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  1. OK, so this idea is far into left field but it would be amazing. Bulldozer to level ground and knock over objects like walls and trees - could be come a great pvp vehicle Paver to put down asphalt over terrain to make new roads and it could fix pot holes as well Excavator to dig down deep this could be used to knock over tall structures as well using the wrecking ball vehicle mod instead of the bucket Dump truck moves large amounts of materials like stone ore and clay All of these are slow moving and attracts huge amounts of zombies
  2. So I have attempted to find this feature but I can't seem to get it to work can someone tell me where I am going wrong?
  3. I think this is a great idea making the POIs underground it would probably be the best bet to avoid complications above ground.
  4. I am down with this idea. My thought was having a 3D printer that functions as workbench but can hold materials like the forge. Maybe we can actually use the oven to cook faster and more things at once.
  5. Swath77 your idea would work if the game had many more POIs of higher level further away but in the way that's designed you have a mix of POIs throughout the whole map. So you could not push someone for their way for higher levels. this would only result in repeating the same POIs further out. Now to play off of what you said, if traders never repeated the POIs in their range be it five six or seven kilometers then there would be a large amount of POIs which they can select from picking the closest one first then picking further ones away after using the close ones first. This would then allow
  6. Is there an issue with the turret skill set I have put a point in it and still I am unable to build a turret at this time.
  7. OK I think this point has gotten derailed. I just want to see the traders offer the POI's closest (that have not been used) before selecting locations further away. Example: if you enter into a town at low level (tier 1) then trader will give you Mission POI's going out from their location selecting the closest unused POI's first. As you work though them then the missions send you further away and further. IF the town has only 6 Tier 1 locations then your missions will get further away after you 6th mission, until it reaches the distance limit of the Trader or the tier is increase
  8. With the new Trader to Trader quests you don't need to have 1.8 km quests to find new places.
  9. You are correct sir in the earlier levels that would happen allowing you to do up to five quests in a day and still time left over for other things like building. Yet as your tiers go up you will find that properly completing a mission takes much longer. Playing back and forth between two traders because neither one gives missions within their own area makes no sense unless you have already hit all the POI's in a town via mission already. Explain to me why have a trader in the western town give missions in the eastern town and the eastern trader gives mission in the western town bu
  10. OK so I have been playing for a long time and it feels like traders missions in Alpha 19 are getting farther away and not using the POI's around them. Nine times out of ten the missions is over +1 KM from the Trader which takes you out of the area/town that the trader is currently located. While you travel to this mission you will pass many untouched POI's that are of equal Tier as the mission you are on. I have even had one recently that took me right next door to another trader who's missions sent me right back to the other trader I started from. I just want to do missions in the POI's close
  11. OK so this is a work bench (but twice as fast) that requires electricity, it functions like the forge allowing you put materials into it and setting up a Que to produce. This would require a Computer which would be a new remote access object you would be able to access and adjust all electrical items like turrets and cameras (Which also would be a new object - it would use the same code the turrets use for adjustments). What else do you see could be added into this concept?
  12. Might be a 1:1,000,000 odds but what is the chance 7DTD could show up on Google Stadia? I know its a big jump but if made it could open up to a lot of new people who don't have the hardware to run the game. Think about being a DEV and sitting in an Airport and seeing someone fighting a bloodmoon before a flight? Or do you have a friend who has that crummy chrome book because that is all they can afford to buy jumping on a server to help you rebuild your base. Its just a thought...
  13. The point was to have an event that works like the air drop that gives your more loot but you have to fight a big horde to get it. it would be a random location like the air drop not just a static POI.
  14. So think about a weather effect to go with your normal game play - Weather effects can happen randomly between blood moons or during which can be set by controls in the games settings Tornado - This will spawn a column of air which will pick up objects and zombies and then release them in the direction the Tornado is heading. Trees will also be thrown dealing damge to structures it hits dealing amount equal the trees health. As the Column of air crosses a area where there is a structure (both POI and player-made) it will deal damage over time as it crosses over the object. Below is
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