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  1. LewZephyr

    Server Tools

    Sounds like permission level for the commands are higher than the user's level. Double check your XML. Look for Admin_Level="0" Moderator_Level="1" etc for your commands.
  2. Try giving your server a new static IP, and changing your host name. Sounds like your Router is having an issue with its ARP table and not refreshing it. Hopefully with a new hostname / IP it will clear it up, but maybe not because ARP does rely on MAC address. Can always try the router re-boot as well while you are renaming your server and re-Iping. good luck.
  3. TYVM for that insight. Makes way more sense now.
  4. I just looked and didn't see a MOD on Jax's first page with knife. Are you saying the default in game Hunter Knife does similar to his old weed wacker? (at work now so cannot take a look) Or am I just being thick headed and not seeing what you are referring to? Thanks
  5. We have one, but its a 1x1 wide and 2 one frame out from the diner wall in the POI with the crack a book, carpet munchers, diner etc. We were wondering WTF wont let us put down any spikes. Even dug down below to put down new ground. No go.
  6. Jax, Do you have an updated version of the Weed Wacker? Or know of another one that is good. Wife is asking for this so she can make it all pretty. Thanks for work.
  7. Damocles, This is a fantastic tool. Thank you for all you do. Any chance of having your tool generate a new custom main.ttw per map gen. Friends and I re-start many times during experimental, and the main.ttw generated by Nitrogen is the same for every map which causes clients to have to re-download. I do know I can do a map gen with RWG and use that main.ttw, but was hoping for it to just auto create. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  8. Just need to put their folder in the below path: ..\steamcmd\7_days_to_die_server\Mods\ Works like a charm.
  9. If your running the dedicated server it goes here: .......\steamcmd\7_days_to_die_server\Data\Worlds In that folder you will see the other pregenned worlds that are default in the game. Navezgane, PREGEN01-03, etc.
  10. His provider is limiting him. I run my own dedicated server and it works with 4, 8 and 16k. The 16k is a little rough and it took each client 10 min to download the map, but it does work.
  11. Are you talking about RWG multi player? If so, each client needs to have the prefab put on their PC. It does not download. Many people are using Mag's Compo pack with no issue of the custom prefabs showing up on single player.
  12. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?133143-A18-1-b6-EXP-Bug-Reporting-Thread
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