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MeanCloud's Fishing A20


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1 hour ago, Giakou said:

Hi, can you please please make this compatible with the Darkness Falls mod?

Darkness Falls is a game overhaul, not a simple mod.  And while I wouldn't ordinarily make efforts to make my mod compatible with conflicting mods, I certainly don't have the resources to do that for an entire overhaul.  You'll need to speak with the author of Darkness Falls and see if he's willing to merge assets and localizations, but it may be more complicated than that.  Only he'd know.

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7 hours ago, Morbidpoet said:

Been trying to set a trap tried everywhere between 30 blocks under water to 30 blocks on land and no luck I am placing at a lake


They need to be placed on land near the edge of water (you need to be partially in water).  You will get an effect in the bottom left corner of your HUD telling you when you're positioned correctly.

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54 minutes ago, mr.devolver said:

The last version of this mod was made for Alpha 19. If you're playing Alpha 20, it may not be compatible, in this case you should wait for an update for the mod.



This is going to be the case for any  A19 mod that has loot.xml changes in it regarding the loot id' numbers and in some cases names have changed as well.


A19 and A20 are two different loot systems and as one of my mod users found out you also can not use an A20 modlet  that has been updated on an A19 installation .... it will break savegames .



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1 minute ago, SweetHart53 said:

Just an FYI, this mod is not compatible with H's Special Things,  I had a lot of micro stuttering after this last update of A20.  I had 4 grilled fish and 2 shrimp in my fridge. I deleted the fishing mod and started the game up again. the 4 grilled fish turned into an invulnerable axe and the 2 shrimp turned into 2 hunter stews.

The game runs smooth as silk now.

Unfortunately, your experience couldn't have been with a simple mod like this.  It's existence or usage can't have a significant impact on your game's performance or stability.  Thanks for the report, but there's nothing for me to look into here and I'd recommend you take a closer look at your gaming environment, log files, etc.

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2 hours ago, KimbaCaffe said:

Am I missing something? when I try to fist it say "you cannot use that at this time"  am I suppose to do something before trying to fish?

Are you standing in water with the Fishing buff on you?

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