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Poor Fun Pimps get no love.


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Still need a Cooking Pot though.


I know, I know, go to the burnt forest :)


Cooking pots are in most cabins in the woods. Usually on the top of the cupboards in the kitchen. The larger cabin there was one up the stairs in the corner.


I used to frantically search for a cooking pot until I realized they are all over the place :)

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And I do agree, I've thought it much over the past few weeks. Poor Pimps work so damn hard to update and bring us a new alpha and we complain like crazy.


While I don't agree with their direction, or the skill tree, there have been few games I've played that rival the level of enjoyment I've gotten out of this game.


So kudos to Madmole and the team for an amazing game. Regardless of where it goes from here.

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