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  1. this mod drops a massive amount of xp, how can you change that?
  2. ok im trying to basically further tweak blocks and give them a little more oopphh. iI using the follow code to edit... trying with steel and then st steel... and yes im getting it wrong. This extra mod just has a "materials" xml in the mod, I downloaded it to increase msteel only but I thought I could have it gradual to st steel aswell. <configs> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='7000']/@value">10000</set> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='MstainlessSteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='10000']/@value">25000</set> <!--<set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='7000']/@value">50000</set> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='Msteel']/property[@name='MaxDamage'][@value='7000']/@value">50000</set> --> </configs> any help would be greatly apperciated
  3. using all the weather mods (love um) but the increase heat does this.... urnt biome does this
  4. oooohhh hold on, i think i know what you mean
  5. doesnt look like the polish works, coming up with red X thinking i havent go it, did same to me
  6. so.. hows it work? the new st steel blocks?
  7. Awesome work, whens release?
  8. Sounds perfect 👍🏻 keeps the player grinding and searching, will fit in our server perfectly. I sent you a pm, your welcome to pop by. Whens the release? Oh one of my players found an icon wrong or something, apparently rebar icon is wood frame although when placed it's rebar.
  9. Hey Riles, any thing I can help with sorting out the st steel? (you know way more than me but im trying)
  10. I'd say make it craftable but add things like silver into it, make the player work hard to get it, play the long game
  11. I was attempting to make my own keeping it server side but alas because it's not part of your mod it wasn't working right. I think it would be a great step to make players go out and get the resources instead of just using more steel.
  12. Thank you for replying. Fun pimps haven't exactly done a great job of late game/high game state play. You get to a certain point and horde nights are just a breeze and boring. That's where some modders and new modders have brought in tougher zombies (and in my case I've made zombies doing massive damage) to make late game still fun. Steel blocks are ok but don't last too long when the "boss" zombies come out to play. There is a mod out there for the st steel however because of all the extra pieces you provide it doesn't like it. Your mod is awesome, no denying that and I'd expect any server that has bigger stronger zombies would like to have stronger blocks but they require alot of resources to make. This in turn makes higher gamestate still worth playing instead of getting bored. 😉
  13. Turns out the steel polish is still in the game, the icon is there... It's in the items file, just look for polish
  14. love this mod, only wish you were able to have the higher steel leveled blocks and have some form of polish to upgrade the steel (server side of course), great work
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