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  1. Hi all I made a prefab and I am happy to release it, but only if there is enough interest. So let me know if you're keen with a react or comment For my first prefab it is, of course, a castle. Decked out in cobblestone rock, with a little wooden hideaway out front for those who want to start taking the castle at level 1. Be warned, however, there are a lot of Zs to get through just to take the front garden! As you travel through the castle, the Zs swarm ever so progressively, so I assume it is quite performance heavy during the takeover. Should smooth out once you've cleared the POI and popped down a sleeping bag (two would be better if you have a friend to play with, but I've done just fine on my own in this castle for 22 days so far). Once you gain access to the courtyard, you will be confronted by a variety of angry puppies and kittens until you reach the inner castle. Here, depending on which way you go through, you will have to battle the house staff and a few bikies who have taken up residence. Following the path down, you will find yourself in a refreshingly retrofitted dungeon, once filled with cages, now conveniently outfitted by the bikies and their little posse of researchers and construction workers. It is true what they say about gangs: once you are in you never get out. Unfortunately for these guys, even death did not relieve them of their gang ties. (Don't worry - none of the workstations actually function. You will need to work for those still). Last but not least, there is a pathway for those who like to play death from above. Two helipads have been added by our good bikie friends to accommodate their old dreams of a time past. Well, maybe you get to live out their childhood dreams now? The POI is pretty much play ready. I am just ironing out some of the last kinks. A few missing blocks here, a few modded ones there. Currently the only modded blocks are the angled half blocks, but I think they are already in the game, just not as upgradable ones? Will have to experiment with that and see if I can run the POI unmodded. If I release it, I dont want people to have to download mods they dont want or use just to play in my castle More pretty pictures available on request! Latest Alpha 19 compatible, not tested server yet, but that will happen soonish.
  2. Alright I feel bad that I fixed it and others cant use. Full disclaimer, this worked on my server on the first version of A19 stable. I havent played the server since then, as I have been busy IRL and also building a massive prefab. So take this as you will, but always backup your files before editing. I will not give you my entire XMLs because I have changed some other aspects of MC's mod that you may not like. Don't ask, because you won't get it. If you want super custom stuff, you have to at least learn how to make basic edits yourself. I have literally zero background in coding, HTML or otherwise, and I found this to be fairly straightforward. It just takes a little bit of patience, care, and determination. Now, one thing I noticed about some of MC's XMLs is that he hasn't tabbed out some of the sections, which means that your document won't look as neat as I put it in here. If you want it all to look neat, its easy and safe to press enter for a new line for each section, and even highlight everything within a section (not including the title of the section) and then press tab to set it as its own section. Only do this if youre confident, but I highly recommend it. The neater your work is, the less trouble you will find later if you have to go back over it. I literally could not have done these edits originally if I hadn't gone through and at least cleaned up the parts I needed to change - because I am an amateur, walls of text are really hard for me to understand! Here's an example: (DO NOT COPY PASTE THIS - it has the bugged code in it! Do the work, reap the rewards) Download a second fresh a copy of the latest MeanCloud Mining mod and put it somewhere other than the game directory. Make sure you name it differently so you know what version it is. AKA "MCM bkup before edits" . Why do this? Because it seems that MC won't be returning for a while and there's a chance the download links will break before then. It would be best if you try to run with mod as is and then check your error logs to get an idea of what is causing the errors. My errors may have been slightly different to yours as I play with other mods and they could be causing additional errors that you dont have. I'm fairly certain all the errors were just because of the new alpha updates though because I seem to remember running the game with only MCM installed - BUT it was a while ago and all sorts of user errors can interfere with that. If you don't know how to check/access your logs and are too scared to find out how, editing XMLs is not for you. Just wait for mod authors to make the stuff you want. Make the edits in your original MC mining mod config files. Use Notepad++ so that the walls of code dont look like a dog's dinner. Trust me, just do it. It's a way better program, its free, and you will make less mistakes. KEY I did not code block anything below because I know how easy it is to make mistakes when you're nervous, so I've used my own colour system to help you. Blue Text - Location markers only! These are only there to assist you in finding the code you need to change. Simply using CTRL F and then replacing everything it finds will not work, because lines of code are repeated elsewhere that we need to leave alone. Use the lines in blue text as a way to navigate your document, and do not change the lines I have made blue. Red Text - Lines or entire sections to delete! Do not just speed through my post and delete everything you see in red, because I have used the red text to highlight entire sections that need deleting. This is to avoid spamming the thread with walls of text, and also to make sure you're not just half-assing this, because that's where mistakes are made and I'll be damned if I let anyone try to blame me for their own mistakes. Green Text - Lines to add into the document. The blue text will indicate where to put these lines. So long as you add them into the correct section, it does not matter where in that section you put it. Large Bold Text - Instructions. Read carefully. Itallics Text - Further explanations to help you understand what you are doing. ********************************* RIGHT! On to the editing! biomes.xml: ************************************************** Phew! That's a lot!! Don't worry, the next one is much easier blocks.xml: THE LAST STEP: Be really f*cking grateful if this helped you in any way, because it took me 3hrs to put together and I have no personal need to do so. I did this because I know how frustrating it is to not feel confident enough to make that change you so desperately want, especially when you don't know if the mod author will ever return. Hopefully, this demystifies HTML coding and gives you the confidence to go on and make all sorts of changes you have previously dreamed about. Feel free to pass this on as a sort of general guide. Even though I didn't actually intend on writing a walkthrough, I still prefer to teach a man to fish, rather than spoon feed fishies all the time. Peace!
