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  1. Sounds like your gamestage was just higher than last time you tried?
  2. Do the random stats follow a uniform or a normal distribution?
  3. The poll question is bad for several reasons. Leading question, inversion (you have to select "no" if you agree with their idea, which is weird), multiple questions in one, too long. A better poll question would have been "How do you feel about predator progression?"
  4. "Am I wrong for thinking there's no progression in predator difficulty and wishing for more predators that spawned based on gamestage?" Is this a leading question and could it also be construed as being possibly perceived as needlessly convoluted and wordy?
  5. I recently did a similar analysis and proposal here.
  6. When/on what version did you start the game? I have definitely experienced instances of the wrong sound being played for stuff when continuing a game after an update, although not specifically these sounds.
  7. Wouldn't this just be shortcut for logging out and changing the settings for your ongoing game?
  8. Could be both at the same time A20 == B1. Same way an experimental build can be declared to be stable without any additional changes.
  9. The word you're looking for is a cuboid aka a box. Is the distance at which sleepers get spawned in any way exposed in the XML?
  10. Couple demolishers in the loot room would be hilarious. Edit: Except not I guess.
  11. Maybe all the stone tools you find were made by a single survivor who lived back in the days of A15 spam crafting.
  12. I didn't see a single deer or pig in b173. Are they back yet? Also one of my favorite tricks is to chase rabbits and chickens into the trader's barbed wire.
  13. Most blocks snap to the grid. This seems odd and possibly exploitable.
  14. I just use a dozen wooden frames and a bow, but this sounds more fun. Bears seem to be pretty bad at attacking frames for some reason, they get like one attack in every 20 seconds and are just flipping out and spinning the rest of the time.
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