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  1. Why minimize possibilities? I do not quiet get the idea of the thread: Nobody forces anybody to go to the traders if he does not want. Everybody has the possibility to go to a trader if he wants. So, all people have the possibility to become happy. They only need to do what they have FUN with. And to restrain from doing what they have NO FUN with. All CAN very well become happy, NO ONE is forced to become unhappy. So why all that discussion around how to restrict the game variability?!? By shrinking the variability, you will anger some people who actually LIKE what you want to shrink. I would suggest to be a little bit more considerate about that matter...
  2. I regularly (since A17) mod the speeds (vehicles.xml -> velocityMax) to bicycle slower than vanilla (4,8) minibike faster than vanilla bicycle (7,14) motorbike and truck the same, fastest ones (10,20) gyro unchanged Thus, the bicycle is just fast enough to outrun the zombies, while the motorbike and the truck both actually make FUN to ride fly. (P.S.: I can well imagine stompbox108's fun while setting the upper limit to 35 - you see who is riding motorcycles with enthusiasm in real life...) I never felt that being unbalanced in any way, but perfectly fitting the progression line and giving a good real reason to desperately try to get a truck. I would thoroughly recommend making the climb limit much higher: The truck actually is unable to accelerate on wedge blocks (30° incline). It should be able to do things you can do with every off-road truck in real life, thus able to overcome slopes at least 45 degree inclined. I just don't know how to modify it. And it should get enough clearance to not destroy every inclination starting block, be it building blocks or terrain blocks, when driving over it with normal (not the fastest) speed!
  3. I am now for the first time in A18 in the very late game phase and massively terraforming the environment. And while i had some idea of building perfectly strait roads - which has the other, independent reason of cars and bikes completely ruining every elevation changing building block, which is an annoyance on its own (why can't you either balance the destructive forces of vehicles with the inclination of available ramp blocks, so that they at least don't destroy wedges and wedge tips, or introduce new much more flat ramp blocks that are not destroyed by the mad max vehicles?) - i made the annoying discovery that TNT seems to be gone in A18. Why that?!? TNT was ever since a late game element that nobody had other than FUN with. That can't be, am i right? Customers who have FUN with a sold product - a blatant crime! They all have to be punished! OK: We can easily mod it back, but: WHY!?! Why in the first place take out elements that nobody ever had complained about, but everybody who had tried them was excitingly happy with!?! I don't get it, sorry. I have the impression that you have some undercover torpedo in the enterprise who has the task to take you from the market. And maybe he gets successful some day, if he continues ravaging every funny aspect of this game. Don't you register the tremendously raised mass of complains about your recent developments in your forums? Where in previous alphas there were masses of enthusiastic praising, and now every second post being a shame-on-you call?!? I don't get it, no way. Well: The TNT gone is only one of countless annoyances - which are completely, reminder free, without any need or reason. It has nothing to do with balancing, it has nothing to do with bugs people would complain about. It has nothing to do with performance. I don't get it - did i already mentioned that? Good work. Keep it going. Something of the previous statements was sarcasm.
  4. Well: They deserve that sarcasm by every inch. "They" refers to both the user community as well as the funpimps. We had a perk system that was fun until A15/A16, and there was a good amount of people complaining about it being too grindy and too complicated. Then the funpimps scrapped it and replaced it with the current one. And for sure, you now have a good amount of players complaining about the current system being too easy, and while thinking about how to make it more difficult for the advanced players, landing at the exact same type we had in the good old times. They all deserve it. I need more popcorn! Fight!
  5. Luckily, they can't do that without scrapping the tower defense aspect. ...Well. Hopefully they do not dare to think about the latter! We want to let this lines of text vanish, don't we!?
  6. You need no more than a single piece of earth. They will all crouch out of that one, if necessary. It's an Achilles heel, too, of course: If they destroy a single block above terrain where you didn't wanted them to spawn, they will do it from there. This can result in an avalanche effect. Yes, that's the way you can get very controlled horde nights. You have to keep a certain distance though, hordes spawn in a distance of maybe 20...80 m from players. It was that way ever since hordes were introduced. I think to have read about them having reduced the max spawn distance a bit since A17 or A18.
