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  1. 3 Balls To Try: The Survival Horror Zombie Crafting Horde Arcade Pinball Game.
  2. Day 100. Freezer full of mountain lion burgers. Shame there are no longer any eggs in the world. Where do the chickens come from??
  3. Rivers and waterfalls would probably require the water overhaul which was confirmed to be postponed to A21. @Roland: Any updates to the first post? It's been a while.
  4. That was the most rambling jumble of a rant I've ever read.
  5. Miscommunication.. saoron means bringing back to life a dead player on the spot where they died, with a "medic" action from a teammate. You can't, currently. JCrook means they are already automatically "reviving", *on their bedroll*. Yes sure but that's not what was being proposed.
  6. I think a survival game set in the Warm Bodies universe could be kinda fun and different.
  7. The other turrets do their thing automatically too, but you don't need to pick them up to reload.
  8. Oh, you mean the post that says "Edited May 20 by Roland"? 🤔
  9. So yeah what XP multiplier are you playing with OP?
  10. I think the robotic turret could use some adjustment, so that you don't need to pick it up and put it in your tool belt just to reload.
  11. Funny answer to a silly question, but if anyone was actually serious about using a spaceorb, there are things that can be done. I'm not sure, but it might actually be fun to fly the gyrocopter using this. Outside of that I don't really see the point of having a 6 DOF controller in 7dtd.
  12. Will crouching mean that zombies will also be able to get into the trader posts with the wooden X-beam walls (Joel's and Hugh's, I believe), the way dogs currently do?
  13. Nothing against retrofuturism per se, but the Fallout universe presumes an alternate timeline with a point of deviation many decades in the past. Madmole's comment implies 7dtd is situated in our present timeline's direct future.
  14. There sure are a surprising amount of newspapers on the ground, and retro cars and appliances around in 2034.
  15. OP said "And remember to extend to bottom of the wall to fi[r]st stone block", which I took to mean that the wall is suspended from stone blocks, not dirt blocks, which should be able to support a bit more. I'm also kinda confused by your "very good chace of collapsing". SI is not a probabilistic system. Either it will definitely collapse or it definitely won't.
  16. I think this is pretty neat but a bit too much work IMO. Also I'm curious why you didn't go for a bit more overhang to have more space on top?
  17. I'd play a 1x1km map if I could. I play single player, I prefer no loot respawn, but that doesn't really have that much impact if there's ten thousand POIs on the map. Shortage of pre-apocalypse items would be more meaningful sooner on a tiny map.
  18. If the game uses Unity's PlayerPrefs, that would result in the settings being stored in the registry on Windows, and in ~/.config/unity3d/[CompanyName]/[ProductName] on Linux.
  19. This is still more of a dev history or chronicle than a dev "diary" (from diarium, daily), isn't it? I feel awkward asking for things that must have been asked hundreds of times already, like an ETA. But I'm not digging through 51 pages of posts, and without a FAQ or clear status in the first post, how else am I supposed to find out?
  20. Solar blimp then. I wonder what kind of crops I should grow in my zeppelin garden for the best nutrition yield by weight.
  21. A heli draws far too much unwanted attention from both zombies and potentially hostile survivors. Plus, you can't really live on one. I'd much prefer a nice infinite range solar yacht.
  22. Sounds like your gamestage was just higher than last time you tried?
  23. Do the random stats follow a uniform or a normal distribution?
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