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  1. This. I think having a new skill tree for 'general' skills is the best solution, better for SP and MP.
  2. That vehicle is not vanilla, try the Mod section.
  3. If I'm not mistaking it is a Unity Engine limitation.
  4. In the RH spirit it should be disabled all together, LOL There is already such an imbalance SP vs MP. Btw it is a vanilla thing and they are working on it
  5. We're still in the testing phase for 18.3 but all modlets are only guaranteed for stable.
  6. Known bug, is being looked at with highest priority TFP changed some things, we'll get it back at some point
  7. This I (and all players I team up with) also noticed a huge discrepation between the game stage progress SP vs Teaming up.
  8. craft the beer or honey trap and the refill. Place the trap in daylight and use a refill with RMB. There is also a quest for this.
  9. When food poisoning was introduced I pointed all this out and it boiled down to you have to put one or two points in Iron Gut perk. The idea of food poisoning is not bad, it just needs tinkering imo.
  10. ALWAYS use a never played vanilla game and better clean all game data too. And yes the Mod Launcher has an old version description but is always up to date and WILL download/upload the latest version.
  11. Thanks for the technical explanation, I did understand it is a vanilla thing (should have used another word then 'issue')
  12. RH is so heavily modded that it is incompatible with almost all other mods. We give the advise not to use any other mods and don't give support on extra mods added to the game
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