  7. Economic Values of many (if not all) mods unbalanced Summary: Economic Values of many (if not all) mods are by far unbalanced in relation to their ingredients and in relation to each other. Thank you, will look into this! -Hated
  8. Economic Value calculation for modArmorPlating variants is invers Summary: "modArmorPlatingBasic" (armor rating +1) has been assigned a higher economic value than "modArmorPlatingReinforced" (armor rating +2). Thank you, verified and reported. -Hated
  9. display_value $waterAmountAdd is wrong at least for regoc and fortbites Summary: The display of water loss at least for fortbites and recog (the two i am interested in) is wrong. Thank you, verified and reported. -Hated
  10. Completely agree. This is one of the first things i mod in since A16. What is only more strange is the fact that the funpimps implemented a major simplification for frame block support since ...maybe... A15 or so, but they ever since missed out a lot of wood frame and nearly all rebar frame structures, with no apparent reason. Modding them in, luckily, is rather easy thanks to their frame structure support. Would be nice if they would finally complete that matter on their own.
  11. POI difficulty somewhat low, but overall well balanced to loot quantity At the moment, i am at late game questing/looting. This comment is about THAT stuff, NOT the horde night as such. In A17, the POI's were crammed with countless zombies, which lead to the fact that riding POI's did by far not match up with return from grinding wood and ore. In A17, that was combined with the circumstance that every vital resource was craftable. Now, in A18, POI's are in comparison - to what i was used to in A17 - nearly empty of enemies. Looting as such, on the other hand, keeps being useful because of limited recipes. That's a good thing. In late game in A17, the mobs in POI's were mostly composed of radiated feral versions. Now, in A18, despite being in late game (day 63 now), i still meet mostly (> 50%) normal walking Zs (that give only around 500 XP). Radiateds are exceptions (< 10%). I could imagine that this difference is mostly correlated with the abysmal big exponential factor in progression, respectively the abysmal slow leveling in mid and late game. I fed some criticism back earlier on this matter; this is only a new instance were it shows it's drawbacks. BUT: The difficulty is easily mitigated by increasing the difficulty option on the start screen. So, maybe there is no need to change anything, i just have not jet tried the higher difficulty levels. It's just less challenging than in A17, but this could well be a good thing, I only was adapted to the much higher difficulty in A17 and noticed that to drop in A18. Maybe this reduced difficulty just matches what a player choosing one of the lower difficulty settings is expecting. The loot quantity in POIs i perceive as appropriate for the current (easy) difficulty. Thus i perceive it as useful to go looting POIs (in contrary to A17). I just would suggest to make its content specific to POI themes. Maybe there could be implemented a tag system for loot to make it easier for the funpimps to create loot containers fitting those POI themes. I would not, for example, expect a weapons stash at a construction side, but well something like a cement mixer or workbench schematic. Special loot boxes with food i would not expect in factories (except in cooking areas), but well in food stores; there i would expect those to contain approximately THAT what the funpimps did put in the weekly airdrops in A17. Which i perceived as completely inappropriate for air drops and as spam by quantity, but for the master loot box in a food store, it would fit perfectly. So, the quantity i think is somewhat OK, but the types of loot seem to be with little difference over different POIs. This matches with feedback i read from other players. We can, of course, modify that ourselves. Would be nice to already be built in. Overall i perceive the looting in A18 as better balanced than in A17. Which is a good direction at least.
  12. I consider the grind element an inherent feature and element of fun. I considered digging and tree cutting and garden farming and all that crafting a fitting element of this game type. This all is what attracted me to this game in the first place, from the first contact. What made me buy it. The zombie smashing element on the other hand, i consider only an aspect "as it is". I would not mind if there was some other enemy environment. I don't consider this the defining basis of the game, but rather a feature born out of the overall trend in fantasy gaming (zombies being the hit of the last few years, aren't they?). Despite the game being named and promoted around that. If i had aliens instead of zombies, i would like the game as much as i do now. The same time, there are a lot of zombie games out there with static worlds, with thousands of lets plays promoting them - and i do not feel attracted by any of them. The grind is inherent! Those who do not like grinding in a voxel world are for sure better served with one of the hundreds of alternative games out there. In static worlds, grinding is normally simply nonexistent. Instead, you usually go nonstop from quest to quest there.
