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What. The. Heck. Another surprise waiting for me when I got home.


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I have two bases going. A simple dug out room under ground as "home base" where I'm doing crafting and storing my loot / resources. And a new arena that I'm working on for horde nights.


I collected some resources (from home) and set off to go work on the arena. About an hour later (I play with 120 minute days) on my return I find two screamers digging into my base from above.


This underground room was not designed to be safe against attacks - it has virtually no defences. There are two auto-turrets which are basically just for convenience so that I don't have to run out every time a scout comes after the heat from the forges. These are only powered when I'm present in the base - There is a motion sensor that switches them off automatically when I leave in order to save battery power.


I've been living under the impression / belief that chunks are unloaded, and become completely dormant when you are far away. Specifically I thought no zeds move around in a chunk a kilometer away.


So finding that these two screamers had dug a hole about 10 blocks deep trying to get at the forges from above was a complete surprise.


I'll from now have more turrets safe-guarding the base, and these will be powered all the time.


But wow what a shock!

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Maybe it changed or it is a bug, but the explanation for such events till now was that there is a time window when you are driving away or coming back into an area that allows zombies to do some damage. Since those were two screamers they also got the group bonus to dig faster.


10 blocks still sounds like much. You could check your logfile and calculate the difference between the time they spawned and when you killed them. That should give you some hint if above explanation is correct.


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johan@komp:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/7DaysToDie_Data$ grep -i spawned.*screamer output_log__2020-03-20__12-00-21.txt
2020-03-20T12:15:12 888.358 INF Spawned [type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=37796] at (2180.5, 69.3, -649.5) Day=94 TotalInWave=1 CurrentWave=1
2020-03-20T12:15:12 888.358 INF AIDirector: scout horde spawned '[type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=37796]'. Moving to point of interest
2020-03-20T12:28:52 1708.478 INF Spawned [type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=37801] at (2264.5, 71.0, -563.5) Day=94 TotalInWave=1 CurrentWave=1
2020-03-20T12:28:52 1708.478 INF AIDirector: scout horde spawned '[type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=37801]'. Moving to point of interest
2020-03-20T12:42:42 2538.424 INF Spawned [type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=37805] at (2229.5, 70.8, -643.5) Day=94 TotalInWave=1 CurrentWave=1
2020-03-20T12:42:42 2538.424 INF AIDirector: scout horde spawned '[type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=37805]'. Moving to point of interest
johan@komp:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/7DaysToDie_Data$ grep -i screamer.*killed output_log__2020-03-20__12-00-21.txt
2020-03-20T13:13:17 4373.553 INF Entity zombieScreamer 37805 killed by johan 171
2020-03-20T13:13:19 4375.442 INF Entity zombieScreamer 37801 killed by johan 171
2020-03-20T13:13:32 4388.604 INF Entity zombieScreamer 37796 killed by johan 171



Ah that explains why I struggled to kill one of the two - there was actually 3.


So the results from the above are:


[TABLE=align: center, border: 1, cellpadding: 1, width: 700]







[TD]diff (sec)[/TD]

[TD]diff (min)[/TD]































That seems like a long time!!!


I was away from the base for essentially a whole hour. I actually recorded the play session, which is over an hour so I'm just speeding up some parts now before uploading it.


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I am next to a trader that has a working forge and chemistry station that I use when I need to do a big run of anything. On my bass I'm very careful not to run my forge more than about 5 minutes without letting it cool off.but I just made a bunch of gun powder and set it for a 13 minute burn. They're not going to hurt the trader.


Sometimes I'll have to wait till the next day to pick up stuff but that's okay.

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My friends and I use an underground area for forges, cement mixers and the like, so we always put a heat trap on the surface to draw in the screamers. They may get summoned by the 4 forges and 8 mixers running, but once they get to the area they've got a hardened concrete tower with iron spikes and 8+ campfires running at the top.

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I have one auto-turret at the entrance and one covering the area above,and those have been set up to turn off automatically 45 seconds after I leave the base. From now on I will add more auto turrets to protect the area and definitely leave them powered one all the time!

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