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  1. Bless Jax, his mom and you Shorty. Thanks players and TFP members for your support. Jax, get well soon and please take it easy in the beginning
  2. This. I think having a new skill tree for 'general' skills is the best solution, better for SP and MP.
  3. mr.natural


    Uninstall everything and reinstall fresh. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?96250-Instruction-for-a-clean-uninstall-and-fresh-install-of-7D2d-Windows10 (thx ZombieSurvivor) Next time you use a mod put it in a different folder or use the mod launcher
  4. Starts making sense now, it started in 2022 as a vegan solution. Anyone remembers Soylent Green?
  5. That vehicle is not vanilla, try the Mod section.
  6. If I'm not mistaking it is a Unity Engine limitation.
  7. Ah, another soap opera gonna get me some popcorn
  8. And you never ever find hard evidence for it Mysteries are fun, keep chasing the rainbow.
  9. I completely agree, actually this vague plot at the background is excellent.
  10. And it is a main element of 7d2d, I basically play only Minecraft and 7d2d. The (endless) building and destructible world are unique features in the gaming world. i might add Empyrion once it comes out of Alpha as it is still clunky and not fleshed out atm. There are too many FPS games out there already. Fallout 4 could be a RPG game but as you already noted, it is written poorly. And look how Fallout 76 is going nowhere, no real RPG anymore. With 7d2d you can create your own RPG story, again it is more creative. For me an excellent game stimulates creativity as where game development o
  11. It is one dimensional design (even if it seems 2D). What it lacks is creativity. You can't 'do' things on your own, you have to follow the 'game script'. 7d2d gives you that freedom, being creative like in minecraft. Build as you desire, no prefab sheit
  12. You contradict yourself in a way. Game mechanics are what makes a game good, lots of indie games proof that too, just saying. The uniqueness is key and 7d2d is becoming less unique, still nice but there is a trend going the opposite way. Like what a lot of players call it 'being dumbed down'. I have to agree here. As an example, Fallout 4 is beautifull but I will never buy this game as the game mechanics are dumb and too restrictive IMO.
  13. Minecraft is the longest and best selling game ever. I wouldn't call it a beautifull game
  14. In the RH spirit it should be disabled all together, LOL There is already such an imbalance SP vs MP. Btw it is a vanilla thing and they are working on it
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