  3. I did, but the XML edit I had got lost when I switched to the newest Alpha. Since im playing on my own now and not running a server, I havent done the fix again. What I did end up doing, going from memory, is basically just edited MeanCloud's biomes.xml and blocks.xml. All I did was delete the offending prefabs. I was dubious, thinking that this would break the placement of the mining blocks in the world, but it didnt seem to break anything. Check your server logs. It will tell you exactly what lines to delete. Hopefully MC returns to this someday All the best!
  4. Thank you, this will do perfectly I think. I can always CM the blocks themselves in, then make them vulnerable myself. Is it possible to hold the vulnerable version of the blocks in your inventory? I could just set up a player vending machine with these special blocks in (the non-invulnerable kind) and the players can access them that way as a sort of end-game deco money sink.
  5. thanks for getting back to me. your suggestion works fine, but not for multiplayer. I dont necessarily want my players running around with the capability to make their blocks invulnerable/build invulnerable bases
  6. I love all these extra blocks, but it would be nice to have a version that didnt make them invulnerable. Any chance of adding that? I like having heaps of building options, but I prefer the Zs to be able to destroy my base if I'm not careful!
  7. Eko

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Love this, but something has happened to the college jacket in my games. The texture is all displaced like my character forgot how to dress haha I think ive narrowed it down to the armor mod but im not sure? Could you test it on your side please? Also, is this the mod that changes the ladder icon, if so, why? ONE MORE thing lol.. The armor mod adds all sorts of dye which I really like, but I think that should be included in the description so we know which mods add what in case of conflicts. TIA!
  8. I agree. It's really off-putting. I'm kind of horrified that its happening, but also don't think there's much that can be done about it at present. 19 stable is out, and a new discussion hasn't been created. Perhaps the devs are run off their feet at the moment and will create a thread when they have more time to listen to our suggestions. Personally, I'm going to hold off any further ideas i get and wait to see for now. Is there an actual rule list on this type of thread? Community guidelines? Just for future reference. I Don't want to stir the pot, but at the same time I feel that there are a lot of disrespectful comments going on here and its rather unwelcoming. I'm not one to let others walk all over me or be rude for no reason so that's why I'm asking. If it was you who moderated the offensive comment from earlier, thank you for listening. Not much you can really do about these "jokers" though. Just in case any of those said "jokers" read this - what you are doing is pushing people away from giving their opinions, which might have helped the devs. Please just try to remember that some people might feel pushed out due to your behavior. As for your response, Roland - I apologize. I now realize that my comment came across as if I were questioning your knowledge and effort in moderating this sub. I more meant to highlight that I have not seen any official rule book for this thread. Mods sometimes have specialty areas and whatnot and I guessed that this thread didn't have any different rules to the rest of the forum in general. Maybe if you wrote a short list of extra rules, specific to this topic? It might cut down on the amount of posts you have to manually moderate. ACTUALLY!! If I cast my mind back to before the release of 19 EXP I think there were a list of rules for posting here, but it got buried and hardly anyone followed the rules anyway?? I believe one of the rules there was not to argue over other people's ideas? Is that list no longer in force? This is my memory, which is shoddy sometimes, so apologies if I got that wrong. Anyway, my idea to cut back on your workload would be a stickied rules section for posting here. It would be awesome if people did actually try to follow the rules. I remember thinking it was nice that the devs wanted to hear ideas without having xyz person jump up and down complaining that it would ruin their experience. (That's what the reacts are supposed to be for, am I right?) Because at the end of the day, all we can do is give our opinion on things that "sometimes makes the game feel better and more fun FOR YOU." See what I did there, lol. This is precisely why we are here... But I misunderstood you earlier. It seems that I can talk about features I've seen in mods, but from the standpoint of them being possibly implemented like any other idea/opinion put forth on here. So... just don't mention you got the idea from a mod, right? Anyway, sorry I was rude, not my intention there. PS: I didn't mean MM emotional outbursts lol I just meant maybe he told one or two people off or something. I don't want MM thinking I think he's emotionally unstable.... That's our job as players. We are the ones who get to have meltdowns over xyz minor game change! It was me who said that - and it was about something completely different. Something along the lines of real men something something. I don't want to bring it up because the mods listened (thank you) and removed it, or the poster did (again, thank you). I was just trying to keep discussions civil and not personal attacky. Even if people are joking, it can sometimes feel a bit cliquey, you know? So anyway, this guy had nothing to do with the toxic masculinity comment.
