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  1. In the RH spirit it should be disabled all together, LOL There is already such an imbalance SP vs MP. Btw it is a vanilla thing and they are working on it
  2. We're still in the testing phase for 18.3 but all modlets are only guaranteed for stable.
  3. Known bug, is being looked at with highest priority TFP changed some things, we'll get it back at some point
  4. craft the beer or honey trap and the refill. Place the trap in daylight and use a refill with RMB. There is also a quest for this.
  5. ALWAYS use a never played vanilla game and better clean all game data too. And yes the Mod Launcher has an old version description but is always up to date and WILL download/upload the latest version.
  6. Thanks for the technical explanation, I did understand it is a vanilla thing (should have used another word then 'issue')
  7. RH is so heavily modded that it is incompatible with almost all other mods. We give the advise not to use any other mods and don't give support on extra mods added to the game
  8. That gunshots often don't wake zombies is a vanilla issue. Whether they see or hear you is a random event. Like you make noise and all the zombies upstairs wake up and the ones you're seeing don't, lol
  9. That is a special screamer coming from tombstones, always run but low in health and doesn't call other zombies. As you noticed it is 'just' a scare. I am glad you are enjoying this Mod
  10. As long as it is in a seperate folder you can. Just launch the game from within that folder.
  11. You have to wait for RH 6 to be released. RH 5 only works with A17. And ALWAYS use a clean, never played Vanilla game for modding.
  12. Madmole mentioned it, some perks will become 3 instead of 5
  13. Maybe adding a mod for a carrying a bicycle (and minibike too? As it is nerved so much that I don't even bother crafting it anymore) on the 4x4 truck? This would also improve the 4x4 truck compared to the motorbike. I never use the 4x4 as the motorbike is superior overall. Would be really nice once vehicles can't be picked up (which I hope will be the case in the future)
  14. Not before A18 becomes stable. - - - Updated - - - Sorry, forgot. In 5.5.3 it has changed to loot only
  15. You can't make it in your backpack or personal workbench (I think), workbench should do it
  16. You need to put a 3x3 animal bedding down, upgrade it with a pitchfork and put the egg on it.
  17. Follow the farming quest line, it is part of it.
  18. It is the 5.5.3, only the download folder name hasn't changed you can check ingame by pressing ESC which version you're on
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