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  1. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Cool! Glad you got something that works for you. 🙂 Yes indeed..... 5 extra toolbelt slots!!! holy crap. I'm guessing to do that, they would also have to be "resized." But if you are interested in looking at the code, it is under the windows.xml file. Or is this something you would like help with? I will add this to my "make a compatibility version" list. Not sure how soon I can get to it.
  2. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    perhaps this line of code will help? Zombie bodies I believe default is 30 seconds. This code below puts it to a minute and gives some other time examples. Publishing I am hoping will be done by the end of next week. <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name='zombieTemplateMale']/property[@name='TimeStayAfterDeath']/@value">60</set> <!--Seconds, 1200 = 20 minutes, 600 = 10 minutes, 300 = 5 minutes, etc.-->
  3. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Hello! The entity death is a problem, but it is fixed for the future. I'm getting closer to publishing 2.0 of vanilla plus which is basically a serious revamp and adds corrections and removes useless features (like zombie guts and crap). I can hand you a "beta" version of 2.0.... AND/OR under entityclasses.xml there are a few lines related to how long a corpse sticks around and what is left behind. Just delete those. Well, in the version of my mod that you have, that would be extremely difficult and tedious. For the 2.0 I'm trying to wrap up with, you may find it more to your likings. But with 2.0, the code is organized so well that you can easily FIND the other features and remove them.
  4. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Oh Sweeeet! I haven't tested that one out. Are there any adjustments needed for the Twitch integration or do you feel it is all good? Or rather, could you send a photo of what it looks like when you use it? I greatly appreciate the feedback and help.
  5. Whoa, you posted this like 2 months ago! Sorry for my delay! There should be a cleaner way. Could be two ways, 1.) if all the assets have a similar "contains xyz" in their name, you can do one line. OR 2.) I haven't done this one as much, but I believe you can do something like [@name='vehicle1' and @name='vehicle2'] etc. But I honestly don't remember if the word in between should be "and" or "or". I wish! Well, a lot of the sounds are not exactly editable without having its own assets. And I am not familiar with that kind of editing, unfortunately.
  6. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Yes, that should be relatively simple. Can you send me the link of the "max damage" mod you are referring to? Then I can make sure they work together.
  7. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Thanks @gpcstargate!
  8. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Vanilla Plus 1.01 BETA version A The readme file has more specifics and details of the updates/changes. Here is a summarized version: 1. Many localization fixes, including making the localization file have a capital "L" lol 2. Stack sizes below 500 increased 3. Removal of Zombie Gore Blocks, but zombies are now harvestable 4. Master Pistol and Master Compound Bow added. 5. Master Rocket Launcher and Master Compound Crossbow fires normally now 6. 5th crafting slot and a 3rd forge smelting slot. 7. Many many many fixes and updates. Let me know what you think! Also, feel free to join my discord for more direct conversations and requests. https://discord.gg/efKm2JgS22
  9. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Goodness, that is a great question. To be honest when and how I publish an update is tricky in my head. So many features and subtle changes I don't really want to publish something that I haven't "tested enough." So instead, I'm working on creating "beta" updates as an option. These will include MANY MANY fixes and some new stuff as well. These "betas" will have been tested at least to the point of loading in correctly and doing basically what I intended. Before I provide that beta, I need to update a few things for my Bundles/Supply Blocks along with additional Master Items that were not included before. I hope to get this beta up here in this chat soon! Thanks so much for your patience!
  10. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    You found my discord, and discovered that the "problem" for some was that my "localization" file needed to have a CAPITOL "L".... ugh, all this time! lol. Thanks for clearing that up! 🙂
  11. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Yes, with a compatibility patch..... uh here it is: SORCERY COMPATIBILITY MOD 🙂 Thanks! Good news is, I already fixed it. 🙂
  12. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    hmmm.... depends on the issue. I wonder if it is something I have fixed for the "update" that isn't officially out yet, but I'm not sure. Are they any of the vanilla books? or are you talking about the combined collections book/encyclopedia? Other possibility is my mod conflicts with another one, and I would be willing to help make a compatibility patch. Do you have any other mods that changes how you view the books you have read? or adds/removes features of the vanilla books? I recently got a heads up about a few Master Items under the Master Agility tree I didn't update correctly... lol, but have corrected for the update. For most of the "known" problems, I have worked them out for the upcoming update. But if you do find some others, let me know! Takes a community to make a good working mod. 🙂
  13. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    Oooof! Nice catch! I did find the problem! When I post the updated version, it will be fixed. In the meantime, if you are comfortable with it here is a quick fix for now: 1. Open progression.xml 2. Search for: <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" level="1,5" value="1" tags="perkLivingOffTheLandCrafting"/> 3. Delete that line. 4. Save and DONE! 🙂
  14. Riles

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Hello all! Final Beta version of my HUD1.08 is here. Hopefully will officially publish both soon. The focus of this update is the Chatbox. 1. It is BEHIND all the other windows. 2. It is now on the RIGHT side 3. The background of the text now fades away WITH the text Two Options. A and B. Option A puts the chatbox ABOVE the quest tracker (and moves the quest tracker down a bit.) Option B puts the chatbox BELOW the quest tracker. HUDPlus1.08a Download HUDPlus1.08b Download ....perhaps I should also make an Option C... for leaving the chatbox where it is but with the added features? Thoughts?
  15. Riles

    Riles Vanilla Plus

    LATEST and possible "last" update before publishing VanillaPlus1.01. Included is an updated ReadMe file to explain changes. VanillaPlus1.01 beta final
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