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What have I done? I've lost everything!


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First post here and this has probably been discussed to death already!


It has taken me 2 years to get in to 7DTD, but once I got it, I got it! I have so far racked up 34 hours just this week (off work)! I fortified a house, created 4 storage boxes (I've done a lot of looting), then foolishly took on a quest from Joe's Trading (or is that Traitor?) Post. The quest took me back to my house, not sure if this was a coincidence, but once I accepted the quest and it has been 25 days in the game, all my loot storage boxes plus my 'fort' were gone! To add insult to injury, I emptied my rucksack into them before I took the quests, so am left with next to nothing now. This sucks big time :(


Is there anyway to roll my save back? I am not sure I want to continue now :\


Thanks in advance.

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You did not place a landclaim block.

Your stuff is gone if you don't have a backup of the save file.


You can get into the developer menu and give yourself stuff back though.


Press F1 to open the console, enter dm

Then press U to open the creative menu. Now you can give yourself all the items you want.

To re-roll quality/tier of an item, you have to search for it again, this will randomize the tier.

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