  9. Sometimes, single mods and modlets actually improve on the balance of the game. So if the devs want feedback on balance, bringing up a mod that improves that balance is valid and should not be dismissed just because some mod author thought of it as well. This entire reply from you doesn't make much sense to me. Don't ask for my feedback unless you can take it on board without bias. Yeah sure, the devs have a roadmap already, but the mere fact that they have this forum for us to provide feedback proves that the devs know they aren't perfect. No body is. To suggest that any feedback is invalid is basically saying they don't want to hear it. If that's the case then why bother having this forum thread here? No, I think it more likely that MM got annoyed once or twice and the rest of you took that as a new rule that mods are taboo. Hopefully, (and i think its likely that) MM isn't so unreasonable that he can't see when a mod provides balance to the vanilla game and that it would be beneficial for him and his team to include it in the base game. It's not about mods vs vanilla - its about how many minds are better than a few. IDK what I'm doing wrong then. If I can be bothered I will post a video comparing shotgun speed run and sneaky silenced handgun run through the same POI. I have never recorded before and it sounds like a big task. I likely wont do it, because the sad fact is, I don't feel heard by the devs on this one. They have made up their minds and even if i prove its not really viable, they still wont take it on board. Again, why even bother having this forum... Can we please keep discussions civil? This is a bully move and toxic masculinity at its most shameful. Honestly, this is ridiculous behavior and I am more than a little concerned that this sort of thing is not moderated. More often than not, this forum feels like a bunch of poop stirrers doing their best to derail any discussion that doesn't align with their own goals.
  10. + 1 and different bonuses for dyes maybe? Nothing too drastic, because I like being able to wear what I like and not feel like wearing the coat I don't like would be smarter (ahem! yeah I'm one of those players who would pick quality 1 military gear over quality 6 leather because I like the look better lol) Pink/purple leather duster = pimp coat - +2% bartering hahaha Careful what you wish for..... TRIGGER WARNING SPOOPY I think we can all agree that everyone enjoys playing games differently. My partner gets enjoyment out of smashing through POI's, consuming content, and absolutely dominating the battle field - all in the most effective manner possible. That's totally fine, but this game does not offer enough diversity to keep him interested for as long as me. Yet. I believe that more diversity in playstyles is something that will inevitably be considered because I'm sure I have heard MM advocating for people to play how they want to and not cookie cutter You see, even though my partner likes the game, he's already consumed the content as much as he wants because he min-maxed. So now I play on my own, using the vastly inferior bow for situations that really call for a shotgun while I pretend to be a badass ranger, smelling the roses along the way hehe. Even though MM seems to have initially sort of shut the "make certain RP styles more rewarding" cry down a little, I still believe he will come around to this thought one day, but it just might not be that high on the list at the moment. There are so many little things in the game so far that hint at further development, or that have huge potential to rival the biggest titles that I understand how our ideas sound demanding or self-important to the devs. They have probably had similar ideas already and put them on the back burner or labeled as "come back to later... maybe..." Is this true? I thought the devs were supportive of mods? They pretty much invite it, I thought? Surely, making suggestions from mods that worked really well is allowed and accepted?? EDIT: OH MY GOD I FOUND THE MULTIQUOTE BUTTON SORRY FOR MY PREVIOUS SPAMMAGE =/
  11. Agree with the mining point to an extent. Personally, I use the shape of the material im hitting to figure out where I am going. Also I move the mouse so I'm aiming to the maximum extent of up or down, then slowly bring it to the middle. You can also tell if youre going parallel or not by the angle of the floor as you move. Maybe your textures are too small/quality set too low for you to notice the subtle difference in shape and pattern? Not saying you need to run around at max settings, but trying to understand how you can get so lost that you feel the need to request an additional HUD indicator. On the other hand, having a sense of where you are in a mine shaft or tunnel could be a nice immersive addition to the mining perks. I'm all about that immersion. Plus, to be honest.... at later GS's when I'm chugging blackstrap and smashing the ore with an auger, I have enough gas, ammo, and firepower to not give a rats' where I am or where the zombies are and I either space out or watch some dumb YouTube while I go. Its not like you can hear the Zs coming over the sound of the auger anyway (which i agree with), and even if you could, you wouldnt be able to tell how