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  1. "Reduces XP gained from mining by 50%. Useful for players who wish to control their gamestage." there is description on it, you put it in miningtools, pickaxes/auger maybe the axe/shovel aswell.
  2. Well, when i start playing a new mod i read what the mod does, and if i kill a zed and get a strange keycard i lookup what it does without looking for exact cords to the place, But hey thats just me i dont know how other people play mods, maybe they just install them randomly without reading anything about them.
  3. thread title is "[MODLET] Sorcery" no, no it did not give me a hint. i think you mean the first post and that is "Sorcery A18 is coming SOON!" yes you are right there that is a hint if anything. dont want to drag down this thread anymore (i am a nice guy really) but if you are trying to insult someone make sure you are doing it correct or it gets a bit awkward.
  4. Ok so my post was not directed towards you it was more to everybody posting here if i wanted to speak to you i would have quoted you so you know i am talking to you kinda makes sense right? mkay. Of course it is subjective but i am just sharing my own experience from playing this mod for a very long time and i dont want people to get the game spoiled, it happend to me and i regret it a ton so i am just trying to help others to not do the same misstake, this mod is very unique in that it has an actual "endgame" no other mod or the base game has this. Unwritten rule is a saying, most people understand what it means but you clearly do not, i learned about this from reading in this forum and on discord what the mod author and other people are answering when this question pops up.
  5. Guys, its an unwritten rule about this mod that you do not reveal where the bunkers are, its part of the mystery in the mod to find them on your own, the bunkers and what you find in there are the endgame of the mod and having that spoiled for you kinda ruins the whole thing. the maps are not that big and you already know in what biome they spawn. Do yourself a favor and search for them yourself, having people post cords and/or pictures to exactly where they are ruins the mod for you.
  6. What do you mean with incorrect information? of course i dont want him to write in 18 if its not working for 18 it was just an example use your brain. "you should always go to the last page for current info. That's just how forums work" Yeah thank you sir for teaching me how a forum work, i was probably browsing forums before you where even born little one. Having TEN LETTERS in the first post so people can see if its working for current version or not is not to much to ask for, why should i have to search for it when he can just simple put it on the first post? (sorry if i sound like a β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯head i have not had my coffee yet, i love you though.)
  7. Hedich


    Hey Haidrgna, i cant see the food/water levels is this intended? it kinda sucks to drink/eat when you get the warning becuse at that point you are already suffering from it, i like to keep track and keep my levels topped up at all times so i dont get the debuffs :S
  8. I think i tried Sirillions hpbar some time ago and it auto installed the HUD and everything i am 99% sure that would wreck Gnamod completly but i will check it out, maybe i can look at the code and learn something, Thanks! Edit: it works perfectly fine on its own just tried it, not sure why Sirillion writes that it needs his HUD to work, if anyone else is trying to get it to work standalone, just install it manual and not with the launcher because that will install his HUD auto and break things if you play big overhaul mods.
  9. Hey sphereii, how can i activate the enemy hp bar? i saw this in the blocks <property name="UnlockEnemyHealthBar" value="true" /> <!-- Unlocks the enemy health bar--> is it suposed to just work? i am trying to get HP bars to work with Gnamod and have no luck so far :S
  10. can we get an update to the first post that tells us what version of the game this works for? Just edit this part "Latest Version: 0.85 - The Awakening Sorcery, The Awakening (v0.85) is now LIVE and FULLY PLAYABLE!" to this ""Latest Version: 0.85 (for Alpha 18) - The Awakening Sorcery, The Awakening (v0.85) is now LIVE and FULLY PLAYABLE!" thats 10 letters that would save people time insted of guessing and searching if it currently works..
  11. You need the titanium claw hammer.
  12. make some rigging, with that and the mods you put on your clothes you can unlock all slots no problems (think the security mastery rig gives something like 45slots with that you dont even need the clothes mods) sounds like you are not using the correct workbench? try the other ones if that helps (normal/metal/advanced forge/chemstation/etc) I use Digitalocean (not really a game server host and its a bit complicated but i use them for my work so there is that) You can check out Bluefangsolutions i heard good things about them and use the ref link in the first post to give the mod author a cup of coffe
  13. I am not sure how it works when you host from your own game, tbh you should get a dedicated server if you want a stable and safe game with your friends the hosting yourself thing feels like a hack and all depends on your internet and all those things, its not expensive at all (i am paying around 10euro/month for mine) and you can bring in the save you and your friends are playing right now so you dont have to restart the map, this might solve the lag/fps issues you seems to be having, however we all are getting fps/lag issues in the big bunker its just how that thing works a ton of zeds that insta respawns in a small area. About high end computers and i have seen this a lot, people invest in great parts and gfx cards but they stop at 16gb ram, why? ram is super cheap nowdays and you can never have enough ram, just throw some more sticks in there you have room why not use it you never know where the bottleneck is going to end up.
  14. Lower zombie count overall: look for "MaxSpawnedZombies" in the server config file. Bloodmoon: look for "BloodMoonEnemyCount" in the server config file. you can go into the mod files and poke around with spawns if you want that is a bit more complicated though. no ide about the wires it works fine for us on our dedicated.
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