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  1. Don't have a yard. An "outer wall" is essentially useless anyway, as zombies will converge on a single spot and pour in.
  2. Yeah, the food thing is REALLY aggravating. I don't mind food being scarce and hard to come by in the beginning, but I shouldn't have to SPEC INTO food being at all useful.
  3. There is a base that always works. It always had. Started playing in A9 and it has always worked. And I doubt it would be possible to "patch it out" if they wanted to, because it's zero exploits, zero AI work, none of that. A solid-bottom square base, ring of bars around the outside to shoot down on, and we added some sort of roof over head for vultures after they got rid of bees. Not as sure about a vulture design specifically now that they break blocks. A 1-deep moat all around the outside, three wide and full of spikes. But as long as the base is solid-I mean solid, 100% filled in and at least 5 x 5, the zombies will never break it. They can't get in. You can't fall. As long as at least your outer 2 layers are steel, demolishers can't destroy a significant amount. Add remote pillboxes for turrets around the perimeter if you want to. This base won't fall, won't cheese the zombies, and you won't die. You just walk around the iron bars, shooting. Like I said, this is a base that ALWAYS worked. You're here for new exciting laughs because, as you said, you JUST started playing. People who've been here for a long time enjoy a variety of things, because we're all long past that virgin excitement.
  4. If the AI is still waterfalling over stairs, no they didn't. Changing the block hitbox didn't fix the main problem.
  5. Um, spider zombies have always been here. They used to be the "screamers" too.
  6. I gotta ask... the patch notes say that corner cupboards were stealing faces? That sounds like some Freddie Kruegar @%$*#!, what does that mean in human-speak?
  7. Well, it performs terribly for me, I'm super disappointed. I listened to streamers praise the new visuals to the sky, even cranking their settings up without any loss of frames. Instead, I've had to turn mine *down*. Both my husband and I were working at custom setting, tweaked to where we liked them to get a nice mix of performance and good-looking game (high textures, low shadows, no particles, etc) and now we're both playing blobworld. It sucks.
  8. I mean, sure? But it also made perfect sense. Zombies shouldn't be able to scale or balance on a steep tip. If you can find a way to lure zombies onto the edge of something where they can't get are you without serious effort, it makes sense. Because zombies aren't smart. Now I have to torture this dumb configuration of ramps and pyramids to do the same thing, except really without getting any active defense. Or a closed kill tunnel. Or the square tower with the ring around it. And zombies DO still waterfall over stairs. It's the same dumb thing now. They'll never NOT waterfall over stairs, because they want to reach us and we stand out of reach. If the AI is the problem, fix the AI.
  9. Except my base DIDN'T do that. It used a pair of wedge tip walkways, yes, but that was basically just so we could get out of grabbing range. We got hit with vomit, with vultures, destroyers blew up pieces of our base, we had to repair post-BMH every time. Much like the same old solid-bottom wire-overhang base, but more fun because we could at least semi control what direction they came in. What I DON'T want to do is a kill corridor wired up with a thousand dart traps that auto-kills all the zombies for me. So by taking away the functionality of zombies sliding off of tips, they haven't JUST gotten rid of an "exploit/afk" base. Frankly, they've left AFK meat grinder bases perfectly intact the whole life of the game, while still insisting they want us to FIGHT the horde. Well, I want to fight the Horde. Without a kill corridor electric maze. And it's aggravating that they continue to nerf build elements that didn't *have* to be an exploit. There's 2 bases that always work. Solid-bottom tower with a ring around it, and the trapped kill corridor. All they do when they continue to patch out building elements is continually drive us back to those same 2 bases over and over.
  10. Gotta say, Bubba, your reply doesn't actually have much to do with mine. I'm talking about building a base and fighting the horde. If you want to turn off zombies or the horde, you have that option, and that's fine. What I'm complaining about is them continually destroying build elements. If the Pimps are just going to change the way building works over and over to nerf the overachievers, then it's just going to continue to punish those of us *who actually want to fight the horde* without building a kill corridor and having traps do it for us.
  11. Well, that sucks. Literally every alpha since 8 when we started, we fought the horde. We never ever hid from the horde, the horde is like, half the point of the whole game. Every time we find a base that works to let us ACTIVELY fight the horde, but without leaving us completely vulnerable to be wrecked, the devs screw it up in the next alpha. We're not going to run around during the BMH, we need somewhere to stand that lets us be *relatively* safe while we fight. Even when we were using the wedge walkways, we still got spit, vultures, and spider zombies hitting us. I don't want to build mazes. I don't want to build 8000 dart traps and make zombies walk a gauntlet while we sit unharmed, but THOSE are the bases that somehow the Pimps think are ok. Every alpha we end up going back to the totally boring "solid square base with a filled-in bottom, spikes and a bar overhang, and turrets." This is the ONLY base which has continued to work through each and every alpha. It's boring. But apparently that's the base they want us to build, unless we want to just make a death chute with dart traps and completely avoid fighting them.
  12. Question: how dead ARE wedge tips? We were using them as short bridges so that we could shoot zombies as they pathed toward us, because they would slide down. We weren't using them for drop traps and they never fell more than 8 blocks or so. Can zombies now run across the tips as if they were full-sized blocks?
  13. What music? They're adding like, soundtrack scoring that plays all the time? And interrupts with combat music, like Skyrim? Or only music during combat? Either way, bleh. How's that for taking a big piss on any idea of immersion. I'm muting music immediately.
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