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Art imitating art: Kingdom


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While we're all "social distancing" I highly recommend Netflix's zombie drama 'Kingdom'. It's set in the Joseon Dynasty era of Korea (1392-1897, though the presence of Japanese invaders places the show somewhere in the 1590s or early 1600s). Period costume drama in Korean, subtitled in English. So you have to be down with reading while you watch (if you don't speak Korean). Edit: apparently S1 at least is available dubbed in several languages.


It has:

  • Fast zombies
  • Hundreds of them at a time
  • Top-notch special effects for the most part (not for the squeamish, not for kids)
  • Well-acted for the most part (Korean girlfriend sez several of the actors are very popular in Korea)
  • Only a few WTF/bad decision/plot hole moments
  • A real-world* example of the multiple-zombie bonus to breaking through blocks

Only two seasons so far (but #3 is confirmed), bingeable in a weekend. When you're done, come back here and complain about not having 200 zombies on horde night. :-)


Trivia: the Korean name of the show is 킹덤, which is pronounced..."Kingdom". They have their own (ancient) word for it of course, 왕국 (wangguk), but they chose to use the phonetic spelling of the English word.


*Not real-world

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I can confirm that this is an entertaining show of high production value. I've only seen season 1 so far, the only thing I don't like so much is that the scenes with the zombies are kinda rare. But when they're there, boi oh boi.

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You guys don´t get a english synchronisation? That´s odd. I can watch it in german. Anyways, just started yesterday so far it´s really nice.


@Boidster You must be doing something wrong. I can watch it in english also.


Edit: Season one is available in english, Season 2 is not, but it is in german.

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I can watch in English, but I speak some Korean and my girlfriend speaks all of the Korean, so we watch with subtitles. In any foreign-language film I much prefer to read subtitles than to have the sounds not match the actors' mouth movements. I also like hearing the actors' own voices and intonations.


The subtitles do sometimes use the wrong word - either a phonetic misspelling or a transliteration of the Korean which doesn't quite capture the meaning.


All you ever wanted to know about Joseon-era headwear: http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3059581

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