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  1. Seems like I had to do 4 T3 quests to unlock T4. Before unlocking T3 I seem to have done only one T2 quest. For unlocking T2 I completed six T1 quests. Kinda odd. Maybe an additional level gate? Cannot find anything regarding this in the xml.
  2. In most other RPGs with his intelligence build, he would roast the enemies with blizzards and fireballs and cast a spell on him to improve his loot chance/runspeed/miningspeed.
  3. Then I have to clean it up manually. I'm patching up the whole neighborhood around our base - fixing houses, rebuilding fences, painting walls, removing trash, ...
  4. Agreed, rabbits and chicken are too small. In my game I removed those and just have the big animals spawn. Wasting spawns with animals I cannot really see I don't like.
  5. On the streets there are often newspapers or bloodstains. Is there a way to remove them besides digging out the one block and replacing it with new asphalt?
  6. ? New dialogue: "I want to stay the night [x dukes {insert formula}]" -> remove money from player (if enough money) -> set flag trader_no_teleport_at_night for player -> add new if (trader_no_teleport_at_night ) {return;} to teleport function.
  7. No - you cannot loot solarpanels (which is idiotic tbh). You can only buy them at the trader's secret stash. Yes. 0 - the same as with the perk and goggles. @TFP, please add Solarbank + Solarpanel to the loot of POI solarpanels.
  8. How do I get Tier IV quests? I'm gamestage 429 and the highest quests I get offered are Tier III quests. Do I need to skill "The Daring Adventurer"? Do I need to complete a bunch of T3 quests?
  9. I did not rotate it at all, just placed them and got lots of those defects. In case anyone finds this in the future and has the same problem: Target an existing glass block, hold R and select "copy rotation". You can now create nice glass houses without any block problems.
  10. Doubt it's possible since sun exposure of a block seems to be a function of direct connection to either the sky above the block or a connected block, but maybe someone knows more? Plants need light from "sun" >= 8 otherwise you cannot plant them. Using normal electric lights will emit a "blk" light of 7.5. You can mod this to also give 15 or more (max for sun) but planting seeds does not care about this light. So is it somehow possible to make electric light emit the correct light? I could still mod all seeds to need no light of course, I know.
  11. You did not place a landclaim block. Your stuff is gone if you don't have a backup of the save file. You can get into the developer menu and give yourself stuff back though. Press F1 to open the console, enter dm Then press U to open the creative menu. Now you can give yourself all the items you want. To re-roll quality/tier of an item, you have to search for it again, this will randomize the tier.
  12. Yes, +15% Performance for the same price. Kinda nobrainer. Why would he care about a card you bought years ago? He wants to buy a card now, and the 1060 is obsolete as the 1660 replaced it. More performance for the same price. Why would he buy an outdated card?
  13. Just get "XML Tools" for N++ and use the "Evaule Path" function.
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