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  1. It used to be almost exactly like this: Combine two poor items in the workbench to create a better one. It incentivized mind-numbing spam crafting. It wasn't good.
  2. Good riddance. Q to drop was ridiculously bad.
  3. Guys, it looks really good! Especially like how the navigation bar matches the game UI.
  4. Well that part definitely doesn't sound great. I feel like the POI cell coordinates should factor in the random seed.
  5. Yeah I got the impression something's wrong with low (<100%) loot abundance too. And I was only using 75%. Yet the first dozen or so bird's nest only yielded a single feather! I'm not sure, but maybe the reduction is applied to both probability and count of the loot, or perhaps the item count is unintentionally rounded down to zero.
  6. +1 for chicken farming from a no loot respawn player.
  7. Hmm interesting. Sadly the only trader I know about, from the starter quest, is like 2km into the wasteland and I haven't been able to make it there alive yet :/ Really doesn't help!
  8. Day 9, feeling more sick again. The single dose of antibiotics I found after scavenging through an entire hospital building has stopped working. I guess I'll go back to zigzagging through the forest looking for tree stumps with honey.
  9. Ah gotcha, thanks ! ^^ I might make a variant to suit my own preferences then.
  10. So about the respawning cars/boulders/nests etc... Why don't you use an invisible/no mesh object as the intermediate stage? Also, what does "Respawning (over cross)" mean?
  11. The devs have gone really quiet... Did they make it through the IRL blood moon??
  12. Good explanation RD. It is pretty strange that you basically have to set it twice.
  13. Perk balance: Fine for buying. Prices go like (these numbers are an approximation) 100,90,80,70,60,50, which is reasonable, but super duper crazy OP for selling Prices go 10,20,30,40,50,60; each level multiplying the no-perk sale price. In general, there is too much of a discrepancy between the prices of items with and without quality levels. Once you can craft level >3 stuff, almost nothing without a quality level is worth considering for profitability. The trader is selling raw meat too cheaply. 2 per unit or something, almost free compared to other food ingredients. Some common supplies like food or cement are sold in too large quantities, removing the challenge in this area. Prices are good though. Some more specific items are too rare. It's not fun to have to go all around the map to visit all traders each day, hoping for bullets or a tool and die set.
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