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  1. I would just like to add a couple of things if I may... As a server owner I find some of the comments above regarding this being *our* hacking problem and this not being a priority to be concerning to say the least. We run a large 7 days community with 3 active servers and 2000+ members in our discord, We also run the largest facebook 7 days to die pc group with over 10000 members. Our focus when we started many years ago was to encourage people to play 7 days to die and love it as much as we all do. We have successfully built up a great community and constantly encourage new players join our servers and the broader 7 days to die community, And then in turn they get their friends to play and so on, Fueling game sales and helping keep the money coming in and giving you guys the ability to develop the game to the stage it's at today. We are happy with how the game has been developing and would like to see it continue to develop even further in the future. These latest hacks that have been hitting all of the online servers threatens to derail not just our community but the broader online community as a whole, I know of at least 20 large servers that have all been targeted and they are just the ones I know of, no doubt there would be many many more. If left unchecked and all of these large communities die you will be loosing many 1000's of players and the flow on effect will be the loss of modders, coders, server manager makers and so many smart and talented people that have given so much to the community over many years. This may sound all doom and gloom but you guys need to understand that this threat is very real and needs to be addresses sooner rather than later, If the last week is anything to go by in a few weeks from now if these hackers continue to be aggressive and destroy online servers it will be a disaster. Below is a list of things that I have seen happen just on our servers alone- Non admin players able to get access to the debug and creative menu's without setting off our bot alerts that *used* to be able to detect when they entered these modes. Non admin players being able to put dev items (or any item) in legit players inventories thus giving the legit players a ban for unauthorized items in their inventory. Non admin players being able to clone their names and stat's of other players thus making it hard for server admins to ban the correct people. Non admin players appearing as admin with the admin star next to their name. Serveradmin.xml files being wiped clean of admins and ban list's. Non admin players being able to reset large chunks of maps, wiping out player made bases that they have spent many hours working on. These hackers have pretty much control over everything an admin does and a few other things on top of that. I have many log files, screen shots and even video of these hackers in action, I am very willing to pass all of this information onto the relevant people if proof is what is required ,Just let me know and I can send it over. I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way, we are passionate about this game and would like to help you guys grow it for many years to come. Thankyou.
  2. Hi Magoli,


    Just wondering if you have ran into the problem of the new A19 Combopack45 causing issues why trying to reveal the live map?

    I tried 3 different maps and they all seemed to get to a certain point in the reveal and basically lock the server up. Just using the vanilla POI's works no problem.

    Getting a load of  *WRN No chunk for position* warnings  before this one locks it up *ERR Exception in thread GenerateChunks:* 

    We run <CPM#17.4> <AllocsCommandExt#V20> <AllocsCommonFunc#V23> <AllocsWebAndMap#V35> they are all up to date.

    Any Idea's how we can fix this?

    Ps the work you guys put into these combopacks is very much appreciated by everyone in the community, We always run your maps on our servers and our players love them, Great work.




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