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Regenerating Boulders modlet A20


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I wanted surface boulders to be able to regenerate after a while so I can go harvest them again. This makes the game less challenging by not requiring deeper mining for resources, but that's kind of what I wanted (specifically when paired with other mods that drop materials from boulders).



Alpha 17: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_v1.zip (version 1, 2019-10-09)

Alpha 18: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_v1.03.zip (version 1.03, 2019-10-25)

Alpha 18: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_CaZ_v1.03.zip (version 1.03, 2019-10-25 for Copper & Zinc)

Alpha 19: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_v1.05.zip (version 1.05, 2021-07-22)

Alpha 19: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_CaZ_v1.05.zip (version 1.05, 2021-07-22 for Copper & Zinc)

Alpha 20: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_v1.06.zip (version 1.06, 2022-01-02)

Alpha 20: MeanCloud__RegeneratingBoulders_CaZ_v1.06.zip (version 1.06, 2022-01-02) for Copper & Zinc)


Download and extract this modlet to your 7 Days to Die Mods folder.


For Steam users, that's <steamdir>\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create 'Mods' if it doesn't exist).




  • Compatible with A18
  • Adds support for the ore boulders, including Iron, Lead, Coal, Potassium Nitrate, and Oil Shale



v1.03 CHANGES:


  • Subversion that supplements my Mining modlet, which adds regenerating boulder support for copper and zinc boulders.



v1.05 CHANGES:


  • Compatible with A19.
  • Localization for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Turkish, and Chinese (both)
  • Perk updates by @doughphunghus as suggested by @Eko


v1.06 CHANGES:


  • Compatible with A20.



With this mod, when boulders are destroyed past their final cracked form, they will turn into a small stone, except you can't pick it up. You can leave this stone alone and it will eventually turn back into a boulder (after a few real life hours) or you can keep smashing it and it will be permanently destroyed (in case you want to clear the area to build on). This small stone can't be picked up and does not give any yield for harvesting, it's just there to let you know the mod is working and will regenerate in that position.



PayPal Donation if you enjoyed my work and want to encourage me to do more.

Edited by psouza4
Updated to A20 (see edit history)
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Hmm I wonder what if i dig a big hole on the "perm small rock" will it dissappear or its will drop into the hole for the process of growing?
Gravity physics will cause the small rock to fall in the hole and break, losing the regenerating boulder.
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I've added a subversion that supplements my Mining modlet, which adds regenerating boulder support for copper and zinc boulders. Additionally, the link to the older v2 seemed broken (it was linking to v1 for A17) so I'm not sure anyone was getting regenerating ore boulders that were added in A18. That's fixed now, too.

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  • 3 months later...
your mod have a problem with art of mining one shot ore that not drop a rock after instant shot


I don't understand you.


If you want to report an issue to me about a mod I've written, be clear, provide details including screen shots, full descriptions of the issue or issues including how to reproduce the problem, and what you expect versus what actually happened. Try to be as specific as possible and use complete, English sentences. I can't help you if you can't give me info about the problem you're having. Finally, make sure you are experiencing the issue with only my mod loaded. I can't troubleshoot mod compatibility issues with other mod authors.

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  • 9 months later...

FYI: I will be attempting to update MeanClouds modlets for a19+ (I have MeanClouds blessing :)).

They will be located here on GitHub


If anyone needs any a19+ updates for bug fixes for this modlet:

Desired: Please tag/message me in this thread, which I will be subscribed to catch new posts.

Optional: Post on my modlet page: Doughs Modlets


If you have created a bug fix and want to help keep the mods updated:

Desired: If you have a Github account: Submit the issue/bugfix/pull request on Github

Optional: If you do not have a Github account: Submit the files/xml to the places above

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17 minutes ago, Blackmadman said:

Hello, your download links for both version 1.05 point to version 1.04.
If you change the link manually to 05, the download works. But it would be better if you change it ;).
Great mod otherwise!

Thanks -- I've corrected the links :)

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  • psouza4 changed the title to Regenerating Boulders modlet A20
  • 9 months later...
On 11/1/2022 at 7:32 PM, Rave_gaming_jj said:

Does this need to be on both server and client or is it just server side???


That's a good question, since TFP have changed how servers push modlet data to clients.  It's possible you may be able to install this exclusively at the server.  Try it and find out?  😄

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  • 7 months later...

I have a problem with the mod, namely I can no longer uninstall the mod let alone find the at all. Also the mod order has disappeared and therefore unfortunately can not play Alpha 21, but only Alpha 20. Also uninstalling the game has brought nothing.
Can you possibly help me?

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