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  1. That is strange! I wonder why your rented server isn't pulling from the localization file... but it is on everything else.... I'm glad to lend a hand! 🙂 Out of curiosity, did the original localization file that you added Russian into, did that one work client side?
  2. Thank you! Ok, try this localization file now. 🙂 localization.txt
  3. I wondered if this would happen. Could you send me your games main localization file? I have an idea how to make it work, but want to be sure about this file first. Thanks.
  4. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Hello fabulux. That layout was not done by me. But I just tried the link on there, perhaps it is available. Otherwise you can ask Scomar! I have found getting used to my 1.05 hud to be an interesting task. I'm would like to hear your thoughts about the parts you don't like? May help when 1.06 comes around. 😉
  5. Sorry for my delay! Do you have Excel? that is what I use to fill localization out.... then copy paste the automated formatting directly to the mod's localization file? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jFe9ELhwXXqDCCm5-LkCo4nOcaMav2Qt/view?usp=sharing
  6. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Hmm... this is where my technical knowledge is limited. I don't know what I'm looking at. Do you know how to "code" in xml to make the gamestage show? If you do, I can put it in and give you credit for it!
  7. I would love to help you with this. I believe your Russian to English, English to Russian is better than mine though. For Example. When I see "Железные прутья" I believe that is "Iron Bars" however on google translate it is "Iron Twigs" And I don't know the difference between "Железные слитки" and "Железные прутья." I can go through and put "google translate" from English to Russian for the different blocks and maybe let you edit them? Or can I give you a file in which you can easily input the Russian counterpart for me?
  8. Which Language do you use for your game? Hmmm. This is an interesting topic. First, I didn't realize the lighting difference until you pointed it out. Second, the ability to change the lighting is currently a bit "bugged" or not available on the xml level? I will have to look more into this one in case it is possible... I understand that picking up the lanterns changes the progression of lighting availability around the base. It was just really confusing that you couldn't just grab resources from other houses and bring it back to your base. I will have to think more on the progression aspect of this. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  9. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Hmm. I haven't considered it. But if you click on Grinch843's post on Kaine's A19 Modlets. uYou will find on that says "HP Bars". Click on that and you will download a mod for that. If you cannot get it to work, I could look into making that an optional feature.
  10. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Hmmmmm.... You are right about the stealth bar! I will have to play with that one for a bit. For the two separate temperatures, can you explain why you would want it displayed? It will be easier for me to "do my thang" if I understand the reasoning behind it. But regardless, yes. I can work on either implementing those two temperatures or create an optional download that will have it. But your insight will be helpful. 🙂
  11. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I hope my latest version fixes this issue for you?
  12. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I looked at War3zuk's AIO. I don't see anything that is "obvious" in conflicting with my mod. But based on your picture, it looks like you have KhaineGB's Food/Water Bars mod, or his Backpack mod that comes with a food/water bars. KhaineGB does have backpack mods WITHOUT the food/water bars. Does this apply to your situation?
  13. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I see. It is that mod that is doing it. That isn't my layout for the Left HUD or the toolbelt. hmmm... perhaps I can create a workaround? let me see what I can do.
  14. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    hmmm.... weird. Do you have other mods installed as well? I'll need more information to better come up with a possible solution.
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