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  1. yeah sorry move to discussions, since it will be available (pending review) in the next CP EDIT: if anyone still wants it as a separate download, PM me, otherwise wait for the next CP
  2. Heyas Sorry ive been absent for a while. But of a holiday break from working on the prefab haha StillWater had some issues with the moat, but the good folks working on the next compo pack have been helping me fix it, as well as some optimisation techniques needed to get it to fit in with the compo pack rules. This of course means the castle should eventually become available as part of the compo pack, and im working on getting it ready for the next release (which might not be until a20). However, tonight I will be hosting a bit of a LAN with mates, and fully intend
  3. Hi all I made a prefab and I am happy to release it, but only if there is enough interest. So let me know if you're keen with a react or comment For my first prefab it is, of course, a castle. Decked out in cobblestone rock, with a little wooden hideaway out front for those who want to start taking the castle at level 1. Be warned, however, there are a lot of Zs to get through just to take the front garden! As you travel through the castle, the Zs swarm ever so progressively, so I assume it is quite performance heavy during the takeover. Should smooth out once yo
  4. Alright I feel bad that I fixed it and others cant use. Full disclaimer, this worked on my server on the first version of A19 stable. I havent played the server since then, as I have been busy IRL and also building a massive prefab. So take this as you will, but always backup your files before editing. I will not give you my entire XMLs because I have changed some other aspects of MC's mod that you may not like. Don't ask, because you won't get it. If you want super custom stuff, you have to at least learn how to make basic edits yourself. I have literally zero background in coding, HTML or ot
  5. I did, but the XML edit I had got lost when I switched to the newest Alpha. Since im playing on my own now and not running a server, I havent done the fix again. What I did end up doing, going from memory, is basically just edited MeanCloud's biomes.xml and blocks.xml. All I did was delete the offending prefabs. I was dubious, thinking that this would break the placement of the mining blocks in the world, but it didnt seem to break anything. Check your server logs. It will tell you exactly what lines to delete. Hopefully MC returns to this someday All the best!
  6. Thank you, this will do perfectly I think. I can always CM the blocks themselves in, then make them vulnerable myself. Is it possible to hold the vulnerable version of the blocks in your inventory? I could just set up a player vending machine with these special blocks in (the non-invulnerable kind) and the players can access them that way as a sort of end-game deco money sink.
  7. thanks for getting back to me. your suggestion works fine, but not for multiplayer. I dont necessarily want my players running around with the capability to make their blocks invulnerable/build invulnerable bases
  8. I love all these extra blocks, but it would be nice to have a version that didnt make them invulnerable. Any chance of adding that? I like having heaps of building options, but I prefer the Zs to be able to destroy my base if I'm not careful!
  9. Eko

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Love this, but something has happened to the college jacket in my games. The texture is all displaced like my character forgot how to dress haha I think ive narrowed it down to the armor mod but im not sure? Could you test it on your side please? Also, is this the mod that changes the ladder icon, if so, why? ONE MORE thing lol.. The armor mod adds all sorts of dye which I really like, but I think that should be included in the description so we know which mods add what in case of conflicts. TIA!
  10. I agree. It's really off-putting. I'm kind of horrified that its happening, but also don't think there's much that can be done about it at present. 19 stable is out, and a new discussion hasn't been created. Perhaps the devs are run off their feet at the moment and will create a thread when they have more time to listen to our suggestions. Personally, I'm going to hold off any further ideas i get and wait to see for now. Is there an actual rule list on this type of thread? Community guidelines? Just for future reference. I Don't want to stir the pot, but at the same time I feel that th
  11. Sometimes, single mods and modlets actually improve on the balance of the game. So if the devs want feedback on balance, bringing up a mod that improves that balance is valid and should not be dismissed just because some mod author thought of it as well. This entire reply from you doesn't make much sense to me. Don't ask for my feedback unless you can take it on board without bias. Yeah sure, the devs have a roadmap already, but the mere fact that they have this forum for us to provide feedback proves that the devs know they aren't perfect. No body is. To suggest that any feedback is invalid i
  12. + 1 and different bonuses for dyes maybe? Nothing too drastic, because I like being able to wear what I like and not feel like wearing the coat I don't like would be smarter (ahem! yeah I'm one of those players who would pick quality 1 military gear over quality 6 leather because I like the look better lol) Pink/purple leather duster = pimp coat - +2% bartering hahaha Careful what you wish for..... TRIGGER WARNING SPOOPY I think we can all agree that everyone enjoys playing games differently. My partner gets enjoyment out of smashing through POI's, consuming content
  13. Agree with the mining point to an extent. Personally, I use the shape of the material im hitting to figure out where I am going. Also I move the mouse so I'm aiming to the maximum extent of up or down, then slowly bring it to the middle. You can also tell if youre going parallel or not by the angle of the floor as you move. Maybe your textures are too small/quality set too low for you to notice the subtle difference in shape and pattern? Not saying you need to run around at max settings, but trying to understand how you can get so lost that you feel the need to request an additional HUD indica
  14. In the upcoming updates they are talking about having bandit NPC's In your opening story letter from the Duke and the following quest from the Trader, it hints at adding you to their clan. What if you could join the bandits as a clan instead, and one of their quests to prove your worth is to raid a POI in the nud with just a bone shiv. They wanna make sure you know how to handle yourself and survive before they let you into their posse. The possibilities are endless, just gotta think outside the box EDIT: as for doing challenges by choice, here's an example situation from my se
  15. This isn't the right thread for bugs and troubleshooting, but I had a similar thing happen on one of my earlier servers. It was Alpha 17 but same symptoms. I could never figure out what caused the simplex error, but it seemed to coincide with a height map error. I think there is a tentative link between height map errors and leveling buildings. I was doing a quest - Clear the Area - and got annoyed that there was one enemy left that I couldn't find.... sooooo I went nuts testing explosives via CM and levelled the entire building. Corrupted that world. Luckily I did this on a separate map.
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