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  1. ill test it out on my server now, join me if you like, GMR Hades Playground
  2. As I said before and you can see in the spawning list, the test yellows and the other test zombies keep spawning in...
  3. I'm using the mod pack with the juggernaut in it which tbh I've set to hardly spawn but they are there and old zombie pack that I've edited so much and changed that hardly any of the original zombies are there (basically how I've taught myself how to mod the zombies) and my own almost overhaul mod keeping it all server side. I've also created a whole science kit, many new items and edited current items and recipes. Your welcome to come take alook server name: GMR Hades Playground Yeah the test zombies seem to spawn aswell as the extras you have made. My worry is as you have regrouped the spawning names that it effects whatever is after. So my worry entiygroups file won't work correctly because of your renaming. I'm not entirely sure because if your renaming it only effects your mod pack or it includes, like others do, anything after it. If that's the case I can just make up a new groups file obviously. My next question is in my server I have harvestable zombies and the way I don't is "if name begins with" or "contains" to determine different types of my zombies give different items when harvested. With your zombies this raises a problem, I know you have named then "en_" but to get it to work properly I may need to rename them slightly in order for my harvest edit to work correctly. Yes easy fix however if you were to come in and see your zombies renamed then it doesn't mean I'm trying to claim credit or anything it's just to get the world I'm creating to work correctly. I might just change the "en_" to "infected_" because basically they are just starting to turn, again great work. We do have an info screen when you press escape whilst in game and I do thank all modders that help the server be what it is, just not naming them all, screen isn't big enough.
  4. hey, awesome work, ill be lookingto add this to my server GMR Hades Playground, I already have over 100 custom zombies most of which I made in the server. However the test zombies??? they seem to be out of place..... plus does the entitygroups file mess with any other entitygroup.xml or will it only affect your mod? I know it replaces names however my mod is after yours in my mod list so I was wondering how it would conflict?
  5. Hey, I will be testing the map gen for our July map reset, looking good so far.. great work.. is it possible to add the ability to add in custom and random gen radiation points in the map, not just the edges..
  6. I previously had changed all names to Demon*** instead of zombie because lets be honest, they are demons.. DemonFlamingHead: takes a fair few rounds to take him down with a metal hit sound when shooting him, hits hard on blocks, doesnt walk to fast but low level you need to stay away. I didnt like pumpkin head as it didnt fit my server theme at the time so I turned him into this demon. DemonVampire: Crawls on all 4s, fast, first hit takes out 70 off you health and then 20 each hit (same effect as parasite but worse).
  7. I actually made a new zombie and added to the older zombie pack of this, how can I contribute to this mod?
  8. ok im trying to basically further tweak blocks and give them a little more oopphh. iI using the follow code to edit... trying with steel and then st steel... and yes im getting it wrong. This extra mod just has a "materials" xml in the mod, I downloaded it to increase msteel only but I thought I could have it gradual to st steel aswell. <configs> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='7000']/@value">10000</set> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='MstainlessSteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='10000']/@value">25000</set> <!--<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='7000']/@value">50000</set> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='7000']/@value">50000</set> --> </configs> any help would be greatly apperciated
  9. using all the weather mods (love um) but the increase heat does this.... urnt biome does this
  10. oooohhh hold on, i think i know what you mean
  11. doesnt look like the polish works, coming up with red X thinking i havent go it, did same to me
  12. so.. hows it work? the new st steel blocks?
  13. Awesome work, whens release?
  14. Sounds perfect 👍🏻 keeps the player grinding and searching, will fit in our server perfectly. I sent you a pm, your welcome to pop by. Whens the release? Oh one of my players found an icon wrong or something, apparently rebar icon is wood frame although when placed it's rebar.
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