many blocks above/below you they are because we dont have audio occlusion haha but hopefully one day.... The gyro.... I'm not sure I agree with you there... Have you been a passenger on a plane before? IDK about you, but all I get during landing is a vague wooshy feeling in my stomach. I know I'm going down, but I definitely couldnt tell you at what angle or altitude without instruments, and even then I'd have a pretty poor chance of interpreting said instruments correctly. Perhaps a sound would be more realistic? Like the sound of air rushing past getting more intense the steeper the descent? EDIT: about the Gyro and its difficulty to master - I think the controls are janky on purpose. The general feel I get is that you're a normal person stuck in the zombie apocalypse so you probably* don't know how to fly a helicopter, or how aircraft are piloted. In future, it would be really cool to see a class selection that lets to dictate what kind of person you were before the apocalypse, then get upgraded abilities and negative traits based on your choice. For example, an airline pilot might get extra technology based stuff, but be not so great at handling rude mother###'ers like Trader Rekt and have to pay more at his store, or something along those lines. Just a few suggestions to help refine the idea, not trying to @%$# on it <3
  12. In the upcoming updates they are talking about having bandit NPC's In your opening story letter from the Duke and the following quest from the Trader, it hints at adding you to their clan. What if you could join the bandits as a clan instead, and one of their quests to prove your worth is to raid a POI in the nud with just a bone shiv. They wanna make sure you know how to handle yourself and survive before they let you into their posse. The possibilities are endless, just gotta think outside the box EDIT: as for doing challenges by choice, here's an example situation from my server... I had a friend who was time poor but still wanted to play with myself and my partner. As we were way out ahead of her, it was very hard to decide how much help was fair (she would be participating in a 30 day BM at our base with us) but also not obstructing her learning or experience of the game. So, before I gave her any guns, vehicles or ammo, I gave her a melee weapon of her choice and myself the same weapon and took her through a POI with me. That was wicked fun, as my GS zombies were a challenge with nothing but a spear and a few bits of leather armor. Then once she cleared that, I said ok time to do it without me! She got to keep all of the loot from both POI's and I let her use my vehicle from that point on. Co-op is sometimes really hard to balance, and I understand a little bit how the devs feel about us players making this demand or that!
  13. This isn't the right thread for bugs and troubleshooting, but I had a similar thing happen on one of my earlier servers. It was Alpha 17 but same symptoms. I could never figure out what caused the simplex error, but it seemed to coincide with a height map error. I think there is a tentative link between height map errors and leveling buildings. I was doing a quest - Clear the Area - and got annoyed that there was one enemy left that I couldn't find.... sooooo I went nuts testing explosives via CM and levelled the entire building. Corrupted that world. Luckily I did this on a separate map. Another time we had height data error after leveling our old base using the dev gun from CM. Again, entire world corruption. No one crashed, but the server must have saved the world incorrectly or something, because next time we started up the server it wouldn't load the world, showing the height data error. The third time this happened, no one leveled any buildings or used any admin items to my knowledge. The corruption started as just a height map error in one or two chunks this time and didnt kill the whole map. The result was I lost a few IRL day's work on my base and one other player had a similar rollback. It was like those chunks had gone back in time and the rest of the world had continued on. Our theory as to why this happened was either there were too many items for the server to save on exit in those particular chunks (it was my base and that of my partner - the other two players had less playtime therefore way less items and different blocks in their bases nearby)... OR it had something to do with me burying a room full of generators and dumping dirt on top of the entry hatch to hide it. Completely natural room construction and buring by the way - didnt use no clipping or flying mode as I felt that makes it a little unfair to the other players. I Thought I was being sneaky, but no one cared about my generators really haha
