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I'M DONE playing this game until this death bug is fixed.


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I've lost so many resources to this bug, I refuse to play the game anymore until it's fixed, it's simply too risky.


Everytime you die with a quest objective "active" (you're too close to it so it auto activates to say "Clear area", or you manually select the giant bouncing ! mark in front of you), your bag disappears and everything you had is deleted. There is no chance to recover your bag despite th compass saying there's still a bag there, you just go back and it's all gone.


I've lost 3 augers, thousands of currency, high quality guns on loot runs and quest runs to this stupid bug. I could set it to keep my inventory on death, but then what the ♥♥♥♥ is the point of dying in the game at that point? I gotta go back to my base? Ohp, I'll just die rela quick for a fast teleport. I liked that I had to go out and collect my stuff, there's still a terror of "are they still around my corpse??" and "Will I lose my gear if i die before getting it??"


This bug has happened too many times to me, and I'm just done playing the game for good until it is fixed. It doesn't happen all the time, if I die normally in the world I can loot it back, but specifically with active quests, somewhere at LEAST within a few blocks of the quest zone is where it happens. If you die on a quest as well, you're ♥♥♥♥ed, EVERYTHING is gone.


You know the way I died this time? Actually stupid that this is a scripted thing, and if it's RNG, i highly suggest they remove that from the pool of ♥♥♥♥ that can happen. I was on a Tier 2 quest to clear out an area. I rolled up on a Am I Gone funeral home and activated it. Normally when you do that, the buliding blinks once, and that tells you the building was respawned according to the quest difficulty, and you can go in and start it.


I activated the quest, A KENNEL'S WORTH OF DOGS SPAWNED IN AND AROUND THE AREA. I had an AK47, and it still wasn't enough to kill them all in time before I was eaten. I died across the street not even IN THE ZONE of the quest, STILL lost my ♥♥♥♥. Maybe it's instancing the player as well in a way and dying pulls you out, but leaves the bag? I don't know.


But a quest that spawns more then even TWO dogs, let alone ♥♥♥♥ING GREATER THAN 5 IN THIS INSTANCE, is a quest that doesn't need to exist. Dogs are fast, cause bleeding incredibly easy, do high damage to ANYONE that's not in iron/steel armor, and take too long to kill considering they're DOGS. Two headshots with ANYTHING higher than a Primitive Bow and Stone arrows should kill it, with increasing difficulties just making the dog do more damage, or take more hits, not both. I had more than 5 dogs attack me, I can't run anywhere to fight evenly, so I turn and start mowing them down with my AR, and 2 are left by the time I'm killed. Whoever thought that was good quest design is clearly mistaken. And if that's just a random event that can happen when activating quests, it needs to be removed from the game, and made sure packs of more than 3 dogs, NEVER happen.


I'd be willing to surmise, NOBODY in this game likes the dog mob in this game. Why do they 2-4 hit most players, AND have high attack speed? Fix the dog mob like how the Vulture mob is. Vulture's follow you to the ends of the earth, but do low damage, hit you once or twice then fly around for a second and dive back in. Bleed chance is low on them, and they're a nuisance, scary, sneaky, and balanced fairly well that I hat etheir ♥♥♥♥ing existence,b ut appreciate the difficulty they give. Dogs are unbalanced, regardless of difficulty unless you're on THE HIGHEST one. They're fast, bleed inducing, and agile, they don't need this much damage on top of it, and a quest that spawns an entire ♥♥♥♥ing dog park amount of mutts at you shouldn't exist, WHILE this Death bug exists, making you lose an hour worth of progress of you trying to clear out a house with sleeping zombies that don't wake up to noise, only when you're disgustingly close to them.


TL;DR. Death bug keeps causing loot to be lost when dying near active quest zones; stupid quest design of spawning 6+ dogs the moment you activate it. Fix this, I'm done playing until it's fixed. I only say it like it matters because I'm sure there are others who feel the same, that the game isn't worth playing until it's fixed.

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I do not completely agree with the critics on dogs: Dogs are meant to be fast + relatively high damage, thus having a very high attack power, but are the same time meant to be weak concerning defense. Thus they should have hitpoints not much more than around 100. On normal difficulty at least.


The attack/defense specifics of the zombie dogs as well as the wolves are a well meant feature of the game. I wouldn't like that to be changed.


The reason why those dogs with psychatix encounter had seemingly more hit points would have to be clarified before introducing changes. May it be that psychatix played on a higher difficulty? Maybe even "insane"?


