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  1. Sorry if this has already been answered. @faatal If you are the wrong target for this question I apologize. With A20 will Custom POI's auto download from the server that is hosting 7D2D? This used to be the way at least for POI's and went away I think in A18 (I may mis-remember when). It was a pretty cool feature and made it much easier than trying to walk non tech friends / family through how to copy the files to the correct directory. Thanks for your time and insight.
  2. Anyone heard from @Damocles ? I haven't seen a post / reply from him in a while. I hope all is well in his world.
  3. I would love to see a launch trap. Maybe something similar to the sledge turret, but a way to launch the zeds in a specific direction. Heck if you could make the sledge turret static and not oscillate as an option that may just work.
  4. ewww... yeah I much prefer @JaxTeller718 version. I hope he knows a way to hide the TFP or merge his feature into theirs.
  5. Thanks @Laz Man This is what I was looking for. Much appreciated.
  6. Anyone else's sledge turrets not working? I can use it in my hand manual, but when on the ground, the zeds just walk all around it. The turret seems active, its laser is going and its panning back and forth, but never fires. This is my first time to actually use them, but I saw them working on some of the earlier streams so not sure if this is a bug that just got introduced. Thanks.
  7. I am assuming your talking on a dedicated server. I had similar issues, like the RWG was hung up on a process but never timed out. I ended up creating a RWG in the game client, and copying the world files to the server and used the same seed name / size and it ran up in just minutes.
  8. You say you have root access. Does 7d2d have root access though? It reads like the 7d2d exe doesnt have permissions to read that item. Just conjecturing. Thinking from the Windows server flow. You may need to run 7d2d as administrator. Good luck.
  9. Patch notes updated an hour ago - depot update now. Check through the changes.
  10. Is there an updated guide for this process, or is this process still basically the same? I tried looking up the bad company manager but the git hub says it hasn't been updated in 2 years. So wondering if my present dedicated server (Windows 10, with Alloc's fixes and Server Tools installed) will work with the processes. Thanks.
  11. @madmole Are there plans to re-visit the apartment building (sorry I dont know the POI name) its the one thats 4 or 5 stories, very square shaped and each apartment has its own balcony. Top floor has skylights in 2 of the apartments. We ran into this one yesterday (hadn't seen it in a while). It was pretty meh compared to all the new and re-vamped POI's. But the building looks like you could do a great dungeon rework on it. Heck even just an update that brings it on par with the other buildings. A19 has been very solid and impressive. The game is better than ever. Thanks for all of TFPs hard work.
  12. @Damocles Is there a way to tone back the number of the Factories that spawn. In the last gen I did with Nitrogen, there were so many Shotgun Messiah and Shamway Factories. In a few cases there were 2 Shotgun factories within blocks of each other. Thanks for your time and insight.
  13. I am thinking make it a recipe that is ran in the cement mixer. tumble that meat rotten.
  14. Sorry I may of not been clear. If you get it from the creative menu, it makes one of those square storage boxes. But its names Writeable Storage Box. You can give it a name after you put it where you want it, and while staring at it hold E and there is a write option. The issue is we cannot find it in the crafting menu, to actually create it with in game materials. EDIT - NM I see what you mean, its from the default storage box. Thank you and @wolfbain5
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