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  1. Holding CTRL while in a vehicle makes you look around but keep on driving straight forward.
  2. It could be that you are indeed too close to a trader.
  3. Haven't died in my latest game (day 20, 60 minutes, warrior dif.) Before I died 3 times in 70 days, zombie battles and taking too much risk
  4. Just another question... Are there good games out there with survival/rpg elements and a LBD skill system?
  5. I do wish to see a lawmower or even a Scythe that mows a 3x3 area...
  6. I am still hoping they would add birds nests and feather as a loot change from harvesting trees. I really dislike them all over the floor....
  7. Hi There! Welcome to the Pancake House! MODS Z2 - HUD visuals by Siriliion SERVER INFO Blood moon every 10th night Small map (4x4) Main city at 300x300 2 Claim Blocks Warrior difficulty 60 minute days Zombies walking at day, running at night Loot respawn 21 days RULES Be nice Don't claim POI's (because of quests on a small map) Contact https://discord.gg/qtKAhZ
  8. I dissagree on a personal level. But they need tot find a perfect in between solution.
  9. I understand the reason though. Otherwise if you'd shot a gun in the factory the zombies would come from the whole building. Have fun with 50+ zombies at once. Either you die, or your CPU does..
  10. Problem is that loot can be nerdpoled. Therefor the biggest reward should come from the traderquest and not a random lootrun. I agree that a tier 5 Quest should give 500+ Bullets or something
  11. Ok, this helped found lots of them!
  12. The RNG gods could be mad at me then.... I'm on lvl 49, gamestage 117 and quest tier V....
  13. Alright, a topic not about hating something or endorsing something. I just want my auger. It's day 59, I read the book, got the skills. How do I get motor tool parts easy? I got 2 !
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