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  1. Getting same error here too... tried both just running the jar and using the command line.
  2. you should go to the Github.com for it. https://github.com/dmustanger/7dtd-ServerTools/releases/ Its updated. I haven't been able to test myself yet, but it does say for A20. Good luck.
  3. Are you getting any errors? Mine seemed to run up fine, but Haven't had a chance to actually connect to server as a player. It may not need an update for this version jump.
  4. new update just droped: Alpha 20 Experimental - updated to b231
  5. I thought I saw earlier in this thread it was said there are no Useable workstations / forges / etc found now. Only broken and lootable. Maybe I am mis-remembering, but our team has yet to find a working one.
  6. Same here but I really don't use it, I just happened to notice it yesterday when I was goofing around.
  7. I may be mis-remembering but I feel like I heard on the Dev Stream that there are a few POI's that intentionally do not have any Zeds. i.e. some places are just abandoned, and are available for a player to convert into an early base.
  8. Yep, sounds like RNG basics to me. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I am in the boat of not having any acid, but not having anything I want it for as well. Hell it took my group 3 days to get a Pot just so we could make some bacon and eggs.
  9. @JaxTeller718 It may be nothing as I cant tell if it is working or not, but I noticed the below warning when running up my server. 2021-12-09T12:41:09 33.938 WRN XML patch for "gamestages.xml" from mod "JaxTeller718-BiggerWanderingHordes" did not apply: <set xpath="/gamestages/spawner[@name='WanderingHorde']/gamestage[@stage='03']/spawn[@group='wanderingHordeStageGS5' and @num='06']/@num" (line 5 at pos 3) 2021-12-09T12:41:09 33.938 WRN XML patch for "gamestages.xml" from mod "JaxTeller718-BiggerWanderingHordes" did not apply: <set xpath="/gamestages/spawner[@name='WanderingHorde']/gamestage[@stage='04']/spawn[@group='ZombieDogGroup' and @num='04']/@num" (line 6 at pos 3) 2021-12-09T12:41:09 33.938 WRN XML patch for "gamestages.xml" from mod "JaxTeller718-BiggerWanderingHordes" did not apply: <set xpath="/gamestages/spawner[@name='WanderingHorde']/gamestage[@stage='05']/spawn[@group='FwanderingHordeStageGS1' and @num='09']/@num" (line 7 at pos 3) Thanks for all your work!!!
  10. Haven't had a building do this, but I have had several trees do this. I know not exact same thing, but definitely a bug. You can still go up to where the tree was and chop it. If you go to the other side of it and look back the tree shows up again. Walking around it it will disappear again.
  11. Ahh see, running the dedicated server from SteamCMD so no GUI etc to do what you are describing. But thank you for the point in the direction of what he was referencing to.
  12. yeah an actual link to the thing they are referencing is a good idea.
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