have to fight a big horde to get it. it would be a random location like the air drop not just a static POI.
  4. Just an idea to have an airdrop turn out to be a plane crash which has a lot of loot in it but also has a ton of zombies
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