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  1. Is it possible that ~Kevin~ and Merandor tried to play a map created by an earlier version with a current alpha? Could it be possible that id's of entities got exchanged along the way, so that the thing in place of the dire wolf intrinsically should be one of the variants of simple zombies, but it's id got exchanged for the as well new dire wolf? As there is no reference to dire wolfs in generic spawn rules for daytime, this whole thing strongly suggests such a type of mismatch.
  2. Steam at the moment says "7128" hours. Thus i assume to be able to answer in the sense of an answer to the thread starter instead of dully complaining. Disclaimer: I entered only at the end of alpha 13 / beginning of alpha 14, thus have limited knowledge and no feeling about the phases before. 7DTD had a bunch of concepts tried in the last years which were happily accepted by the community of players. You can still literally see it on the vast amount of videos on youtube. You can even proof - on the basis of comments to those videos - that the vast majority of players that did
  3. I think that's a problem with the particular version you play. In every beta version, there are some new and a lot of old bugs. In the current B177, for example, there is a bug in <entitygroup name="WildGameForest">, so that chickens and rabbits are the nearly only neutral game spawning in the normal landscape. Thus, if we discuss bugs or balancing, we have to be specific as to which version we refer. If a direwolf spawns at daytime in normal forest or open landscape, we surely do not speak of the current version B177.
  4. Well: They deserve that sarcasm by every inch. "They" refers to both the user community as well as the funpimps. We had a perk system that was fun until A15/A16, and there was a good amount of people complaining about it being too grindy and too complicated. Then the funpimps scrapped it and replaced it with the current one. And for sure, you now have a good amount of players complaining about the current system being too easy, and while thinking about how to make it more difficult for the advanced players, landing at the exact same type we had in the good old times. They all deserve it.
  5. Yes, that's complete correct, of course. You know: The internal pig dog that argues: "You should get through it with those chosen settings!" The XP earning slider is, of course, a valid and well thought individual mitigation tools for exact this aspect. So the post is simply meant as an opinion regarding the "default balance". In the way of: "I had a better impression in previous alphas with default settings". No more, no less. Lastly, if the funpimps experience a greater lot of people using that XP adaption just for the late game phase, it's just an indicator that the balance could b
  6. I am very attracted by the comment of custom_hero regarding game difficulty setting. In the process of playing a game with enthusiasm, you go a very long way from being a complete newbie - who should never ever be frustrated for the fact of being a newbie - to being an optimization and reaction tank who would be able to take on a whole horde of newbies singlehandedly and with a club only. If there would be configurable scaling factors for a range of aspects, it could contribute to a higher replayability. If you divide it to different scales for different aspects, you could accommodate d
  7. To give a positive experience to protocol: Digging is fun by itself... While i am digging like a madman - for reasons i described in a shortly previous post -, i am having pure fun for the well made mouthwatering ore textures and the well made texture processing at material transitions. I am extremely turned on by the textures of iron and lead. And that of the gravel in between. And how well you can predict what is what and how to dig to prevent things from collapsing. For example. In comparison to previous alphas, i appreciate that to be a mayor progression. Do not (!) scrap that sys
  8. XP progression exponent should be lowered instead of ascent clipped I am now in the endgame for the first time in A18 and have the impression that level gaining was better balanced in previous alphas. I acknowledge the desire of many, if not most, players from previous alphas to slow down the progression a bit, but by raising the exponential factor from 1.015 to 1.05, despite removing the low level cap of previous alphas, you effectively introduced a new level cap that is way lower than it ever was. I cannot imagine how anyone could go beyond level 100, even with the ascend cap at level 60.
  9. In A17, i modded the truck to actually be the fastest of the vehicles. And guess what: It actually made ♥♥♥♥ing fun to ride it! Nothing better than flying over bumpy streets in a truck, from time to time going into a wild rotation and desperately trying to stabilize the thing, then sprinting away again. That was definitely one of the better aspects of A17 - after modding, of course. The original speed was ... pitiful. What it looks like in A18, i cannot argue so far. I am curious, however.
  10. @Weazelsun: Not at all (being the opposite). I think there was not a single player criticizing the farm system in the older alphas. It was absolutely logical and consistent (except the technical problem with growth timers going corrupt in mid game). I never heard of someone nagging about that farming. For myself, i modded fertilizer bonuses into trees growth in A15 and A17, which made it even more systematically and consistent. It was nothing than fun. To maximize that with an additional fertilizer tier concept would in no way contradict that system. I do not think that giving bonuses as
  11. Balancing gardening... I understand the wish of the funpimps to take out most of the fun of the gardening and make it a tough knapsack problem. Well: Knapsack problem are the one fun factor in role playing and building games, no argument against that. But "knapsack" and "boring tenacity" are two different shoes. I think... the dirt part of the farm plot recipe is by a decade exaggerated. Actually, i think someone accidentally wrote a null too much. the farm plot does NOT contradict the farmland/fertilizer approach of the knapsack problem we had in previous alphas. The farm plot recip
  12. Building blocks variety... Somewhat annoying (one of the first things i modded, like in every alpha so far) are inconsistencies within the building block system. Only a pitiful little bunch of blocks in the rebar class - like in all previous alphas - in contrast to a somewhat much bigger variety in the wood frame class, topped by a nearly complete variety in the flagstone and concrete class. But still, even the latter are lacking a bunch of available shapes like 3 meters arch. And the quarter block seems to be gone - except for developers. And the poles and plates have exceptions - bu
  13. Balancing of knives... I was very (positively) surprised by the speed of knives in A18. It basically went in the direction i modded A16 and A17 before: I made them faster, but proportionally reduced attack strength. So the knives were the fastest and weakest weapons, good for cutting grass right from the beginning, but becoming deadly in midgame as soon as you develop dismembering capabilities. I did not go quiet THAT FAR as the funpimps did with A18. The speed now is incredible fast. But i will not be the one criticizing that, i am quiet happy with it. As long as the attack strength
  14. The principle of balancing of weapons... At first, the new weapon skill trees were somewhat annoying, because i went into them with predefined goals stemming from previous alphas. After the first short playthrough, i took a break, only visiting youtubers like Games4Kicks for a while. Those ,too, initially had some trouble adapting to the new weapon skills. But then they developed adaptions to their playstyle fitting their chosen "build style". And i saw even things like the spear - and even without any perks - being usable in "insane/always run". Of course, all those adaptions with
  15. It wouldn't be that bad if at least the hitboxes were not THAT NOSENSE. Let's player "Games4Kicks" demonstrated that in a rather didactic way: The hitboxes for Arrows and molotov coctails are so insanely wide, they correspond to full blocks. You have no chance to shoot around a corner or over some cover. On the other hand, the hitboxes of literally every tool including clubs are so insanely thin, you have to accurately aim at the eye of the enemy to get a chance of a hit, even when swashing over the entire screen with a power attack. If the programmers are unable to write code that ca
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