In the xml, zombiedogs are defined like wolves having 140 hitpoints. That should amount to around 2 to 3 Hits with 7.62mm bullets, less with hidden strike and headshot. An AK magazine, even with half the shots missing, should by far be enough to take a horde of 5 dogs down.


I'm far from saying that i wouldn't die in such a surprising case: I usually go panicking in such situation which makes my aim horrible, and that is what is the culprit for me dying. Is it possible that psychatix panicked as well?


If the latter was the case, i think the game worked completely as designed and liked: It should from time to time give those creepy heart attacks, letting your pulse skyrocket.




For the death bug at POI's: Those are not the only instances of things going lost. I completely agree with counting those bugs as immersion breaking. NOT game breaking (you are able to play on), but immersion breaking.


You CAN go into the creative menu to respawn the lost items. I on a regular basis lost my junk turret, vanishing into walls or earth, until i limited its use to exceptional cases and to perfectly flat areas only. In case of a complete backpack, that is, of course, frustrating. But restoreable, notwithstanding.


Hope those immersion breaking bugs get a high enough priority to fix them until the next main version!

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You can't call it immersion breaking when it removes the items you collect completely. It's also gameplay breaking because 1) You lose the quest item, White River Supplies i believe it's called, which cancels the quest. and 2) I have it set to drop my stuff in a bag so I can pick it up. If I die, and lose a good two hours of looting, because i'm nit picking what i want and don't want, taking stuf fout, replacing things, cutting stacks in half, just to lose it....that's not just immersion breaking, that has nothing to do with immersion. Immersion breaking wouldn't directly impact your gameplay. Immersion breaking is the fact zombies can smash through CONCRETE AND STEEL WALLS in this game, THAT'S immersion breaking because that's INCREDIBLY unrealistic compared to every.single.zombie movie and game in existence. That's like having Vampires die in moonlight, you're taking a very established concept that everyone accepts, and saying "♥♥♥♥ it, it works THIS way now."


Now I'm not complaining about that, they NEED to have zombies do that or else the game becomes to easy, and I'm fine with how it is, i'm just using it for comparison, it's not the most immersive thing when it comes to zombies. THAT is an example of immersion breaking. A bug that literally DELETES my inventory on death , despite me having it SPECIFICALLY set to another setting to avoid that, and it ONLY happening around POI quests is a bug. It's especially bad if they're going to have POI quests just spawn 5+ dogs at you to your left, right, and forward.


And I'm sure by DEFAULT the dogs are set to that, I am one difficulty below the hardest difficulty. Or below Insane, I'm not sure if Insane is the hardest. So I understand dogs being amped up. But they're DOGS...THEY'RE UNARMORED, HALF ROTTED CREATURES. There's 3 things enemies can have. Speed, Power, Durability. Having all 3 is typically what bosses have. Even the new zombie mechanic gives them all 3, but ONLY for a short burst. There's the big biker zombie that has power and durability. He's slow though, unless you enrage him, then you just gotta run a bit, and it's fine. It's also the problem at Night, which is hwy people max out Sneak early if they're out of their mind lol, or they hide until morning. You can get caught out very easily by several zombies who aren't even durable at night, but fast and moderately powerful, AND cause stun.


So why is it ok for a quest to spawn in a big pack of dogs, NOT EVEN IN THE BUILDING, OUTSIDE AROUND THE BUILDING AND INSIDE AS WELL, when dogs have speed, power, and durability. Dogs are dogs, dogs that are half rotten, to me they shouldn't take 3 shots of a rifle to kill, they should take at MOST 2 if you didn't land a headshot on the first shot. Increasing the difficulty should increase the amount of dogs in a pack, and their damage, not their health. They should go down fairly easy on every difficulty in exchange for being fast, unpredictable, induce bleeding, and attack fast...oh and THEY CAN STUN YOU. So far they have everything. Bleed, power, speed, health, numbers, a stun, it's a bit too much for this specific mob. It makes MORE sense for VULTURES to be in packs and attack you as one, but they only have a single one come after you at a time usually.


Regardless of all that, I think the quests are a tad bugged because it's not just this dog one that happened, I've had zombies spawn behind me from where I start the quest. Those houses where it starts at the basement? I've had them spawn directly in front of me. I've had a feral spawn inside the basement and immediately run after me the moment I start the quest. A lot of times they just spawn around my character instead of in front or inside the building where they should be spawning, so I DO really believe there has to be something wrong with it. The spawning I mean.


