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  1. I don't think it was high tier. But I could be wrong. It was one of the clothing stores. Cop was in the office area and the feral was in a back room that was semi difficult to get to. Was actually my first time to see that particular building. The other one was a big Grocery/meglomart store with a huge hole in the middle. My firsts to see that one as well.
  2. My wife and myself have seen similar issues, both on single play and in multiplayer. Both without using Nitrogen. Usually an exit of the game and coming back in clears it up. Others have reported this in the A19 dev blog as well.
  3. Day 1, 2, 3..... Bears Bears everywhere.... many times 2 within a few meters of each other. Me thinks a little to much bear. wolves and dire wolves too. I have ran into 2 Cops already, as well we had 2 ferals sleepers in the same time frame. I don't think I have ever ran into a cop much less a feral in the first 7 days. Also seems to be many more Zeds in the wild at this early stage. My wife commented on this on day 1, and by day 3 was like they definitely have changed the spawns. I know Joel @madmole updated the spawns of the animals but I don't recall seeing any changes on the Zed spawn tables. So, anyone else having similar? Yes we started a brad new save / map, dedicated server.
  4. LewZephyr

    Server Tools

    Answering my own question: https://github.com/dmustanger/7dtd-ServerTools/releases/tag/19.0.3 Maybe update the first post to point to this github? Thanks for the update.
  5. ROFL - stealth is my bag baby. not sure what that guy was going on about.
  6. A19 - Just want to say Bravo to TFP. The new models for the zombies, container, world items are just awesome. My wife has been playing this game way longer than me (3700+ hrs played to may paltry 990) and seems like every few minutes she is talking about something else on how the game looks / feels. If ya made her happy, ya make me happy. Props on all the hard work.
  7. Thanks for all your work. Do you intend to update the Eggs in Refrigerator modlet? Thanks. EDIT: I guess it may not bee needed. I looted a refrigerator today and there were 4 eggs in it. Thanks none the less for all your skills.
  8. https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/16-pc-bug-reports/
  9. LewZephyr

    Server Tools

    I have been out of the loop for a while, playing various other games etc. Is this still maintained, and being updated for A19? Thanks.
  10. LewZephyr

    Server Tools

    Sounds like permission level for the commands are higher than the user's level. Double check your XML. Look for Admin_Level="0" Moderator_Level="1" etc for your commands.
  11. Try giving your server a new static IP, and changing your host name. Sounds like your Router is having an issue with its ARP table and not refreshing it. Hopefully with a new hostname / IP it will clear it up, but maybe not because ARP does rely on MAC address. Can always try the router re-boot as well while you are renaming your server and re-Iping. good luck.
  12. TYVM for that insight. Makes way more sense now.
  13. I just looked and didn't see a MOD on Jax's first page with knife. Are you saying the default in game Hunter Knife does similar to his old weed wacker? (at work now so cannot take a look) Or am I just being thick headed and not seeing what you are referring to? Thanks
  14. We have one, but its a 1x1 wide and 2 one frame out from the diner wall in the POI with the crack a book, carpet munchers, diner etc. We were wondering WTF wont let us put down any spikes. Even dug down below to put down new ground. No go.
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