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  1. So does that mean I never get the ability to get above my max health - (3 *numberOfDeaths)? Or does that reset every 7 days? Is there a discord channel where I can ask questions? I love so many things about this mod, but it's frustrating not knowing how certain things work.
  2. Is there a manual for this mod? I don't understand why I can't upgrade levels in my skill tree where it shows a green shopping cart, and green locks. It say "NA" when I hover over them. Also, my health never goes above 106 even though the max is 158. Using a bandage at 106 health doesn't increase the health.
  3. I am so glad this got ported to A20 so quickly! I'm enjoying the hell out of this, just like I did with the A19 mod. I can't wait to play this with the new compopack as soon as that gets released (please please please soon!)
  4. So, if you had to guess when it might be out, like, a week? Two weeks? A month? A couple of months?
  5. Sorry for the noob question, but does DMT in any way facilitate saving and loading POI's while in a game, not the world editor?
  6. Are there plans to release a new version of CompoPack with new POIs in the near future, or are you just working on bug fixes and KingGen stuff? I do love me finding some new POIs to explore, but I'm too damned lazy to add them to maps individually
  7. I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone involved in this project. You have enhanced my enjoyment of this game many times over.
  8. Alan Lau

    Outback Shack.

    I just played this. Ton 'o fun. There were...surprises
  9. I don't know if this is a Nitrogen or a CompoPack question, so please bare (bear?) with me. I'd like to know if there's a way to tell nitrogen that I want many of the POIs in the CompoPack to be placed in the map it generates. For example, the 2nd to last map I generated had tons of the run down airport (one of my favorite POIs) but the most recent map I generated only had 1 of those POIs. I guess I'd like the map to be generated with a uniform number of each of the POIs in the CompPack. TIA
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