Was the dog thing intentional, maybe so by the devs, fine, I'll live with it, I won't like it. I"ll always think that's just incredibly ♥♥♥♥ish to do to a player. Most players in this game are not prepared to be jumped by 5+ dogs from every angle except behind you. These dogs spawned in mid air, not inside the funeral home. I probably would've been ok, if the whole pack spawned AT LEAST INSIDE THE BUILDING. That'd be perfectly fine. I would've heard several dogs, panicked, ran to high ground, or sprinted for my bicycle. When most of them spawn outside of the building in thin air, when every other quest I did spawned zombies IN the houses....that's just unfair quest design, i'd surmise to say a lot of players don't go into a quest with a full loadout prepared to fight a pack of dogs. Even if they did, if they died, they'd lose everything cause of the bug, so until it's fixed we have to go out not using the BEST stuff just in case we go down, so we're DEFINITELY ill prepared for a pack of dogs before DAY 25. You cannot take a pack of dogs headon and live unless you are late game in armor with an automatic weapon, or even a chainsaw or an Auger to just tank them and pray you murder them all.


Then I have a problem with ferals, but even I know I'm just being overly picky at that point. There's a lot of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ferals in a quest house now. Like...a lot. And they dodge and juke your aiming. And they stun you, and they kill you in 3 hits. I learned how to play around them though, and I BELIEVE with perception?...you get a red dot on your compass when you're close to a zombie in the house. That's very helpful. I just wish I could do what I did before, and just shatter some windows, or fire off a gun in the house to wake everything up so I can lead them outside. That's how you'd do it in a real zombie apocalypse anyway. Otherwise, Ferals? Good addition to the game, I like them. Just...sometimes I think the quests are too generous with them. 4 in a single house is a bit much sometimes, especially when 2 wake up at once.


And to cap this all off, I am a bleed build, beceause last time I played a year ago, the CC Sledgehammer build was too broken and make zombie fighting too easy. One shot, knock them down, final shot to the head to kill them. So I'm aware my bulid is also pretty....♥♥♥♥ for taking on more than a few zombies at a time, but at least it's great against bears lol.

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How do i get an actual bug report? How does a log show that? I already said the bug in the beginning post if you actually read it. Everything is deleted upon death near and/or during an active quest location , despite the setting of the server being to drop everything into a bag on the ground upon death, AND despite the compass telling me there is a bag location. It has happened three times, and others have also said this bug has happened to them in another forum post.


Everything else was just whining, but the first thing is the literal bug, so you're wrong to move this to Off Topic. If there's a way I can grab a log that somehow shows that the game deleted all the items, including the quest item, upon death instead of dropping it into a bag, I will get one and repost, but I'm pretty sure it's hard for a log to show that.

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Doesn't answer my question on how I'm going to get a log of the game deleting all items on death instead of putting them in a bag, that is also not being spawned it, but the compass says it's there.


If you would bother to take the time to actually read rather than remain in an enrage state, slaming your head on the keyboard and punching holes in walls: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?134226-A18-1-b8-hotfix-bug-report-thread. Read. Don't see the link and ignore the "How to post a bug report and how to get info for it" part of the post.

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Would have been ncie for the first response from a moderator or someone helpful to be the link with "put the post in the accurate format and then it iwll be looked at". God the people here, just close the post already.


I agree 100% this was not handled the best way by the moderators, having said that. SylenThunder is one of the few good moderators out there so please cut the man a little slack. I understand where you are coming from though. There are tons of moderators that represent the TFP, I'm talking about on there official discord channels and unofficial, that are just complete a-holes that have no place being a moderator. So yeah I can see where you are coming from if you have interacted with the others. :)


NOTE: You are free to bring up any concerns with Roland as he has the power to over ride what other mods have done. I'm only stating that for future referance as this is not really one of those situations i see as needing to bring to the attention of Roland.

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I mean, I guess this is the times of ad haste everything, but if you think something is a bug and go to a game forums, something like "I got bugs... oh look a PC Bug reports section *click* oh, that's a bug-report topic of the version I'm playing *click* *reads* Oh, they put instructions where to find logs/info to repro and how to post them", instead he went to "*RAGE RAGE* *clicks general* *posts a book of pure rage about bugs* *responds there's no way to find the bug in logs*"


Just slow down, calm down.

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Would have been nice for the first response from a moderator or someone helpful to be the link with "put the post in the accurate format and then it iwll be looked at". God the people here, just close the post already.


Why would you expect a "nice" or "helpful" response to a wall of text ragefest?

Seems unrealistic.

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