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The random stats on items with quality levels seem to be kinda weirdly balanced.

Guest PadaV4

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I was looking at the stat variation of armor and while at glance it seemed random, once i spawned in a bunch of armor and sorted them in a chest by the armor stat it turns out its not random at all. Here are the results i got(items with same armor valued are grouped in one color box. The armor value is written in that color near that box)


steel helmet



military helmet



firefighter helmet



Level 5 and 6 armor seems to have trash stats!!


Lvl 1 to 4 look like how i would imagine it should work, higher lvl better stats. At lvl 5-6 there is a sudden drop and both lvl 5 and 6 tend to have worse stats than lvls 1 to 4.


like is that intended or what?


Disclaimer items where spawned in with the developer mode item spawner. This behavior did not extend to items crafted by the player itself. I crafted a bunch of lvl 1 armor and a bunch of lvl 5 armor and they seemed to have truly random stats with the armor stat for steel armor ranging from 11 to 15 for both lvl 1 and lvl 5 armor.


I have no idea how to confirm if the items acquired from looting and trader follow the same unrandomness as the developer mode item spawner, or is it actually random like player crafted armor, but if it actually follows the same unrandmoness i just discovered than it seems that right now the best chance to get the highest armor is to craft lvl 5 armor till you get one with an armor stat of 15, and to forget about the extra mod slot from lvl 6 armor.


I didnt test weapons, but they would suffer less from this behavior because adding mods increases their damage anyways, so the damage increase from the fourth mod would probably balance out the damage decrease.

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Yeah, what Gazz said. Items pulled from CM only seem to roll the stats once, when the menu is initially brought up. Changing the search term to re-roll the quality color and closing then opening the creative menu has no effect on item stats.


The only way to re-roll the stats is to disable CM, then re-enable it.

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Reason why i don't care about the values is that I can't see base values with mods in it.

Let's say I have an AK with base value 50. I put the mods in it and 5 mins later I have forgotten the base value. An hour later I find an AK with a base value. "Is this AK better or worse than my old?. I don't know, I have to remove all mods if I want to compare them".


And this for all my gear and all weapons, have to constantly remove all mods if I want to compare the values!


Sorry Pimps, it's too comlicated, I don't care about the variations.

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I found also that using giveself <item> <level> <qty> will dupe the stats if qty>1. So if I want to compare 20 different tools I have to giveself 20 times to get some randomization.


No clue if the RNG is wonky using that command like it is dragging from the creative menu. From what I remember when I was looking at it a month or so ago, the results seemed in line with what I'd expect given what the XML sez.

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I made the observation (18.2) that tier 5 Weapons have often quite superior effective range then tier 6 weapons. (A bit less dmg though)

For most weapons it's neglectable since most fights aren't over long distances, but as a silenced 9mm user it's very noticable with the low base range, reduced even further with a silencer.

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