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  1. Oh crap! Yhea, that is supposed to be enabled. Forgot to remove the <!-- --> after doing some testing on other stuff. Thanks for pointing this out! NICE!
  2. That was my intention. They have 25 hp, and explosion resistance. And when you do destroy it, returns to you. And since it has low hp, the idea of "cheaty" recipes was kind of the point as the block is described as "replicas" not the actual thing. I was trying to make it decoration only, so it wouldn't benefit as much as anything else, except also being a container. But I do understand that everyone's preferences are different.
  3. Riles

    Riles Deco Blocks

    It should be. This mod mostly just adds new blocks, not modify existing ones so compatibility is simpler.
  4. Yo! I actually made a mod for this purpose! Check it out here: The short answer is "yes." But the long answer is, while viewing the creative menu, one also has to see their inventory and item description. It may be difficult to come up with one that "fits" with all the inventory mods out there. Thoughts?
  5. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Thanks for using my mod! Also, I'm not really sure, unless you can "change the color to transparent" on the other days?
  6. Uh oh! I see! That is problematic. Hmm... not sure what i'm going to do yet, but this is good to know! Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂
  7. @CrazyAluminum hmmm... This one I wasn't sure if it was possible. I had used the "set" xpath to redo each item specifically... but that is a lot of a work. Ideas: 1.) take out the removeattribute commands, I don't believe that is how that specific xpath works. 2.) with the remove command, also specify if the tag has that attribute you want removed? Something like this (not sure if I am coding this correctly when it comes to "adding conditions": /property[@name='tags'][contains(@value,',9mmGun')]/@value> Also 3.) Modifying the progression system and the tags that utilize them is a PAIN! they are interconnected in many ways possibly included within the .dll. Sometimes just renaming them through localization and moving benefits around does the trick.
  8. What values did you want removed?
  9. That is correct. In the code I provided, the name="tiered" is just referring to the name of the attribute you are adding, which is tiered. with the result turning to tiered="false" as within the line of code.
  10. Ah! I forgot! Good call! Thanks. 🙂
  11. Perhaps something like this would work? <remove xpath="/items/item[ add machine gun identifier here?]/property[@name='RepairTools']"/> <insertAfter xpath="items/item[ add machine gun identifier here?]/property[@value='MMachineGunParts']"> <property name="RepairTools" value="gunMGT1AK47Parts"/></insertAfter>
  12. <append xpath="//item[contains(@name,'melee') or contains(@name,'gun') or contains(@name,'armor')]/effect_group">tiered='false'</append> Example used online (https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/XPath_Explained) <setattribute xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeBoneShiv']" name="author">sphereii</setattribute> So in your case: <setattribute xpath="//item[contains(@name,'melee') or contains(@name,'gun') or contains(@name,'armor')]/effect_group" name="tiered">false</setattribute>
  13. @gpcstargate Ooooh, plenty of details! Thanks! Ok, oops on the compatibility error! I uh, believe I fixed that. I would only consider using this compatibility version IF you cannot upgrade the tube/tunnel blocks into titanium. Otherwise, that "red" error that shows up after the load screen and only if you check F1 will not be an issue. 🙂 But if you find you cannot upgrade the tube/tunnel blocks, here is a TAKE 2 on the combability version. 🙂 Thanks for your patience and help!
  14. Hello! Just in case, I'm providing a compatible version to go with War3zuk's mod. This is as far as I know of what my mod disagrees with. If this works without errors, then I'll post this link on the original post. EDIT: updated the compatible version.
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