  14. DISCLAIMER: I might be testing or playing wrong, but this is the way the current system makes me feel. I am playing the game organically, as in, not trying to mod the @%$# out of it by using minimal or non-gameplay mods, and not using the admin commands. I'm not trying to play any particular way, just doing what I enjoy and what feels rewarding to me. I don't want the game to be like xyz game, and that's not my aim here. I'm just interested in seeing the game become more immersive. I'm not a dev, so all I can do is tell you how I feel about the game's mechanics as a player, and what I would like to see in the future. Edited for formatting. From The Shadows shall henceforth be referenced as FTS. I think we can all agree that Hidden Strike is an effective skill, even with a short knife if youre quick, which an agility build should be! Does this mean you disagree that FTS is ineffective, or that you don't care if it is or isn't? Because you're right - stealth right now is pure RP for me because its not worth putting points into it for the minimal return. The reason for that appears to be in the way that sleepers and POI's operate. Sure, sneaking is a bit of RP fun, but that is all it is. Having FTS kind of indicates that it's intended to be viable at least some of the time, but my argument here is that its just not viable... Why I don't think FTS is a viable skill: Without pumping any points into stealth skills, I feel just as effective with my bow, silenced pistol, and knife, as I do with maxed out stealth skills and the same tools (in POIs). Heck, pop a squat (or don't, there's not much difference) with a shotgun and take a POI with no points in stealth or shotguns and you will be more effective than a bowman with 3 levels in archery and from the shadows. Because the hard-coded wake up sleepers don't care about your stealth, nor do the outside zombies, and the sleepers that are SUPPOSED to wake up don't until you're basically on top of them anyway - at which point the proximity wake up goes off and springs you regardless of stealth. My suggestion: If you really don't care about stealth skills being effective, get rid of FTS. As it is now it feels like false advertising to me it's a trap! If you want stealth skill trees, make it possible for the player to sneak past zombies hiding in wardrobes and other traps. Make sleepers react to sound more, but still less than a wandering zombie if you want to keep the feeling of sleepers being dormant. Something like this incredibly creepy scene from one of my favourite horror movies of all time (0:46 - 1:50 for the juicy bit) Implement a skill tree for detecting other traps like loose boards and sneaky mines. Make it possible to open containers without alerting outside zombies through walls, but perhaps reduce the loot in them (you were being careful not to knock things around so maybe you missed some things) or stick to the current hamstring of increased search time (but imo that would need to be increased to offset being able to avoid zombies). You might be worried that its too easy if you can sneak past the zombies all the time - but remember, those players would be missing out on a good chunk of xp from killing those zombies. Plus, it takes so much longer to sneak through the POIs so your loot+xp/time ratio helps offset the ease of avoiding zombie conflict again. Side note - are there any plans to bring in audio occlusion? If zombies are a floor above or below you there is no difference in volume that I can tell, so when this happens in a POI I basically have to sneak allllllll the way back down to ground floor to see where they got in and execute them if I dont want surprises while looting. Idea - I think that outside noises being muffled while you're inside would really increase the atmospheric tension, especially if you create a special sneaky zombie that climbs in through broken windows without making a sound, smacking you with a sneak attack of their own! These ones could have heightened senses that counter act the from the shadows perk, so if you want to try sneaking past THIS zombie, you better max it out see where I am going with this? Reward the stealth gameplay without reducing the game's difficulty and you will build a game that appeals to a wider market - as a dev, I suspect you have already thought about these points and I don't intend to imply that you don't know what you're doing, only that there are players out there who would be keen for this kind of thing (me for one obviously lol). This one is possibly too hard to implement but I like the idea anyway: the special Sneaky Boi could have an ability to slide through certain blocks, like the windows with broken glass but the steel frame still intact, and some of the building blocks with wider gaps like the 1/4 blocks. I would hate this because I love using those blocks as a floaty fence, but it would feel more diverse, immersive, and challenging! I'm picturing a child-sized creature (not actual child but the size), skin like the Wight, but all sinew instead of muscle. Limbs that are too thin and disproportionate to the body, with pointed ends for hands... perfect for back stabbing the unwary player! Side question - The perk From The Shadows ... is it meant to function as a heat map reduction? Because I honestly don't feel any different with it pumped or not, squat or not. If you made it this far, thank you, Almighty One! :P
  15. Try lowering your terrain quality setting. Also on my old card I had issues with anti-aliasing where the destroyed stone texture would glimmer and glow like mad. I turned in game AA off and turned in on in nvidia control panel instead. Seemed to fix it for the most part. Hopefully that helps
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