  13. Luckily, most things can be modded... While i agree with a lot of the posts in this thread criticizing changes in gameplay over the last alphas, i am lucky to be able to correct many things that i consider major mistakes via config files. I first started modding with A15, and it did not diminish with higher alphas, just the contrary. So, for example, the zombie count in the wild can easily be adjusted. It would be nice, if zombie spawn would be differentiated between not only the biome types, but also between village types resp. sizes. But for the overall experience, it's already good to be adjustable at all. The same for sleepers. And for loot. And for building blocks available by the player. And for consistent systems of prices (things having prices decades higher or lower than their recipe materials), block hitpoints (birds nests being as sturdy as a refrigerator), block materials (mismatches between recipes and scrapping/wrenching), recipes (for example "wood pole" being among the simple ones, whereas "centered wood poles" belonging to the luxury branch requiring a table saw - since A17, or a whole bunch of blocks NOT in the wood frame group and just a miserable 4 being in the rebar frame group - since A18) and the like. If i were to sum up ALL the blatant errors, mistakes or just annoyances in the last alphas, i could write books about it. Luckily, all those things can be corrected. By everyone himself. AFTER those hundreds and thousands of corrections, the game usually makes fun again, after each new vanilla alpha. I usually start to really enjoy the game multiple months after the final release of a major alpha, usually a ".4" or something, after i made that fit my feelings of consistency and logic. For a more recent example: I am absolutely sure that the demolishers will get tuned down in their might. Because all and every so called "solution" i found up to day on youtube is in fact a major misuse of AI flaws. Sometimes called "cheating". While i am equally sure that the AI flaws will be rectified - at least to some degree -, i am absolutely sure that the power level of "fightable only on the basis of cheating" will not persist. We had way less powerful entities that got boiled down nevertheless, like the - nowadays nearly "normal" - spitting cops.
  14. The cooking math is botched As it is implemented, when you eat a handful of berries ONE BY ONE, you become 99,99% poisoned when you eat the same handful of berries in one gulp, you become 4% poisoned. I hope this picture is enough to make clear WHERE the culprit of the issue is located. Respectively make it clear without further question, that the implementation has nothing to do with logic or intuition. Or CONSISTENCY. You implemented CONST poisoning chance bound to atomic eating EVENTS. Instead of binding the chance to the AMOUNT of things eaten. I for myself modded the food items a little bit to mitigate that major mistake. By giving the food with very little calories a very little poisoning chance. Since the funpimps defined the chances only as integers, i kept them being integers, so the smallest chance is 1% for berries or corn cobs. The problem with that approach is that the "iron gut" perk does not work as intended, since it does not PROPORTIONALLY decrease the poisoning chance, but ABSOLUTELY. The iron gut perk SHOULD decrease the poisoning chance for example "by 20% relative to whatever it was before", not "by ABSOLUTELY 1%". =========== Again as always: For ME, that all amounts to no problem at all. I simply zero out the biggest dumbsticks by correcting the XMLs. When i post something in this forum, it's for other gamers that like to discuss the matter, and possibly for someone from the funpimps who is actually interested in such discussions. So, as a disclaimer: I will never expect a funpimp to become my personal opinion slave (just in case my beloved personal moderator (was it Roland?) wants to repeat that point). And as a hint to the funpimps: You seem to have fired all programmers who know how to do integer math (your integer divisions, for example in firing recipes in the forge and chemstation, are still screwed) and all programmers who actually know how statistics work (as seen in food poisoning). You seriously need some tutorials! There were times when you actually did those things right. Up to Alpha17, if i'm not mistaken.
  15. There were other ways of handling performance problems... In A16, i modded the game in a way that allowed to harvest all loot corpses after a horde night. "All" in that context means: removed all collision except for melee added vertical support (without misusing it, of course, i'm not schizophrenic) minimized dead body despawn time to 10 sec, so performance stays top Thus, during the horde night, corpses that in vanilla would disintegrate because of another corpse already lying at that position, simply stack on top of each other, while non of that corpses hindered the fight. Of course, about half of the first layer of corpses usually vanished because of the collapse of the underlying traps (and increased probability of that because of the minimized body despawn time). But since there usually were two to three layers of corpses, the overall harvest amount was incredible huge (should have been around 60% of all enemies). Despite having a massively increased count of corpses, the result was fun. I did what i can to keep the hordes coming: I maximized the maxalive to 32 (the limit my PC could handle at horde night while keeping FPS at about 20...30), so horde nights lasted not longer than 2...3 ingame houres, so to have the rest of the night available for looting and repairing. It usually took about 6 ingame houres to clean up the corpses alone at gamestage around 3000. And despite having the area around the main base cultivated (so no horde spawn in its vicinity), i purposly let at least an angle of 90 degree from the horde base open. This differs from my playstyle since A17: Since the loot at horde nights is abysmal meager, i usually try to block hordes at all as soon as possible by completely cultivating the area around the bases. To sum it up: FUN with looting was up to A16.
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