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  1. Does anyone know for sure if this works with War3zuk's AIO overhaul?
  2. I disagree. If you're at T2 gamestage and you somehow make it to the end of a T5 POI, you should be rewarded T5 loot every time. Couple that with making the loot pile at the end NOT something you can easily just nerd pole too. Like Waterworks BEFORE they put in the back door STRAIGHT to the damn loot room.
  3. Yea, I don't like that some zombies they coded to NEVER respond until you walk within proximity of them so they can jump scare you. I get it, but it's a bit annoying, it's not exactly realistic with zombies.
  4. That's dumb, the loot should be locked at a certain gamestage for places like Shotgun Factory and Waterworks. Even at level 1, Gamestage 2, if you some how make it to the end of Waterworks, survive, and loot the locked chest, it should have gear MINIMUM at Gamestage 30-40, which then scales once you yourself go past gamestage 30-40. Shotgun Factory should have loot locked at Gamestage 50+ with how @%$*#!ing RIDICULOUS that place is. Looting 6 shotgun slugs, and a level 2 Marksman rifle when I'm gamestage 64 is absolutely ridiculous. I get what you're saying though, I'm never touch
  5. I'm gamestage 64, and the best I've gotten out of these , the loot pile at the very very top of the factory, was a level 2 Marksman Rifle..which I"m pretty sure is a @%$*#! gun at a clip of 5. The other boxes had ammo, but not even alot of ammo...like 5-7 shotgun rounds and 10 rifle rounds. I thought this was like a raid of some kind to be honest, and it feels like that. Zeds come out of the damn walls at you, birds are flying in at you, radiation zombies on the roof, collapsing traps. I also went from the front entrance of the factory to the top, and purposely fought the radiated zombie
  6. psychatix

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I found it, i compared vanilla with the mod, and apparently zombies...just have always done 20 dmg per hit to all blocks (probably higher or lower dependin gon hardness, didn't see if there was some kind of Hardness modifier in there). I don't remember that at all. I remember old games where I would have fully reinforced steel walls be able to last an entire night without suffering too much damage from the blood moon, but now i see a single zombie kind of easily break through concrete. Maybe my perceptions off.
  7. psychatix

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I understand, do you happen to know which XML file it is exactly? Not sure if it's the XML in the directory, or MODS or DATA
  8. psychatix

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I understood half of that. what is handmaster? and is there anyway to see the vanilla values for zombie block damage so i know what ot change them too?
  9. psychatix

    A16 Valmod Pack

    How to decrease zombie block damage? They do way too much block damage. I want to put it back to vanilla amounts. A normal zombie should take down a Vault Door in 15-20 hits, or eat through cement with their fists.
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