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  1. Additions: TFP mentioned future quests where player will be required to "blow up" rival faction POIs. Perhaps it would be cool if sieged CPOIs remain in ruins until rallied for a zombie quest (or a repair quest), this would only work in conjunction with the following idea. CPOI's can consist of a small variety of already existing POIs and players can be given quests to establish faction CPOIs by clearing out zombies. This would allow for regional faction forts to be dynamic. Perhaps each city might house 3 different POI types that can adapt to CPOIs (or more). And as they
  2. Sorry to readers for the wall of text. This is definitely an Idea for the sequel but I think it ties in really well for an addition to the end of TFPs existing roadmap. I was playing A19 when this idea popped into mind. I realized that even when I put every setting up to hardcore I still find myself repeating end game tasks too quickly and was thinking about how I could add something more to my gameplay experience. To lay down some context for this idea: TFP have plans to make two factions, Noah's White River Gang and The Duke's Bandit Gang. TFP have pl
  3. I actually made a modlet for this in A17. I will probably update it for A19 soon.
  4. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Updates made. See Github for details. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    I've updated this thread. All mods can be downloaded through GitHub. The link is in the first post. All mods have been updated for A17.1 stable build
  6. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Sorry everyone. My PC died on the 31st of dec and I haven't got an income at the moment to get it fixed. Else I would have been updating/fixing and creating mods. I'm currently operating from a friends computer so i'm limited in what I can do. Thanks for that dutchplayers Thanks for bringing that to my awareness. Gosh what a silly mistake that was on my part.
  7. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Ak47 price fix is still required for B231
  8. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Brass mining mod works for B231
  9. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Added: Snow Berry Farming
  10. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Added: Learnable Attachment Schematics
  11. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    That's correct and what I meant above.
  12. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    I think it would be possible to force quality levels using the loot_quality_template="baseTemplate" parameter of an entire container. Of course that would effect the quality of all items that come from that container. It might also require you to create a custom loot quality template or maybe there is already one there suited. IDK, I haven't looked at them. Although I was thinking of modding the baseTemplate because as it is now, high tier items are very rare even with maxed looting perk.
  13. Sinz

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    I actually tried to force the quality of some of the items in my starter kit (as per the caption below which is in the default loot.xml) but it seems that code doesn't work =( <!-- To define a single item with a fixed quality range: <item name="parts44Magnum_cylinder" quality="4,6"/> --> You can also see where I tried to force quality in my code here: <lootgroup name="Starter_kit" count="all"> <item name="drinkJarRedTea" count="2"/> <item name="foodChiliDog"/> <item name="medicalFirstAidBandage"/> <item name="meleeToolFlashlight02"
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