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  1. Hi Magoli,

        Im writing to you on behalf of the Admin who's server I play on. We've wiped the current seed and were set to relaunch a new seed at 7pm central time. However, my admin told me that he ran into a problem on his test server with combopack45. He managed to get everything working until: 


    "the map with the custom poi's will load onto the server, we played on it for an hour with no troubles, as soon as we did the -visitmap to reveal the map and set the reset regions the whole thing crapped out, tried 3 different maps with the same result, did a map with vanilla poi's and it worked first go".


    I know you are probably very busy and you have no obligation to help me, but I figured it would be worth a shot sending you a DM. Maybe, just maybe, you already know why thats happening, and maybe, just maybe, its an easy fix for someone who is familiar with the finer points of these things.


    Any help would be much appreciated, 




    1. Magoli


      Iam working on a CP45hotfix right now that will have some fixes on the prefabs-reworks i got from sinda

      Also Iam gonna use the original vanilla-prefabs in future again


      the hotfix comes very soon (maybe today or tommorrow)


      thx for your reply and I hope this hotfix will solve the problems u guys have on ur server

      If not pls let me know with some more detailed information

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