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  1. PC. I`m not sure if I`m even doing this right or not. I Wrestled with Sylen for a while in his dev thread. methinks he doesn`t "really" understand exactly how tech and computer, illiterate I really am. I didn`t want to describe an exploit in community forums. If I scrap the robot sledge, from my invetory, in my workbench it gives me 3 robotic parts. Again and again and again. It does however give a big error message but just continues scrapping it anyway and piling up scrap robotic parts. I tossed them away. I did it 3-4 times to verify. I know nothing about files, attachments, nothing. this is my last effort to try to help, in recompense for a game that has entertained me immensely for many, many hours and continues to do. the end;)
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